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Found 10 results

  1. So, who are some of these "admins" that runs OCC? And do they have any talent at all playing blood bowl? Hopefully, some of these questions and some more will be answeared the coming seasons. But lets start with presenting the team! Nr 1 - Rymdkejsaren Position: Blitzer What to say? What to say? Has done huge things before retiring (at least he thought so (retiring that is, not the huge things - those he actually have done). Lets see if green still is a fitting color on him. Nr 2 - Borke Position: Blitzer The person that does the mos
  2. So, I'm playing Humans in the OCC, because yeah I'm a masochist it seems! In all seriousness they are a team that I enjoy even though they are sub-optimal in a long-term league format, so I'm curious to see how far I can take them before they implode in a pile of bloody limbs! I am still getting used to AV 8 catchers, which are considerably more durable than their AV 7 predecessors and am wondering what the optimal number of catchers at mid to high tv would be. My gut tells me that 3 catchers in a roster of 13 or 14 could be a good ratio, but I am aware that I need a decent nu
  3. The +st and block lineman I have been feeding SP recently decided not to roll the double I wanted. So instead of the difficult choice between catch and thick skull I now face less interesting options. I have come up with the following ideas. 1. Tackle. Boring but I do need one more tackle player. Makes me wish I had taken wrestle for his previous skill though. I also already have Clumsy George Cottonhand (wrestle, tackle, dauntless, -ag) for taking down problematic skill squirrels. 2. Frenzy. I would love some frenzy but is a lineman not a bit slow for that? Also. Any
  4. Hey there. I spied most of your teams and noticed that there is not a real concensus regarding which stadium enhancement to get. Makes sense, considering that the team main feature is to not have a main feature. So instead of asking which one you think is best I will ask you why you picked up the ones you use, and if it's coming around yielding proper results.
  5. Aloha everyone ! from OCC S10 3 C .... producer coach VERBAL_HM for defense lovers ! enjoy it ...
  6. This is going to be a pretty minimal thread... First round of the seeder is over, we finished with a 2-0-3 record, in 4th place. Lads took a bit of a kicking and despite losing a Blitzer mid season we have managed to end with a half decent looking roster.
  7. This beautiful bastard has given me 53 TDs in 71 games and rolled Agi for his last skill. Now that you've seen him, MOVE ALONG!! Go 'on and 'GIT! Nothing else to see here... This is not the catcher you are POMB'ing for
  8. Welcome to the Bridgeburners Ninth team blog, including posts which were previously in the Human coaching section and the old match reports section. The team is named for characters in the Malazan Book of the Fallen. Yes, I know I misspelled Ganoes' name. My bad. Highly recommend the first 7 books of the series, didn't enjoy the last few as much, and finishing the final book was a chore. YMMV. There are plenty of analogous theme/character options for various races: Lizards = K'Chain Che'Malle, Dark Elves = Tiste Andii, Ogres = Thelomen Toblakai, etc. Current team page
  9. I didn't initially think I'd make one of these for my first season in the OCC, but since they're doing way better than I expected and I'm getting attached, I figured I'd post match reports, write some fluff, and do the whole darn thing. So, without further adieu... "Leave the Artillerymen alone, they are an obstinate lot . . ." - Napoleon Bonaparte - The Race - So, Human teams. Human teams are in an awkward place, quite frankly, as far as positionals go. I like to start off in the early matchups playing something between a Control and a Bash team,
  10. Figure'd I'd make one of these as well, I tend to go for a more narrative bent that focuses off the pitch than on, as writing play by play match reports never really compelled me. The screaming coming from the practice pitch was constant. Loud and constant, the closer Coach Fritz Sternberg of Reikwald got to the grounds of the team that hired him, the more unbearable it became, and the less confident he was. Approaching the sidelines of the field, what he saw horrified him. Sure, they were an enthusiastic lot, that was for sure, but the actual athletic prowess of his new players w
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