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Found 16 results

  1. The merciless sun and the howling winds would blister and scour the skin of any who dare enter the realm of Nehekhara, land of the dead. But the unliving inhabitants of that arid wasteland care not... skincare not really being a major concern of theirs. Indeed, they care for little except performing their unending duties, labouring endlessly in the service of their eternal lords and furthering their inscrutable stratagems. Schemes that are not measured in simple years or even decades such as those of the many short-lived races, but plots that take centuries to reach fruition. One of the most notable schemers and strategists of Nehekhara is the great artificer and general, Sekh. A noble in the service of Nehekhara's greatest kings, Sekh is a peerless engineer, fabricator and architect. Indeed, it could be said that Sekh's inventions helped the Tomb Kings achieve some of their most magnificent erections in history - Settra himself was reportedly so excited when he first gazed upon one mighty monolith that Sekh's slaves had just finishing polishing the capstone of that he uttered the now famous phrase: Settra does not serve - he RULES!! Who knows why the double-mummified Sekh (for longer lasting afterlife) has chosen to turn his fiendish mind to the creation of a bloodbowl team? How can mere mortals attempt to understand Sekh's obsession, Sekh's deviance or Sekh's desires? What is certain is that Sekh's Machines have been crafted with made for one purpose - to score! Ok - so after a pretty decent run with my Brets (certainly better than I had expected) I have decided to hang up my spurs and move onto greener pastures... and by greener pastures of course I mean the arid wasteland that is Khemri. I have to admit, I had been hoping to do some 'back to basics' bloodbowl after a number of seasons playing at a fairly high TV and spending rather a lot of time each game working out how not to get murdered by the latest version of clawPOMBing horror I was presented with. I was hoping instead for a refreshing season or two, focusing on positioning and being cautious with a team that, while it has strengths (most notably, strength) will definitely punish an incautious coach. Being immediately put into Div 4 was a bit of a surprise then, but at least I get to play around with inducements too (after all, what better way to level your team quickly than to maximise the number of loners and star players every game?!) As for this blog, it will hopefully serve two purposes - to keep me entertained (and hopefully some of you too, but that's a lower order priority to be sure!) and also to force me to review my games with a little more objectivity and a little less weeping and swearing. Speaking of weeping and swearing, let's take a look at my division shall we? MD1 - Boing, Boing, Dead coached by @wismerhill Kislev 1550TV With an ag 5 Catcher, a sensible 4 Rerolls, a wrestler and a guard this Kislev team already have all the tools needed to threaten the ball almost constantly and run off with it easily. As this is my first match-up this could be a really ugly start to my new team's career! MD2 - Mens go for balls coached by @frick you Woodies 1330TV 5 blodgers and a guard tree... No crazy stat ups or doubles to worry about at least, so that's something? 1 RR and a Leader might mean they sometimes fall foul of the 'curse of the elves' and roll too many ones. Makes their thrower a very attractive target at any rate. Their first MD is against Necro who have a MB/tackle wight too, so maybe he can thin out the elvish blodgers a little before I have to face them. MD3 - The UnDeli coached by @Vlakenhol Undead 970TV Another rookie team! Hooray! Hopefully we are both still in decent shape by MD 3 so we can have a nice even match... although he has the well-known fouler @Tys123 on MD2 so that might make a dent in the UnDelis... he has two skeletons rostered which is interesting as most eschew them in favour of zombos... I wonder if this means he is inclined to throw the odd foulhimself too? MD4 - Necro Machine coached by @PointBlank93 Necro 1360TV And there it is... first season and my khemri already have a claw/MB to look forward to! Yuck... oh and the other wolf is an AG4 blodger so there's that. There is also a dirty player and the wights are developing well. It is really just the Fleshies who need levelling, but they are pretty annoying to deal with even as rookies. All in all, this match-up is shaping up to be one I am not really looking forward to.... MD5 - Delft Blue Redux coached by @BumFillups Dark Elves 1350 (or thereabouts) TV Elves... only 4 blodgers but two AG5! One of those is a witch elf too, so that opens up all sorts of shenanigans to be mindful off. They only have the 2 rerolls at the moment though and apart from the blodgers, not a lot of skills yet. I mean, they won't be doing Khemri levels of turnovers, but there might be the odd cock-up here and there. MD 6 - Full Makákók...! coached by @Szurke291 Lizards 1370TV One of three lizard teams in this division, the Full Makakok have a couple of nice skinks in the making, including a kicker and a blodger. Will be extra important to be cautious with offensive setups against this team and the speedy ball-hunters they are developing! Again, this team is coming up against a necro with a tackle/MB wight the week before our game though, so maybe I can hope for a couple of skinks taking a break for our game? MD7 - Ghoulish Goons coached by @Tys123 Undead 1470TV A MB/PO wight, a couple of mummies and some blodge, this team looks like a pain in the neck. Look closer... what do you see? A full roster including several zombies with names that don't match the team theme... this here is a team that has killed a number of opposition players already... and as it is @Tys123 at the helm, I'm going to guess a fair number of those players died under the boots of those rostered skeletons! At least we aren't facing this death menace team until MD7! MD 8 - Cold Blood Champions coached by @Andal Lizards 1600+TV A returning team apparently and one of the three lizard teams in this division. Frankly they look a little over-powered for this division with 18 games already under their belts. A blodge saurus, a couple of diving tackle skinks, an AG4 skink built for speed and a break tackle Krox will all make this team a real headache to deal with. MD 9 - Urga Thora coached by @Elarion Lizards 1270 TV The last of the lizards and the last of the teams for the season, these guys have some nicely developed skinks too, with a potential one-turner in the making and some diving tackle to bother opposition ball-carries. So - all in all this will be a challenging and interesting season for Sekh's Machines. I am not terribly confident of achieving great results, but I'm sure I'll learn something ... even if it is simply that Khemri aren't really the team for me!
  2. Hello, I joined OCC on season 20 with a khemri team named "Pocco a Pocco" I am from Spain but stream these games in english. (I stream spanish leagues in Spanish too). Please forgive my sporadic spanish words I might use when Nuffle wants to make the game more challenging than usual... Come to my streams and feel free chat with me. See you in my Stream!
  3. Juriel

    Nine Lives

    From the hot south, where cats are viewed as connected to the divine, comes a team so enamored with their beloved pets, that they chose to get mummified with them. Cloaked in all their riches, they will brighten up the world with their royal bearing, while gracefully accepting submission from everyone, as would be proper, yes. Where does man stop and cat begin? Why do they not have opposable thumbs? How are they going to hold that ball? Does it matter when you look so good?
  4. So are i am, entering a league for the first time, with my all time favorite team : Khemri. I'm far from being an experienced coach. Haven't played a lot of game, haven't played tabletop either, most of the things i know come from videos made by AndyDavo. After trying out a couple of teams, Khemri felt like exactly what i was looking for. They are clumsy, slow, but i do love the carefull positionning, making sure that out get the most out of your Tomb Guardians, protecting the ball because you can't be sure that you will ever pick it up again... The team i brought to OCC ↓ The 4 Tomb Guardians are fairly obvious. After playing a bit with Khemri i'm really uncomfortable going on the pitch with less than 3 rerolls, especially in the beginning. So those two being set in stone, i was left with few choices. Could've gone with no Thro-Ra, but since i wanted to win some games i had to at least have one. Then if i take a Blitz-Ra, i'm left with one of those two options : Stay with 1 Blitz-Ra / 1 Thro-Ra, fill the rest with skeletons, 30k in the bank to get faster to the second Blitz-Ra Get 1 Blitz-Ra / 2 Thro-Ra, fill the with skeletons, no bank. In the end i went with 2 Thro-Ra, i've lost some painful games with a 1 Thro-Ra start due to an early injury (Cheeky Rock from the crowd anyone ?). Here is my division : Kia Sidhe - Couronne Croissants - Bretonnian Zorgar - Tugas – OCC - Necromantic Nibenon - Herlechin's Hunt - Necromantic Fweddy - Happy Kitty Bunny Pony - Necromantic TheFoehammer - Underground Champions - Undead Forvisk - Shot Throught the Heart - Dark Elf Bishop1222 - Wooo let the dogs out? - Necromantic Varrus - The Southern Sentinels - Bretonnian Velihopea - The Sour Wench [OCC] - Dark Elf MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass - Khemri MD1 : MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass VS Velihopea - The Sour Wench [OCC] His team : As far as i can tell, this gentleman knows what he's doing. I'm afraid i'm not faring too well against Dark Elves as Khemri, so i've prepared a very simple plan. I see one of those two three loosing me the game : Exposing Skeletons too much, and some AV7 roll later, i get to play with only half of my team Bad positionning, ball going down and not scoring on my drive (thus losing at least 1-0) Not being carefull enough and getting players surfed by the Witch We'll how it goes. All advices will be appreciated, i'll keep you updated after the game.
  5. Ok so I've been thinking about this a lot. I know I have no power over changes in BB but it's a fun thing for me to think about. A long, long time ago tomb guardians were the same as undead mummies. ST5, MB, regen, no nega trait. Which having four of those out of the box was a bit too powerful so GW took away the MB and gave them decay instead. Which I would argue is what nerfed them too much and is what makes them so unpopular in perpetual leagues. Simply taking away the decay but not returning the MB either probably would be a fair balance. But! I am also a bit of a lore nerd and I dislike how the Khemri big guys are Tomb Guardians. Tomb Guardians are after all just elite skeleton infantry. They aren't nearly the same strength as an Ogre. So what if we replaced them with Ushabti. No decay and no regen. And we allow Khemri to hire a Necrotect which would work like an apo but only for one of the four big guys. This would increase the cost of the Khemri team by 50 and you would lose out on the occasional regen for the second half but I believe you would get less perma injuries, making them more attractive in perpetual leagues and they would look a bit more lore friendly. What do you guys think? Like the Ushabti idea? Just remove decay from Tomb Guardians? Or are Khemri just fine as they are?
  6. This forum hasn't had a post in it for over a year. With Khmeri's recent addition to BB2 [And addition to OCC2 in Season 2 most likely] I thought it was a good idea to have some Khmeri discussion! So; I've decided to pick up Khemri on the Open Ladder on BB2. The key points of the team that I can see so far: - You have almost unmatched raw strength; with 5 ST5 players and the rest being ST3. - You are also one of the slowest teams next to Dwarves. Only 4 peices can have MA6. Skeletons are MA5 and your Tomb Guardians are MA4. - 6 players have natural STR access. Tome Guardians ONLY have natural STR access as Big Guys without Loner [Due to the fact they come in x4] Key tactical things I've picked up: - Skeletons are cheap as chips at 40k; so first Skeleton to level I made a Dirty Player. Any team loves pitch removal; and losing a Skele by send off isn't a big loss. - While I am using only one Thro-Ra to carry the ball; having a second as backup or simply just for his MA6 is worthwhile. Also that one can take Leader; be your kicker; and so on. - Tomb Guardians may seem tempting to just cage with all in one place or as your offense but in reality they should be tying up as many players as possible. Honestly I'm finding spreading the Guardians out somewhat; but not so far as it creates openings to dodge into; far more effective. Let your Skeletons cage while the TG's open the path by brute force. I can see Stand Firm being massively useful on these guys. Anything else I should know about Khmeri? What sort of development should their players take? Do you focus more on Guard first or MB first? So far I've played two games and got 1W 1 Draw. So that's not bad. Strangely despite the steryotype of Khmeri being the 1-0 team; it was 2-0 and 2-2.
  7. Welcome to everybody reading this, first of all, sorry for the bad writing. I decided to re roll to Khemri this season after a small success on season 1 with my Undead guys "Blood red skies" winning the division 2A against really good coaches, it was hard to quit them to restart on the bottom with Khemri, but I really love to play them. I find Khemri the funniest race to play Blood Bowl, obviously it is a personal opinion based on my way to play this game. I have created a team based on rock and metal dead stars for the tomb guardians and Ras, the skellies will be named as pop stars like Justin Bieber or similar. The starting roster... I am still thinking about it but I suppose that finally I will go for 4 TG, 2 TR, 1 BR, 4 S and 3RR 1000TV, the biggest problem is that I will have only one piece with block and normally it will take at least 2 games to be able to purchase a second blitz ra. Other options are: 4 TG, 2 TR, 2 BR, 3 S and 2RR 980TV That is how I use to start but... I found the 3rd re roll really useful in the beginning. 4 TG, 2 BR, 5 S and 3RR 990TV I think with this option I will waste re roll picking the ball up. With this starting roster... Defend, defend and defend!! And pray to roll 4+ for the pick up. The biggest problem I find to this team is that I will need to find a 5th name for the skellies and to remove a rock star... I will post the roster image once I took the final decision. Again... thanks for make the effort to read. The dead stars and others looks like... http://www.orca-cola.com//Leaderboard/OCC2/Teams/1263835.html
  8. I've had some fun playing Khemri in ladder and the WCQ so i'm going to play them in OCC. I'll post match reports and occasional fluff. We start in 6b with 2 vamps, 1 skaven, 1 ogres, and some others. No elfs! I built to have all positionals at start- looking to trade wins for SPP early.
  9. Scaron84

    K Nation

    Hi All out there, I start with a new khemri team teh "K Nation" in DIV 6A. Few years ago I played BB1 with the famous khemri team the "The Bowling Dead" (yeah I love zombie series). Now I'm back on the blood bowl fields, I'm eager to break some bones (eather my bones or the bones of others...) So my starting roster would be that: 4 Tg 2 Blitz-ra 1 Thro-ra 5 skellies 2 RR yeah that's 12 players. Why do I do that? Because I love to foul If I'll have the money I will buy either thro-ra or a third RR. Theses would be my early goals. Let's hope nobody dies on my roster... theses are teams in my div: Zneip - Shroomies United - Goblin - Axler - Full Moon Mafia - Necromantic - marino2525 - YOUR LAST FRIDAY - Goblin - Nitroxide - Kodiak Blitz - Kislev - Chuckthulhu - Gone Viral - Nurgle - Scaron84 - K Nation - Khemri - 4narionPrime - The Raiders of Ulthuan - Dark Elf - RK Blaze - The Fateless - Chaos - Gaiasekker - Ataraxia's Black Crows - High Elf - Mr_Moe - Strong Vikings OCC - Norse - As always the agi teams (so these damned elves) are the hardest to beat, aginst the gobbos can happen anything, I have no idea what kislev is, nurgle and chaos are not that dangerous at this TV, norse and necro could be tricky because of frenzy. So If I should have to say what will happen I couldn't say that I'm expecting a funny and a tactical challenging season, I'm willing to be in the top of my DIV. Who wants to achive something else?! I'm hoping not to loose any of my key players and to make some coubles on the TGs of course. Feel free to comment or ask everything, let's make the khemri thread live again. Go bones!!!
  10. Khemri get the best stadium in the game, with the glorious head of Eddie the Great mounted all over the 2nd deck, overlooking the pitch. And they generally end up with excess cash relatively soon compared to other teams. SO- what stadium enhancements are best for the master race? The security gate works well. It eliminates the pitch invasion and riot events. Khemri should avoid on-pitch chaos as much as possible. The magic dome is nice. It gives you always nice weather. Rain hurts Khemri worse than any others and Sunny causes chaos (see above). I like the extra bribe one- tricking your opponents into getting into a fouling war with the undead is always great. Unless your most valuable pieces have decay. Nope. The extra wizard is a must-avoid. Wizards should be banned; 2 wizards should be 2 banned. Any of the others stand out? Or is it really just that easy- Khemri should always go with the security gate or magic dome?
  11. rules: 1200 TV with no inducements possible, so no benefit to not filling out team. 5 normal rolls, 1 double. 1200 gets you 2TR, 2BR, 4TG, 5skels, 4 RRs. Is there even another way to go? 1 TG gets block, surely. 5 normal rolls for the rest of the team. Current draw is elf heavy. 2x BR Tackle 3x MB TG -OR- Block/KoR/leader TR? DP skel? maybe guard on 1-2 TGs? Thoughts?
  12. It has been a long time since I used these forums regularly. Since I only have a ps4 I am playing over on the www.mmlpro.com. I am of course playing as khemri again. My current team has had a tough time in the wins department but has done really well with skills http://My khemri https://imgur.com/gallery/mE5wb . 3 of the 4 tg have rolled doubles for block. I had 2 blitzras with 3 agi but am down to 1 now and my throw ra has blodge. My crowning achievement is one of my block tgs has +movement.once he gets break tackle he will be a nightmare to deal with. All of this in under 20 games.
  13. Hi all! My team is actually in Div 2C. I love this team, with the TGs I had really a great luck - since all of them have block - but I have some issues here. What would you give for my blitz-ras, when/if they make it to lvl 5 (which is very likely)? Pilling on, dauntless, frenzy, fend, stand firm, juggernaut? Which one would you prefer? Why? Have you any other ideas? My first match was a really fortunate one. I played against stahlburg; nurgle (thx for the game bro) and I won 1-0. I killed his lvl 5 warrior and gave his legendary "wait for it :)" pestigor a -AV. I'm not feeling very comfortable about it, since my div is a heavy dodge division this season and that's why it would be better if somebody would kill those elven/skaven/skink gits. But he can't do it any more without the 2 of his key/tackle players. :( Feel free to share with me your suggestions, tips and hints. Good hunting for this season!
  14. I have been playing some farm league lately to just get some practice in against like minded coaches. Made my first team and wanted a Khemri team. Death & Peace 4 TGs 2 ThrowRAs 1 Blitzra Rest skeletons 3 RRs I ended up playing a total of 11-12 matches with this team. I suffered 7 deaths including two BlitzRas along the way. Luckily all TGs but 1 never got injured. I think it was my 3-4 game before I even had a successful Regen. I had 3 disconnect losses assigned in those matches - had to get a new modem just kept resetting internet and everytime I was assured the issue was fixed...it was not. Basically I ended with like 3-4-6. Lots of other problems and issues occurred along the way but to me the team just felt cursed. So being a just for fun league I scrapped the team and started a new Khemri team. This team has a similar build but I started with two BlitzRa and no ThrowRas to start currently 5-0 and rolling along. I didn't mind the bad luck to much or the setbacks but I just started to wonder if my team just might have been cursed. Or if I am just overly superstitious. Has anyone else ever had a team that just seemed destined to have issues?? If so would love to hear about it! Or if I am just crazy...
  15. So I thought being with me having not been involved in the OCC over the last 3-4 seasons that I should prepare a post in preparation of my teams return. The Team: As always my Squad is Built around a Solid core of high Strength players in the Form of my Tomb Guardians and Smoking Tobacco Company in the centre of the field. The Stars of the Squad though are without a doubt my Blitz Ra's While my Ball handling headaches have been left in the dead cool bones of Co-codamol who soothes any pains some what. Sadly his parter was forced into early retirement at the end of the last season in which we played leaving the squad overly reliant on number 12's success. The Current plan with my Skeletons is for 2, 13 and 14 to get Wrestle as quickly as they can while 10 & 11 Grab block, but obviously the Star of the Skeletons is truly Smoking, though his future development will very much depend on how he progresses. The biggest flaws in this squad currently are my rookie tomb Guardian and Throw Ra who are currently turn overs waiting to happen, in fact so much so that I have added a forth re-roll to the squad to compensate. Sadly the other issue is beyond my control as my 2 MA decreases really cause my side to be far slower than normal especially both on the Blitz Ra's it literally halves my offensive speed. Its not all been good for my squad as you can see and the results/Injuries we have suffered previously have provided me with a constant thorn as my team suffers from a poor distribution of SPP. My Tomb Guardians are also something I really must get skilled up as IMO they are the most critical members of any Khemri side and this squads offering is lack lustre to say the least especially as I am used to using 4 top class guardians in the UKBBL. One thing you can be assured of though in the coming season is that no matter what happens we will maintain our record of Carnage, claiming at least another 3 7+ Casualty Awards and very likely a Serial Killer and Most Violent Coach Award.... Well that us introduced.... Roll on Next Season... Crimsonsun
  16. Since I finally figured out how to do place a roster image I figured I would make a topic . Me and my dustbiters have been around for a while. This is the 5th season for the biters and it has been a bumpy ride so far. the SSC in season 18 saw me finish somewhere midfield placing me in div 6a for season 19. Used to playing darkelves I was a bit too hungry for wins when I had an almost secure draw and lost a couple of matches as a result. Few wins aswell luckily. Then came season 20, and this as any follower of the Biters will know was a special one!. The divison had 3 lizard teams with dodgy skinks, one dirty skaven rat team, Xanders guard loaden humans, zunks then newbie immortal coil, the dead presidents coached by the promising necro bevan who would go on to win the season 9-0, myself, scuds ogres and a khorne demons team. A short recap for any who would have missed it: The khorne demons were up first and while the biters managed to score on their opponents first drive they failed to hold on to the ball in their own resulting in a disapointing draw. This however was not the worst of it: The demon killed Fist the only player on the Dustbiter team so far who ever had a skill in tackling worthy of the name! not something you want in a divison like this. The next match against the skaven was an utmost disaster a 0 - 3 defeat that led to the now legendary quote of the opposing coach: "the dice could not have gone my way any harder if they had hit me in the teeth". After this dramatic start things started to turn around. Next up were the three lizardman teams back to back. surprisingly the result was a 1 - 1 -1 with the biters taking the win from the coach who was upto that point competing for the title. A win over Zunk the next week placed the biters firmly in the middle of the league. losing to the unstoppable bevan did nothing to change that. Winning from Scuds ogres (the day that shall never be talked about! more on that later ) made the final match against Xander an interesting one. With the points in the league so divided except for Xander and Bevan a win against Xander would mean a possible 3th place! if 1 lizard lost and aslong as another did not win and depening on the TD saldi on a win from the last lizard, but still! a theoretical podium! With only 2TG's on the pitch however the game ended in a 1 to 1 draw and a 6th final place overall. Why did we only have two TG's on the pitch you ask? That blasted Ogre's from Scud! After bashing and fouling away at his team he had 4 ogres left on the pitch by turn 12 on MD 8. And here started the long depression of the Dustbiters in season 21: The ogre's murdered the lvl4 block/MB/Guard TG they busted the armor of our other lvl4 upcoming star (block jugger guard) from 8 till 7 and made him MNG and niggles a rookie TG. Biter of Dust a rookie back then was the only TG to leave the pitch unskaved that day. The niggled rookie was let go and replaced by Ami the ogre mudwrestler. Lacking funds at the time we were unable to replace our dead star to be and with our mauled remaning veteran out of commision. The 2 TG struggle against Xander's guard was a game for the ages. Cursed be Scuds name! This gutting of the team saw the Biters struggling troughout season 21. The lack of block the lack of guard and lack of tackle with 4 elven teams took its toll on the team. Ami Neter joined the team on MD1, but the last veteran with his 7 armor was evicerated on MD2 leaving the Biters with only the now level 2 Biter of Dust as the captain of the Guardian team. Buto has since joined the team and the long march to a rebuild team began. After 6 losses straight the team picked up a draw and then a win against the fellow khemri of Asprice, Xander skipped on the rematch ending season 21 in a 2-1-6 for the Biters. One match in in season 22 this is now the state of the team: Fun facts: 1. Jinx-eater is the only player of the team that has participated in all the matches since its formation and lived! He boasts being the true ancestor of the elves and likes playing with the ball to show it. He has managed 3 2-turn touchdown plays in his career so far! 2. Biter of Dust the now new veteran on the team dreams of one day picking up block and after that unleashing himself an in all out frenzy. Changes are he will be learning to hit hard sooner though. 3. The Dustbiters and blitz-ra's do not mix well! after losing their first blitz-ra in a death by ogre collision on turn 2 on their very first match, the team has never had 2 blitz-ra's who both have skills alive at the same time. The Dark flings took care of another 5SP blitz-ra just last match. 4. In an effort to disguise a blitz-ra as a ball throw-ra to avoid any more premature deaths, Nestha the succesor to the one game wonder 'knuckles' went down the ball carrier path after more then 20 games without any SPP. He has the second oldest member of the team, boasts on being ogre proof, but saw jinx-eater stealing his spotlight during most of the last two seasons. He managed to score his first touchdown this week though! It only took him 35 games. 5. The teams throw-ra's went the opposite route of Neshta: after seeing their predeccors brutally murdered. They decided to do the bashing themselves and leave the ball carrying to someone with a bit more armor. They have had to clean up after mister ogreproofed's mistakes quite often though. 6. Buto the trollhunter was the one who broke the losing streak last season after intercepting a pass from a safethrow pro-elf. Already at lvl 3, he is an ambitous fellow! 7. This is the third season running the Dustbiters are pitted against Xanders hummies. Last seasons match got cancelled but the Biters are still eager for their rematch. Onward to matchday 2! B)
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