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Found 15 results

  1. Juriel

    Nine Lives

    From the hot south, where cats are viewed as connected to the divine, comes a team so enamored with their beloved pets, that they chose to get mummified with them. Cloaked in all their riches, they will brighten up the world with their royal bearing, while gracefully accepting submission from everyone, as would be proper, yes. Where does man stop and cat begin? Why do they not have opposable thumbs? How are they going to hold that ball? Does it matter when you look so good?
  2. So are i am, entering a league for the first time, with my all time favorite team : Khemri. I'm far from being an experienced coach. Haven't played a lot of game, haven't played tabletop either, most of the things i know come from videos made by AndyDavo. After trying out a couple of teams, Khemri felt like exactly what i was looking for. They are clumsy, slow, but i do love the carefull positionning, making sure that out get the most out of your Tomb Guardians, protecting the ball because you can't be sure that you will ever pick it up again... The team i brought to OC
  3. Ok so I've been thinking about this a lot. I know I have no power over changes in BB but it's a fun thing for me to think about. A long, long time ago tomb guardians were the same as undead mummies. ST5, MB, regen, no nega trait. Which having four of those out of the box was a bit too powerful so GW took away the MB and gave them decay instead. Which I would argue is what nerfed them too much and is what makes them so unpopular in perpetual leagues. Simply taking away the decay but not returning the MB either probably would be a fair balance. But! I am
  4. This forum hasn't had a post in it for over a year. With Khmeri's recent addition to BB2 [And addition to OCC2 in Season 2 most likely] I thought it was a good idea to have some Khmeri discussion! So; I've decided to pick up Khemri on the Open Ladder on BB2. The key points of the team that I can see so far: - You have almost unmatched raw strength; with 5 ST5 players and the rest being ST3. - You are also one of the slowest teams next to Dwarves. Only 4 peices can have MA6. Skeletons are MA5 and your Tomb Guardians are MA4. - 6 players have natural STR ac
  5. Welcome to everybody reading this, first of all, sorry for the bad writing. I decided to re roll to Khemri this season after a small success on season 1 with my Undead guys "Blood red skies" winning the division 2A against really good coaches, it was hard to quit them to restart on the bottom with Khemri, but I really love to play them. I find Khemri the funniest race to play Blood Bowl, obviously it is a personal opinion based on my way to play this game. I have created a team based on rock and metal dead stars for the tomb guardians and Ras, the skellies will be named
  6. I've had some fun playing Khemri in ladder and the WCQ so i'm going to play them in OCC. I'll post match reports and occasional fluff. We start in 6b with 2 vamps, 1 skaven, 1 ogres, and some others. No elfs! I built to have all positionals at start- looking to trade wins for SPP early.
  7. Scaron84

    K Nation

    Hi All out there, I start with a new khemri team teh "K Nation" in DIV 6A. Few years ago I played BB1 with the famous khemri team the "The Bowling Dead" (yeah I love zombie series). Now I'm back on the blood bowl fields, I'm eager to break some bones (eather my bones or the bones of others...) So my starting roster would be that: 4 Tg 2 Blitz-ra 1 Thro-ra 5 skellies 2 RR yeah that's 12 players. Why do I do that? Because I love to foul If I'll have the money I will buy either thro-ra or a third RR. Theses would be my e
  8. Khemri get the best stadium in the game, with the glorious head of Eddie the Great mounted all over the 2nd deck, overlooking the pitch. And they generally end up with excess cash relatively soon compared to other teams. SO- what stadium enhancements are best for the master race? The security gate works well. It eliminates the pitch invasion and riot events. Khemri should avoid on-pitch chaos as much as possible. The magic dome is nice. It gives you always nice weather. Rain hurts Khemri worse than any others and Sunny causes chaos (see above). I like the ex
  9. Hello there, children. Today, we begin our journey for love, kindness and friendship. The great sport that embodies these qualities is, of course, Blood Bowl. So why don't you take a seat right here, and I'll tell you the story of the Tiny, Baby Ogre who went out looking for a friend. A tiny, baby Ogre sits in a cavern all alone, his only buddy next to him, a Rhinox made of stone. Tiny, baby Ogre never had a real-life friend, but on this day he decides that his loneliness must end! He asks his Momma Ogre "Where do the other children play?
  10. rules: 1200 TV with no inducements possible, so no benefit to not filling out team. 5 normal rolls, 1 double. 1200 gets you 2TR, 2BR, 4TG, 5skels, 4 RRs. Is there even another way to go? 1 TG gets block, surely. 5 normal rolls for the rest of the team. Current draw is elf heavy. 2x BR Tackle 3x MB TG -OR- Block/KoR/leader TR? DP skel? maybe guard on 1-2 TGs? Thoughts?
  11. It has been a long time since I used these forums regularly. Since I only have a ps4 I am playing over on the www.mmlpro.com. I am of course playing as khemri again. My current team has had a tough time in the wins department but has done really well with skills http://My khemri https://imgur.com/gallery/mE5wb . 3 of the 4 tg have rolled doubles for block. I had 2 blitzras with 3 agi but am down to 1 now and my throw ra has blodge. My crowning achievement is one of my block tgs has +movement.once he gets break tackle he will be a nightmare to deal with. All of this in under 20 games
  12. Hi all! My team is actually in Div 2C. I love this team, with the TGs I had really a great luck - since all of them have block - but I have some issues here. What would you give for my blitz-ras, when/if they make it to lvl 5 (which is very likely)? Pilling on, dauntless, frenzy, fend, stand firm, juggernaut? Which one would you prefer? Why? Have you any other ideas? My first match was a really fortunate one. I played against stahlburg; nurgle (thx for the game bro) and I won 1-0. I killed his lvl 5 warrior and gave his legendary "wait for it :)" pestigor a -AV. I'm not feeling very comfort
  13. I have been playing some farm league lately to just get some practice in against like minded coaches. Made my first team and wanted a Khemri team. Death & Peace 4 TGs 2 ThrowRAs 1 Blitzra Rest skeletons 3 RRs I ended up playing a total of 11-12 matches with this team. I suffered 7 deaths including two BlitzRas along the way. Luckily all TGs but 1 never got injured. I think it was my 3-4 game before I even had a successful Regen. I had 3 disconnect losses assigned in those matches - had to get a new modem just kept resetting internet and everytime I
  14. So I thought being with me having not been involved in the OCC over the last 3-4 seasons that I should prepare a post in preparation of my teams return. The Team: As always my Squad is Built around a Solid core of high Strength players in the Form of my Tomb Guardians and Smoking Tobacco Company in the centre of the field. The Stars of the Squad though are without a doubt my Blitz Ra's While my Ball handling headaches have been left in the dead cool bones of Co-codamol who soothes any pains some what. Sadly his parter was forced into early retirement at the end of the last sea
  15. Since I finally figured out how to do place a roster image I figured I would make a topic . Me and my dustbiters have been around for a while. This is the 5th season for the biters and it has been a bumpy ride so far. the SSC in season 18 saw me finish somewhere midfield placing me in div 6a for season 19. Used to playing darkelves I was a bit too hungry for wins when I had an almost secure draw and lost a couple of matches as a result. Few wins aswell luckily. Then came season 20, and this as any follower of the Biters will know was a special one!. The divison had 3 lizard teams with
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