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Found 10 results

  1. Yuriversal Studios presents you: 50 Shades of Leap Cast: On our leading roles we present you best of the best and they are: Jaromir Dvorkin as Christian Grey Ludomir Gajovic as Elliot Grey Dimitri Jalowetz as Anastasia Steele (uhm. excuse me mr. this is womans role) (Okay nevermind, moving on) Wait where are rest of our cast? Welp, seems that oligarks didnt sponsor us enough. Well, we gotta improvise from now on. Lets introduce rest of our staff! Producer Brodsky Writer Masur Makeup Artis
  2. Now that the honeymoon phase of a newer race is over, there are only 4 of us coaching Kislev this season... @Sliceanddice, @wismerhill, and newcomer to the suffering @Merlinpig. The initial furor of excitement has given way to some harsh truths: This race is difficult to coach, but even more difficult to manage and develop. Most of our compatriots have thrown in the towel. Those of us with developed teams seem to have settled around 1700~ tv. How critical have you both felt the bear has been to your successes at this TV? What are your thoughts about the team
  3. Okey, this is a bit late compared to most team blogs in here, but I wanted any potentially short and sad story to be about a fall from grace rather than staying in the gutter. Anyway, I present to you the Vanguard Party: With 3 seasons behind them, they have reached the very middle of the totem pole in tier 3 division B, making it an advancement each season. No awards won so far or any other major glories, but record is pretty good and most of the team is alive as well. Only losses have actually been 1 catcher and 3 linemen as dead and 2 or 3 linemen sacked due to injur
  4. Hey all you masochists! Im still pondering what kind of starting roster to start with in OCC with my human disguised frogs. I normally start with 4 RR, 2 Blitzers and 1-2 catchers and well its working, ocasionally (you know how kislevs do in low tv). But soon as they develop they get pounded so hard and due bear is so expensive its hard to find money for it after all casualties. I tried 3RR, 2 blitzers and 1 Bear and it also works, ocasionally. But then bonehead happens, and happens and bear with me it happens. Never tried 4RR, 3 catcher, Bear ro
  5. crazy KISLEV DANCE From OCC S10 3C producer : coach MERLINPIG from BEARS and BALLERINAS
  6. After my mishap last season where I went and played with chorfs, I will now return to a less stressfull and more straightforward race to play... KISSLANN!!! Not entirely true what I said before, as Kislev is a very High Risk High Gain/Pain kinda team, but having played both Underworld and Pro Elf for a couple of season I should be used to crying during a match when I roll yet another snake-eye. Its always better than to expect to keep players alive cause they have AV9 and then end up replacing 1-2 chorfs every 3 matches and ending a full season with a whopping 4 skil
  7. Well the season in 3C started out pretty well. I started out 3-0 with my complete team intact. My TV was a bit high at 1900ish, but the team was managing. But over the last 6 weeks the wheels fell off when I faced high elves, and in MD9 the dark elves really put the nail in the coffin. I finished with 32 casualties against, and 7 of those were deaths. I doubt anyone but the vampires will end with more casualties against in tier 3. My team now consists of one -MA blitzer, one -AV catcher, a niggled +STR linemen, a -MA linemen, bear, another catcher, and two other lin
  8. To whom it may concern, I'm going to take it easy on the fancy stuff for a bit, so no stories in the foreseeable future. I'll still do match reports and do the stream/VODs. ----- ----- ----- SATURDAY 14/04/2018 19h30 UTC CLAN OF THE CIRCUS BEAR VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE TWITCH YOUTUBE
  9. Back with more of what you didn't ask for. They may not steal the game, but they are sure to steal hearts. Bumbling their way to a pitch near you, Bear witness to; I'm mundane at drawing and blood bowl coaching. But when I combine the two I can create mild amusement for myself, and maybe even others in the process. Expect underwhelming performance on the field, incoherent to bewildering match reports, and the unbridled power of mspaint.
  10. Not knowing what to expect or where we go, I sit here making plans for some thing new. I look at my Troop and I see a group of guys who just can't cut it in the Big Tent. They are out of sorts, only last week we lost our star tumbler as he was dropped from the trapeze. If there was ever a silver lining, our Circus Bear didn't need feeding that day. So I've made calls to the contacts I know, I can't find a Circus act that will have us in all of Kislev, Ive tried the empire and I'm coming up short. Today I have made a break through. Blood
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