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Found 1 result

  1. Yuriversal Studios presents you: 50 Shades of Leap Cast: On our leading roles we present you best of the best and they are: Jaromir Dvorkin as Christian Grey Ludomir Gajovic as Elliot Grey Dimitri Jalowetz as Anastasia Steele (uhm. excuse me mr. this is womans role) (Okay nevermind, moving on) Wait where are rest of our cast? Welp, seems that oligarks didnt sponsor us enough. Well, we gotta improvise from now on. Lets introduce rest of our staff! Producer Brodsky Writer Masur Makeup Artist Bondar Editor Gurow Director Jastrow Costume Designer Bogdan Camera Tecnician Bjerno Music Editor Arseneyev Seems like our chief of security is missing, among with few other crucial members. We also managed to pinch in our budget amazingly 3 re-takes or as you common folks use to say "rerolls". But before we leave you all moaning for trailer we got a last major statement. We aint doing Bloody Bowlywood film here!
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