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Found 7 results

  1. Welcome to the brewery my dear customers. Here, you can follow the legendary moments of the most famous nurgle brewmasters. Every team member is specially talented in handling a specific type of flavour or ingredient. However we are a bit late for the introduction, let's meet them. Staff members: - Mad Cherry (Beast of Nurgle) [Lvl 3; Stand Firm, Guard] - Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior) [Lvl 3; +1 ST, Block] - Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior) [Lvl 2; Block] - Tomato Trip (Nurgle Warrior) - Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior) - Salty Addons (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Block, Sure Hands] - Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor) [Lvl 3; Dodge, Wrestle] - Usual Random Hops (Pestigor) [Lvl 2; Block] - Earl Grey Dipping (Pestigor) - Unexpected Malt (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Dirty Player] - Papaya Pick (Rotter) - Approved Apple (Rotter) Devoted customers: Retired members: - Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior) [4/6 SPP] in S22 (second season) died during MD5 (played fourteen games) - Orange Peel Infuse (Pestigor) [-1 MA] in S21 (first season) retired after MD4 (played a game) - Fantastically Fun Figs (Pestigor) [-1 AV] in S22 (second season) retired after MD1 (played two games) - Refined Pastry Touch (Rotter) [-1 AG] in S21 (first season) retired after MD3 (played two games) - Hendo (Rotter) in S21 (first season) retired after MD5 (played four games) - That Clear Water (Rotter) in S21 (first season) retired after MD6 (played six games) - Cheesecake Feeling (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Kick; -1 ST; 10/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) retired after MD1 (played ten games) - Extra Coffee Flavour (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; Niggling injury; 7/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) died during MD3 (played ten games) - Some Passion Fruit (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Block; -1 ST; 7/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) retired after MD6 (played fourteen games) - Lemon Cure (Rotter) [Lvl 2; Wrestle; -1 AV; 10/16 SPP] in S22 (second season) retired after MD8 (played six games) So the team consist of a Beast of Nurgle, 3 Nurgle Warriors, a Pestigor and 6 Rotters at start and collected 3 team re-rolls though we don't know how to use them to make fruity, salty, sour beers but that's just how it goes. Now these items are hanged on the wall in our shop where our clients could watch them for eternity. Leaderboards: 1.) Top scorers: - Salty Addons (Pestigor): 5 touchdowns - Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor): 5 touchdowns - Usual Random Hops (Pestigor): 4 touchdown 2.) Fearsome attackers: - Salty Addons (Pestigor): 3 touchdowns in a game - Yummy Yoghurt Taste (Pestigor): 2 touchdowns in a game 3.) Top playmakers: 4.) Top killers: - Unexpected Malt (Rotter): 1 homicide 5.) Top recruiters: - Unexpected Malt (Rotter): 1 devoted customer 6.) Fan service - Salty Addons (Pestigor): 2 crowd surfs - Cheesecake Feeling (Rotter): 1 crowd surf - Some Passion Fruit (Rotter): 1 crowd surf - Usual Random Hops (Pestigor): 1 crowd surf - Blueberry Buddies (Nurgle Warrior): 1 crowd surf 7.) Those who cheat death: - Peach Push (Nurgle Warrior): 2 death regenerations - Finish with Blackcurrant (Nurgle Warrior): 1 death regeneration - Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior): 1 death regeneration 8.) Those who really died: - Extra Coffee Flavour (Rotter) - Strawberry Smash (Nurgle Warrior)
  2. Hi All. Im in a pickle. I play Nurgle, Nufflers of the past 3a. My dedicated ballcarier. block, dodge, surehands, strong-arm, extra arms. just got a - move. Hes still really strong but its a fcking bummer that he mises the 1 move. I have another goat(the surfing goat) with ag+ but then Frenzy and block. He is about to have a level up. Dont know yet what the roll will be as match is awating confirmation. So my considerations. Should i fire the super slowgoat and give the ag goat surehands? Should i just accept that i have an even slower team. Should i fire the superslow goat and try to make a new balcarier and give my surfinggoat mb. I really dont like the frenzy on the ball carrier, and im realy sad to loose blodge on the ballcarier. But if i am to take a new goat it should be now, before i start in an even harder leauge next seson. as i lokks lik i will if nuffel allows it. Praise Nuffle. Hauptmann
  3. Not directly related to the OCC format, but directly related to Nurgle. So getting back into the tabletop tournament community (NAF and all), and the physical location I'm in typically has the "1100 TV with 6 free non doubles skills, one per player, must have 11 players before Stars" format (the other main format I know is a 1k team and 200k for skills and extra stuff). They are "lower tier", but I REALLY like playing Nurgle (in all GW games), and while going 0-3 to start a 2 day event isn't so fun, playing a team I like really is :) So the first thing the internet said, was "Here's the lineup you need, and you'll do badly" (Beast, 4 Warriors, 2 Pestigors, fill out with rotters, 2 rerolls). And yes, that looks like it won't quite do so well in a tournament (as low TV Nurgle has some hiccups vs the usual suspects). But then why is it felt that you NEED that build? Knowing something is bad, doesn't mean "well you're supposed to do bad" just to prove the narrative that you read someone else say. Anyway, so trying to put some lineups together. Initial thoughts: 1) 2 Rotter > 1 Pestigor (due to the cost, having +1 MA and horns is not worth an extra body on an expensive team, and Decay is a moot negative skill in tourneys) 2) 4 Warriors is kind of necessary (expensive, but they bring a 4 Str and 2 skills each to the table. With limited skills to gain every skill helps) 3) The 2 most important skills to get are Block and Extra Arms (there's an argument of Sure Hands vs Extra Arms, I'm on the XA side of it personally) 4) The 4 warriors should probably get block, which leaves only 2 rotters getting other "necessary" skills (XA, Block, Wrestle, maybe more FA, blah) 5) Star players are undervalued in tournaments, because people are not familiar with having them on their team. With 5 in mind specifically, there's a new Star player Bulla. A 230k Pestigor with Block, Extra arms, 2 Heads, Foul Appearance, and Stab (STAB!). Would require dropping the beast (which if he had wild animal would be different, but Really Stupid is a liability at times). But gives me 2 of the skills I am looking for anyway. So not a finalized roster, but any thoughts on this (especially on what to give the rotters). Bulla 4 Warriors (with block) 2 Rotters (skill ???) 5 Rotters no skill 2 rerolls I've tested that against my Amazon team a few times and always results in a 1-1 draw. Also had a 1-1 draw vs Skaven. Draws are like kissing your sister, except without all the fun. (only child). Any advice on how to change things up would be appreciated.
  4. Hello folks, after several seasons with Dark Elves I am starting to be a bit tired of having my squishies die horribly, and the gameplay is getting trite, so I was considering a change of pace. Nothing seems as far from Elves as Nurgle, and I am starting to entertain the idea of rerolling to them next season. So, I would be grateful to anyone having experience with Nurgle pointing out possible downfalls that I may not be aware of. The downfalls i see in Nurgle: - Very slow movement. - Warriors very slow to develop. - Hardies die just as horribly as squishies, but are harder to replace. - No gameplay variation from match to match. i.e., you play the same game over and over. - One failed pickup can lose you the game. - Do not get attached to rottens. Anything to add? Thanks in advance!
  5. Not sure I've seen this reported anywhere else, not easy to replicate. Just seeing if anyone else has had this, and if its a known issue. Nurgle's Rot, "When this player kills another player during a block, blitz, or foul action". This is not triggering for when an opponent is taking a "blitz or block action" and rolls a skull result and dies. Maybe there's an FAQ entry somewhere stating its supposed to be worded "when this player takes a block, blitz, or foul action and kills another player", and as we're in BB2016 rules everywhere else, maybe it'll never bother being updated. But an opponent taking a blitz action is still "during a blitz action" is it not? Not sure if anyone else has seen this occur (an opponent rolling skull and dying isn't often). Replicated this in single player vs humans. It triggered after a reroll was used on a GFI blitz action, not sure if that caused it, or if this is "working as intended" and opponents walking into skulls is supposed to be safe
  6. Hi, My team is 3 games old (my entire Nurgle experience - other than 7 turns mm, my oppo dc`d) & first rotter has levelled, 5+6. Should i take +ag to make a ball carrier? Only 2 rr`s at present though 120k in bank, intending to get 3rd asap. My block pest has been carrying, though it does feel wasted when he does, as i have no other block/wrestle player for blitzing.
  7. Hi all, Curious about Nurgle? Don't be!
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