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Found 9 results

  1. The multiverse is Enormous. In one of it's corners, that can be described as "between the couch cushions" - exists a planet of snotpeople. For as long as history itself, they have been terrorized by green hordes, animated monstrosities, natural and unnatural disasters and even fungus takeovers. 'No more!' they said one year. And the United sNotions started the Ogrobot initiative. Four mech Wings were created, One on each continent. Ogrobots were built and outstanding snotdividuals were found to pilot them. Of course, there wasn't enough mechs for everyone. Somebody has to do the ground job. But no amount of 'Blood Bowl' training program has prepared them for Kaiju invasion. (B-wh-a-a-a-p!) Disclaimer:
  2. So guys my adventure with Ogres need some help about picking a skill for my Regor Ogre (Block+1AG), he rolled a double 4, so i can pick another double! But i cant decide, i thought about Pass/SureHands/Dodge/Tackle, what u would pick? I will post picture with my team so far: Can u help me out?
  3. Greetings from a small piece of land in Europe. Are you tired of people trying really hard and winning games? Have you grown bored of professionalism, player tips and strategy? Boy, do I have news for you! From the pits of the lower tiers, I bring you Women with Attitude, the new Ogre sensation that's sweeping absolutely nothing! I have created a club where I'll keep track of the games and announce stream times and such, hopefully dragging some of you numbskulls along for the ride in an attempt to bring joy and entertainment to at least seven-ish people! Now, if you'll excuse me,, I have to go and get my face smashed in. Cheers! VODS: All vods can be found in the CLUB!
  4. Da Tiny Titanz are back for another go round lest see how hey go in div 3b this season still looking at creating better offense for the team
  5. Here is another outta the box game play from me has anyone considered guard and multi block on 2 ogres as in get the guards in place and do 2 blocks with 1 ogre each turn i guess this would work really well with grab too as a third skill, quite a powerful combo up against the standard st3 players... also it will keep you from activating the ogres down a little if 1 bh creates 2 blocks a turn just a thought i have never tried it to be effective but something for open ladder i guess to try and accomplish...
  6. starting team will consist of 5 ogres, 8 gnoblars and 2 RR ( I just couldnt do it with no RR) Ogre #1: @Barristan Ogre #2: @AllyRdr Ogre #3: @Gadajs Ogre #4: @Grufff Ogre #5: @wolves in exile Gnoblar #6: @Doomy77 Gnoblar #7: @Wainaja Gnoblar #8: @Filadeus Gnoblar #9: @midievil Gnoblar #10: @Mongloom Gnoblar #11:@Francach Gnoblar #12: @Anraka Gnoblar #13: @Ozone if your names isnt picked yet, dont worry, gnoblars die a lot, so your name will come up eventually!
  7. Hi Ogre coaches Well i have been playing Ogres for way too long and if there is one thing that sticks out its the wonder of TTM.. We have to start Building Pass and strong arm ogres as in asap.. why you say well heres why.. it is proven time and time again that it wins you games... So why is everyone building block ogres to start.. well the problem is people are not relying on it and when they do they have not built for it... as ogres you always rely on it one way or the other and if you have not built the team for it then ya gonna fail more than you succeed... Block ogres are nice but they only get you so far and compliment the team as a whole... but listen you have 6 ogres and i think 1 you can build as a decidated passer, the skills are all there and it only requires 1 double to get something to succeed on 2s all we have to worry about is the landing and if the BH gets off with out a hitch then all we have to really worry about is the landing reroll which if we have a reroll thens its a 75% chance to succees thats better than blocking in some instances... and safer as well its only requires 1 ogre to activate.. There is no back up plan for when we don't cause cas and when blocking ogres are not enough, it also keeps the other teams honest as in they keep players back to hope you screw up which means more freedom for the ogres up front... Time and time again Ogre coaches refuse to build them, yet time and time again its staring you in the Face, build the snot cannon to fire better, its what the ogres need to improve there win% and be more competitive... it actually also gets ya snots levelled faster, yes some die but its either they die that way or they die blocking... The thing is 1 double on a pass or NOS ogre which any way ya wanna build them is not going to kill the team if one ogre does not have block, as to get 5 block ogres is lucky as best, but we have to start build a better ogre team at what they do best and thats chuck the buggers, with a bit of planning and some extra rerolls here and there its works really well... Its up to you ogre coaches are you going to sacrifice 1 block ogre for a winning ogre player.. i say yes we will.. its your choice and responsibility as an ogre coach to do so... also the only time a team ever won a championship in the history fluff is when the Ogres could TTM and built for it, so i suggest we do the same..
  8. Hi Ogre Coaches Well its time for another one of Yarrick's Guide to Ogre play again in a new 2.0 special... To be honest i have played ogres for a very long time now, and in the last few months, i have learned a great deal. I have now played over 10 years with Ogres. Once you get experienced with ogres, there are things you will realize what an ogre team can do, and what they can't do. It takes an age of practice and many many games to get familiar with the team, as in when to activate an ogre when to just leave them be etc. As times gone on, i have changed my approach a little from my original ogre guide, but now my teams are taking on a new breed of ogre play instead of the normal conventional plays. I am going to start with the builds, and it has come down to 2 builds really, i will not touch the 6 ogre build because it just takes way too long to get re-rolls in OCC, and also they are double the price after the first game, so here we go... I normally start with a 5 Ogre 2 re-roll start, because 1, i have played enough game to know my re-roll management is really good, so i can get by with just 2 re-rolls to start, 5 ogres and 8 snotlings, so 13 players in total, No apoth to start as you can get that by game 1 or at least game 2. The reason i start with this build is you want the Ogres to skill up, and having 5 is a good number to start with and hope you do not lose 1, plus you have 2 reserves and you will need them. This is also a very cost effective way to get a solid starting team, and then after ya apoth you only have 140k to go for the 6th Ogre and then as the team builds money, you can get the third re-roll etc and go from there. It is really a good starting build, but for experienced coaches, i would say as for people new to Ogres, i would do the next build. The second build is more about the re-rolls. 4 ogres and 4 rerolls and 7 snotlings is actually the fastest way to build the team from a financial point of view, but because you are missing the 5th ogre takes longer to develop on the pitch, as you only have 4 ogres to start, and makes protecting the ball a little harder. if you think about this build you really have all the re-rolls you need, and its all about the apoth and 2 ogres, so you are looking at getting 330k to get a full team, and that's if we do not take many cas or ogre deaths. So after this build you basically need 330k to get 6 ogres and 4 re-rolls, that's what it takes to get the team to where you want it. Where the first build is 140k for the last ogre and then another 280K for the 2 re-rolls, 50K for the apoth, so ya looking then at 470k, so as you can see there is a big difference on what you need to be at the same level as far as Ogres to re-roll ratio, so the choice is yours to make In OCC with rolling on seasons, any of the 2 builds are great, i would not do it any other way as i have played every possible build with ogres, and after countless games these are really the 2 best builds. Oh there is a 3rd option of 4 Ogres 3 rerolls and an apoth, taking you to 12 players to start, but again thats another 280k you need for 2 ogres and then 140k for the last reroll bringing you to 420k, so now you can see the prices on what it takes you to get to the 6 ogres and 4 rerolls, as thats really where u want to be... i would go for the first build because you want your ogres to develop as well as getting to the 6th ogre asap, and these are all long builds. So now you know what that cost is and how long it will approximately take to get there... So that's where i start on building my ogres any of the 3 builds works pretty well just depends where you as a coach see value on the builds... On to development... There are many ways to build Ogres, i go the BT Guard route because really that's a good place to start, i use to go BT, but i have changed my play style a little... I use to say do BT first because of its benefits, for if you get Stat increases, but i kinda moved away from this as of recently because well i felt the skill is only used in desperate situations and not always a benefit to the ogre team, tho i still take it but its now my second skill. The none double skill i take as the first skill is Guard and i will explain why... Guard will get you more 3 dice blocks instead of putting the Gnoblars in harms way and that's where i have been seeing the most benefit, plus it compliments the strength you already have. The Ogres fail to win games not because of BH but because of 1/9 blocks, there will be games where BH does lose you the game, but mostly for me in my experience its the 1/9, 2 dice blocks that lose games and having guard to start is a good place to start, as the ogres can help each other out... So Guard BT Grab or stand firm are all good places to start. prob wanna take one piling on ogre too, but i get some guard first and then get a killer later on you can get one early it will help skill the ogre up alot quicker. I prefer the more conservative approach as in keeping my ogres upright, after 2 guard i would get a piling on ogre on a none guard piece. The Guard lets you control the blocking game and that's where ogres will win out if played right... As far as doubles go Block for me is number one skill for ogres to get... i hear a lot of oh get tackle or frenzy i am telling you take block, its the best skill for the ogres and keeps the 1/9 at bay, i use to not take it but if you can get block early in development, for later on it just makes ogres a lot more reliable upfront. So please take block where you can, i try to get block on at least 4 ogres because we need 2 ogres for what i call positional Ogres and these come depending on the skill roles. Positional Ogres These come depending on ya skill ups. The AG3 ogre now i would only take this Ogre if you already have BT. I find 40K increase in the early stages of development not exactly worth it, as much as i love ag3 ogres its nothing a snotling cannot already do, and this is where you have to make the tough decisions... if i roll an ag increase now as a first skill i do not take it, as hard as that is to swallow, a guard ogre is going to give more back to the team than an ag3 ogre will, now i know you will say oh what if he rolls an ag increase again, well that would be great but in over 10 years i have played BB i only had 1 ag4 Ogre so the likely hood that you will get that is very very slim. You do want to have an ag3 Ogre but like i said i only would take it if you have BT first because that makes that ogres easier to get away and keeps you up with the gnoblars.... so a ball carrying ogre i love them and hate them they are great for when you play against high agility teams where the gnoblars are easy targets, but against the bash teams a gnoblar is better to hold the ball. Plus no BH to score that's another thing plus you want the ogres hitting kinda hard if hes holding the ball. Yes you want an ag3 Ogre but BT MUST be on there first before considering it or i feel its just a waste of TV for what you need the ogres to do. The strength 6 Ogre Now this one i would prob go block on instead of the st6 but if the ogre has BT and block already then st6 is awesome. st6 lets you get 3 dice blocks way easier than st5 so if you got a few guarders around then yep st6 is great but again if you do not have BT then i would just take block on this piece and go from there. If he has BT then yeah the 3+ cage dive is a useful tool and you have it, but again these are situational, like i said above remember ogres lose more games with the 1/9 so negating that with block is a good way of correcting the ogres blocking game. Definately if he already has block for sure st6 or tackle is a way to go here... The Pass Ogre This is by far my most favourite Ogre I always try and make 1 ogre a Pass ogre but before i do this ogre i would make sure you have an ag4 gnoblar. again if you roll a double and do not have an ag4 gnoblar then we go block. This ogres has the ability to win games in this play style hands down. if you do not roll doubles and you have some block ogres already then yeah you could go strong arm and then hope he rolls a double down the road, but the pass Ogre is to keep the re-rolls on the landing, like i said, only if you have an ag4 gnoblar, then if you get a double on a rookie ogre or a BT one yeah definately take the pass it will come in handy when you need it... Killer Ogre This Ogre needs Juggs BT and frenzy or pile on juggs block etc, anyway you need a killer piece so this is where this Ogre comes in I prefer the block Tackle ogre if you can get him some people go BT Juggs Frenzy Piling on etc but its really up to you where you want these players, i start with block ogres and then see where the development leads me, that's the best way to go... Also the Piling on Jump up as a first double is not a bad combo either and worth considering, as with Jump up he gets to move normally if down and can make blocks, from the ground, so there is definately room for this ogre.. As far as extra MV on an ogre or AV, its depends on what skills he has when you roll these. Unless its a double i would go block on every chance you got, but if he has BT guard then maybe MV6 is a good idea or maybe you want a normal skill. But again i would only take the MV if the ogre has already some skills, also MV 6 has a tendency to put u out of position from the rest of the ogres or team, so be careful. Alot of this is the same as the last Ogre Guide but with a few more tweeks in development. Since BB2 LE came out, i took ag on all the ogres when i rolled them as i had them on 3 Ogres. We took a few deaths and to be honest i have 1 ag3 ogre now and hes very well developed. To be honest its all you really need, the others were a waste and they have died since then so now i am building toward more guard so the ogres can get Spps on blocks instead of dodging away which is more risky... Below is some of the builds to consider when building ogres anyway . Hope this guide helps anyone coming to play OCC, as us proud Ogres Coaches have to help each other out best we can. Ogres Throwing Ogre, Pass, Strong arm, Break Tackle. Blitzer Ogre, Break Tackle, Frenzy Block/Juggs Piling On Blocker, Block Guard Grab/BT, Tackle Ball Carrier Ogre, Block Sure hands Break Tackle Ultimate Pass Ogre: Pass, Strong arm, Break Tackle, Nerves of Steel Ultimate Ball Carrier Ogre: Block, Dodge, AG3, Sure Hands, Pro, Ultimate Ogre: Block, Guard, Tackle, Pro, Dodge Ultimate Ogre: Block, Tackle Frenzy, Break tackle, Pro Ultimate ST Ogre: Block, +1ST, +1ST, Break, Tackle, Guard,Tackle My favourite Runt builds are as follows Scoring Runt: Catch, Sure feet, Sprint Foul Runt, Sneaky Git, Dirty Player Defense Runt: Catch, Diving Tackle, Diving catch Ultimate Runt: AG4, Catch, Sure Feet, Sprint, Block, +1MV Ultimate Runt AG5, Catch, Sure Feet, Sprint Ultimate Runt: Catch Pass Block, Diving Tackle, Diving Catch
  9. News just in: Mr.T.D.GroinPummeler rolls 3rd set up doubles. Mr.T.D has currently got... - Break Tackle - Block - Dodge ..which, as I am sure you'll agree, is an interesting skill-set for any Ogre... SO, WHAT NOW? WHAT DO YOU GIVE THE OGRE THAT HAS IT ALL?!?! ----- ATTENTION: THERE IS A POLL ------
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