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Found 4 results

  1. Looking at the start of season 12 , i'm looking to start a team blog. I have never ever did something like this before and instead of talking about my existing occ team which played 4 seasons i'm starting a new team so i can blog from the start of the team. As English is not my native language i will try to do this as good as possible. i hope you guys enjoy this and that i can keep this up (very busy schedule. On a rainy evening in june , in the tavern that is located at hooirt 55 (read horde55) in a small orc town called Hamm between some big orc capitals called Vent (Gent) and
  2. Cubbles: “Hello there viewers, I am Cubbles Greenhill; Ace Reporter for the Moot Whombler, Host of the Moot and Cubbles Reports, Gossipmonger of the Bloodblotter and now here--live from the training grounds of Great Green Heroes--to bring you…” Herovision! Cubbles: “I have been embedded in the young and upcoming Orc Team, the Great Green Heroes! Me and my trust camera-rodent, Meep Snivelscribbler--” Meep: “Hello, viewer-things, yes-yes! It is Meep, now audiovisual-rat! Found camera, fixed it, own it, legitimate, yes-yes!” Cubbles: “Get away from
  3. Placeholder post. Probably going to have various lists of silly things. There will be match reports.
  4. Drunk N' Disorderly OCC Season 14 - MD 1 Roster: 01 - Danny DaTroll - Troll 02 - Sneaky Git - Goblin 03 - Grishnash - Blitzer 04 - Mega Grog - Black Orc 05 - Elf Breaker - Black Orc 06 - Mark Castillo - Thrower 07 - Chase 'Rage' Hermanson - Blitzer 08 - Matt 'Karnage' Karn - Blitzer 09 - Jesse 'Bear' Dugas - Black Orc 10 - Anthony 'Baron' Jackson - Black Orc 11 - Rat Smasher - Blitzer Starting Staff: Rerolls: 1 Apothecary: 1 Fan Factor: 1 Coach Assistant: 1 Cheerleaders: 1 Game 1
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