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Found 10 results

  1. Hello, As someone who works from home and mysteriously finds time for a quick COL game at "lunchtime" I've joined the challenge to give some meaning to the COL games I play. I've chosen COL as I almost never have to wait more than 5 mins to get a game, and although the bash content and conceding is higher than "normal", this is such a challenge that that's OK! My full rules are:- All games must be played in the same MM League You must play 50 games with each team. It’s a cripple format, so you can’t sack players - the only way they can leave the team is by dying. You can start the team however you see fit. So you can still use Star Players, I suggest a squad limit of 14 players Once you have over 150k, you MUST spend your cash on positional players, up to the 14 players limit. E.g. An Orc teams is heavy on positionals with 4 Blitzers, 4 Blorcs, 1 Troll, 2 Throwers, 4 Gobbos. Starting with 3 linos means that you’ll reach the 14 player limit without the need for 4 gobbos (unless you want to). Dark Elf teams are similar, meaning that in all likelihood linos will be replaced by positional players later on. Cash can otherwise be spent on anything else you want, but you cannot get rid of excess cash by hiring and firing coaches and cheerleaders Skill choice is not restricted, except stat ups must be taken Concede victories count Completed:- Skaven, Chaos, Nurgle, Goblin, Orcs, Ogres, Dorfs, Amazons, Underworld, Khemri In Play:- Vamps, Dark Elves, Lizards, Kislev, Halflings, Union, Woodies
  2. I know, I know. I started this four times before (or is it five?) and the furthest I got was around 100 matches. This may end the same way. But this is strictly a lifetime achievement type of challenge, i.e. the goal is to finish before I bite the dust. I'll play CCL then switch to COL when the season ends. Total Statistics Matches played: 269/1200 (22.25%) Overall record: 128-61-80 Beginning: January 9th, 2020 End: ? The Teams (1) The Rat Revolution Race: Skaven Record: 29-8-13 (DONE!) (2) Dorfs o' Fury Race: Dorf Record: 29-7-14 (DONE!) (3) Redacted Race: High Elf Record: 23-13-14 (DONE!) (4) Delicious Defeat Race: Dark Elf Record: 21-11-18 (DONE!) (5) The Waagh Conglomerate Race: Orc Record: 18-17-15 (DONE!) (Total of completed teams: 120-56-74) (6) Themiscyra Panthers Race: Amazon Record: 0-0-0 (0/50)
  3. Just seen this, sounds like a great idea considering the number of races I've played is quite limited. Will attempt to play 50 games with each race in CCL, COL or one of the several leagues I'm in. Might take a while and I'll likely update with screenshots of the final roster once 50 games have been played. Completed - Undead, Lizardman, Currently in Progress - Nurgle, Wood Elf, Halfling, Orc, Human, Norse, Dark Elves, Pro Elves, Dwarf, Ogre
  4. ..right: going to start this tonight. Is COL the best BB2 Ladder to play in to get to 50 Games per race?
  5. So I just found out this kind of challenge / award in persistent stupidity exists and might as well take my shot in it as I play CCL a lot...too much even, especially for my sanity as Nuffle has singled that one league to suck in my bad luck so I can win elsewhere. Let's just say that I am off to a good start on both the challenge and feeling bad about it. Necro - Wolfsrudeltaktik - 1-1-2
  6. because lack of life. first out chaos (Spela Shoreline!) in CL. and because i got tired around match 25 and only played 29 games with chaos, all other will also be played 29 games. so far in order: Chaos - Spela Shoreline - 7-5-17 Khemri - Pierres Khemri - 11-6-12 Wood Elf - The Curse of the Tree - 17-4-8 Dark Elf - witch witch - 13-6-10
  7. First some basics. 42 or 50 games on the champion ladder, need to see which I pick. Frequent resets and work could make things complicated. Absolutely no conceding or restarting. If the entire team dies game 1, so be it. TV optimizing? A bit, I mean my opponents are likely to do it anyhow. Firing gnoblars (or other players who just don't benefit much) who get a (mostly) useless skill is fine. Firing crippled players is fine. Firing mummies who don't get a double in x skills is not. One team per season seems to be reasonable. Normally I'd want to play a game with each race to have the standings between the races mean something, but the resets makes that not possible. Records so far: Ogres: 11-4-10 Norse: 1-4-2 Pro Elf: 10-4-2 Orcs: 6-3-1 Goblins: 0-2-0
  8. So I guess my run with the Frosty Beverages Norse team could count as my first team in the Pidpad challenge. 17-12-11 Overall Norse experience: So Norse were my first ever team in BB1(and by extension Blood Bowl in general) so there may be a bit of a soft spot for them. This team is fun. Strong with all the block. Faster than most teams. Frenzy needs to be managed but if handled well it can be a game breaking surf machine. All the pieces are great with one exception. I found this team to be flexible and more durable than I thought. I found the team/bank management interesting. Losses can be a problem but with such a flexible combination of speed, ST, block and dauntless sprinkled throughout the team ways can be found to solve most problems. On the pieces: Yeti: I love the Yeti. He's big, shaggy, has claw and can frighten bash teams. However, I'm not sure you get much value out of him after 1 skill. Barring doubles it seems that after Mighty Blow you're giving him skills he can't reliably get value out of. Mine had MB, Guard, Juggernaught. I found that unless I was using him all the time I wasn't seeing enough value. Add to that his unreliable positioning and AV8 and you can have a lot of TV sitting in the injury box really early. Linemen: Awesome. So much for so little. By default they can be made into a variety of toolbox players and a line of fending lino's is clearly annoying to opposing coaches. With a Stat boost or doubles suddenly you have an almost unique positional player. Runners: Dope. I wasn't able to get these guys going until late due to a spate of injuries to expensive players. Their speed is key to the team I think. Dauntless is exceptionally useful when you don't want to frenzy hit someone. Their skill access is also invaluable. Berzerkers: Great killers. My first one got tackle before piling on and I think that paid off for the team at the time. Jump up and piling on is a sick combo but at the time I A:needed players and couldn't risk my best guys getting kicked and B: decided it was more important to get a wardancer on the ground first and then decide what to do. Ulfwerner: These guys are great. They weren't for me but the speed, frenzy and ST make them tremendous sideline threats. As far as skills go mine never got more than 1 before they were crippled or killed but Block made them incredible. If I could have gotten guard on them regularly the team could have really taken off. Thrower: Useless. I don't mean to be mean Mr. Thrower. I can see your value but you just didn't fit into my squad. All in all I thought the Norse were awesome. Now for a new team.
  9. Started with goblins. They are 4-3-4 in Champ Ladder so far. I finally got a gob with block and that makes a big difference. I am learning all about TTM, and my latest strategy was to lob a Diving Tackle at the ball carrier who was out of range of my team. Didn't work, but this is the stunty life.
  10. I'm a serial restarter of teams, and this seems like a good enough excuse to try and change that. Gonna start with Skaven, they're far from being my best performing team, but they'll always be my one true love. Alas, they began as a throwaway team the names are default. There isn't going to be any specific order to this; teams will be made as and when my fancy dictates, but I will try to keep this within OCB and hope it takes off properly. I'm open to reasonable challenges if anyone wants a shot at crushing these teams. Any feedback on silly mistakes and the like is both welcome and appreciated, I've been playing Blood Bowl for a while now but still have a lot to learn. Start date: September 23rd, 2017. Total progress: 7/1200 matches, (0.58%) Pests of Clan Pestilens Race: Skaven Record: 2-2-1 Predictions: I'm decent with Skaven and they've an overall solid team. I expect to be winning the majority of my matches, at least at low TV. Things tend to fall apart for me around 1600 or so, when the bashers start packing mighty blow en masse and tackle becomes more prevalent. Dealing with attrition over 50 matches will be a challenge. I often struggle the most against Dwarves/Chorfs and Norse (presumably this will extend to Amazons, it's a bit early to say). Undead and Chaos are dream opponents, it's usually pretty easy to run rings around the slow and unskilled folk. HIGHLIGHTS My Storm Vermin Kweii was pronounced MVP for the first three matches, resulting in a very early pomber. Let us pray for doubles. Two headed Gutter Runner as of match 4! Hopefully he lives a bit longer than the wrestle guy... Bumblebee Cummerbachs Race: Ogre Record: 2-0-0 Predictions: Not a team I'd have picked this early into the challenge, but dice were rolled to decide the next race and going against them would be an affront to Nuffle. I've never played as Ogres before and IIRC only played against them once, so this is completely uncharted territory for me. I'm expecting them to play as a sort of mix between Khemri and Goblins, but worse than either. They're widely considered the worst team in the game, and combining that with my lack of relevant experience (played minimal Khemri and Goblins, no Halflings) I'm predicting a LOT of losses. 22% won and 20% tied seems to be the average performance, so - giving one point for a tie, and two for win - 32 points over 50 matches would be par. I'm aiming for 40 points (shoot for the moon smallish hill, right?), but will be happy with anything over 25. HIGHLIGHTS I won the first two matches! There's still a LOT of time for things to go downhill here, but it's a much better start than the procession of one sided slaughters I expected to suffer. Gonna have to take some advice from a spooky disembodied voice.
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