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Found 1 result

  1. Looking at the start of season 12 , i'm looking to start a team blog. I have never ever did something like this before and instead of talking about my existing occ team which played 4 seasons i'm starting a new team so i can blog from the start of the team. As English is not my native language i will try to do this as good as possible. i hope you guys enjoy this and that i can keep this up (very busy schedule. On a rainy evening in june , in the tavern that is located at hooirt 55 (read horde55) in a small orc town called Hamm between some big orc capitals called Vent (Gent) and Handthrowing (Antwerp), some big green fellows are having a secret meeting. They all are from different tribes and are toghether because they have 2 big weaknesses: Bloodbowl and smoking the good juice. After throwing out the curious gobbos , eating the waitress and harassing some players from the Hamse puiten they convinced (do or die) coach asiemoagelis (a puny little human who also smokes the good fluids) to train them to become the new blood bowl revelation'. They saw Asie coaching the lizards form the little leagues into tier 3 , where the last match day will decide if they win the divions or not. When the lizzies started they we're not much better as the giant toads found in every muddy pool in the realm. As orcs are da biggest and meanest they ar certain they can do even better and reach the highest divisions. But there are 2 big problems for this team , most of their tribes are at war with eachother , and they really don't have names that could be star player names. they have names like Grakk, blurp , uggh , ook-ook , Moshork , Nico the exiled (who was offspring from an orc mother and a slann mage) , and so on. None of their warlords would ever allow them to play togheter , let alone play with Nico. Asie had a splendid idea , why don't we name ourselves to our favourite smoking juices. And the warlords would never know they play bloodbowl as every day there is a brawl in any good orc encampment , and orcs are running around with wounds anyways or dissapear for days before returning. Dead orcs are found almost every week in the darkest spots. A big cheer was heard in the tavern , and after ordering another Ale and killing the inn keeper ,(most guests ran away anyway before the meeting) and the ones still in there establishment did not dare to go and speak to a warlord because who would believe a filty stunty or a dirty rat anyways. They also vauled to lay down dead team mates in their encampment or bring them to their encampment as a trophy so they get some fame over there and are not dishonnored in their own tribe as they went down fighting the enemy Let's meet the team. nr 1 :Uggh aka Hipster Gummy Bear a stone troll who spend his days , hunting down those cudly gummy bears , draining their fluids and smoking them in a big stone pipe. It's said it tastes like sweet, melted pigskin with honeydew on it. He's already in the team , even if they don't have a gobbo yet to toss downfield and who is responsible for filling up their pipes . He also decided the team's name , the biggest brute decides anyway and it seems he's not really stupid , only when he gets hit on the head too much. nr 2: Grakk aka Dictators lemonade , Blitzer nr 1 , as his nickname suggests he makes lemonade of dictators in the human kingdom , they are all limited editions and almost never available to the big public, but he is famous for the nucleair cocktail made from 2 well known and feared/mocked presidents thumb and kim young one, which tasted like tjernobyllian lemons with a dashy fresh aftertaste. nr3 Nico aka Sugar lips , blitzer nr 2 he got his name because he is trying to seduce woman (and other things) from any tribe . Being a mudblood , he is quite succesful with that , but he can't really stay long with any of his conquered victims . and the few willing to admit, they fell for him , tell his lips taste like a mix of strawberry , watermellon, kiwi and marshmellow, hence his sweet nickname. nr 4 Burps aka pink lemonade , blitzer nr 3 , what's to tell, he just loves pink things and especially if they are fizzy and sweet , as many halfling from the moot can't tell anymore. nr5 Schmurf aka raspberry truffle shuffle , blitzer nr 4 , don't get the wrong impression with his name. He likes picking raspberries digging up truffles to make his favorite smoke; but he uses anything that is passing by to do so and he shuffles it in the mix , pigs, gobbo's , humies and any filty thing that passes his path, the only thing he leaves alone are those nice white bunnies from the big wood. their fluffy tails give a nasty spitback when he smokes any mix that includes them. nr 6 ook-ook aka Fresh Squeeze , a black orc who likes a bottle off spiked orange juice in the morning with fresh squeezed oranges . but he has a bit of an eye problem ,forcing him to wear glasses , but on a bb pitch he refuses to wear them , often mistaking an opponent's head for an orange , squeezing the pulp out of it . nr 7 Moshork aka killberry yoghurt , black orc nr 2 . he is the vegetarien off the group , at least he says , he's only seeing to eat yoghurt in public , but the colour of it says it all , no berry can make any yoghurt so red as the one that mosh is eating, rumour says he got a complete snotling breeding pit in his rather large cavern , where he ferments fresh born snots in his favourite yoghurt snack. If he will ever be famous in bb , he will start his own yoghurt brand for vegetarians , at least he has the name right for that. nr 8 Blurp aka Green slush, black orc nr 3 , he is green , mean and is an ice cold killer. no wonder he called himself after shaved ice with lime taste. nr 9 Poppe aka Monster Melons black orc nr 4 , he likes his fruits, vegetables, meat and his womans big and round , you ever wonder where he get's the idea of his name? I certainly don't . But i guess certain body parts are forming his name rather than his diet. nr 10 Fluppe aka left handed penguin juice . the quarterback thrower of the team . For an orc he got an exceptionnal feeling with a ball , as the normal orc can't pick up a ball decently or even throw the damn thing in a specific direction , it is believed he got the left hand stolen from a penguin as it is so aerodynamic he could pick up and throw a ball on a single roll of a 3 . and fairly safe too with pass and sure hand(s), this is unseen for any orc, but this agility has costed him an armor value as his deformed hand can't put on a protective glove in his battle blood bowl uniform. and finally nr 11 Lakrids ake trophical typhoon , a lineman who believes he will be the next superstar for this team , confidence is not lacking on this guy he is fast , agile and strong in his mind , and he will score tazmanian devil style with a big whirlwind , so he believes , in reality he moves 5 , has only st 3 and agi 3 . but who are the Death to hipster gummy bears, to decline this young orc his dreams, who knows if he will be one day the big star of the orc team or another crazy orc that can be send into the thick of things or keeping guard of the troll to nor get really stupid too fast. I hope you guys enjoyed this read . and i Hope my team will be as succesfull as they believe they will be.
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