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Found 1 result

  1. Hello there Hive Mind, long time no see. Last time I asked counsel it was for an agi6 Dark Elf Blitzer, and I can assure you that the combo leap and sure hands won me many a match in the Championship he played. I come to you again for a player who already plays with a target behing his back. And on his chest. And on any other open surface. The Wardancer 'Tiny Dancer' from by Songs from the Woods team reached level 5. He already has Strenght 4, frenzy and tackle. With a normal roll I'd have taken strip ball or sidestep, and yet he rolled a 5+5. What would you pick? +1 mov seems the most viable. MB is tempting and will help offset some field removal. I already have a MB+tackle wardancer but he has armour 6, won't last long. Jaggernaut seems a good combo with frenzy and will help on 1TTD attempt, but otherwise I see limited use. I admit I've often been wrong on this skill. So, Oh Great and Powerfull Hive Mind, what shall we select for The Wardancer Who Will Die This Wednesday?
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