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Found 3 results

  1. So I am 6 months into my table top career and am now thinking of buying a 4th team! How many teams do you all have?
  2. So as my first blood bowl team got delivered and I unpacked the Skaven pitch I noticed that there were some optional alternate weather effects for underground pitches (skaven and dwarves). Now these look terrible for competetive matches but they sound awefully fun for a casual game. What do you guys think and do the other pitches come with their own weather rules too like the goblin or elf pitch? The underground weather table: 2) Bubbling up from Below: The players are aghast as viscous liquid begins to seep up through cracks in the floor. Whether this is a natural phen
  3. In April, Necromunda is rebooted. It will no longer be called Necromunda, but based on the old game. There will be new additional rules that make campaigning possible (and not just solo fights). As teams / races probably the following teams will be available: Space Marines Chaos Space Marines with Cultists Dark Eldar Eldar Necrons Tau Empire Tyranids with Hybrids Empire Orcs Check out the LINK
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