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Found 4 results

  1. This is where I will upload all of my OCC match videos. And where you can come and hang out with me on my stream. Whenever I am playing BB, I should be streaming!
  2. Hi. I'm CalciumCas. I've been playing BB since 2nd edition (circa 1990) and immediately fell in love with the mix of gridiron and fantasy with added chainsaws! With the advent of online gaming I found FUMBBL in 2007 and up until 2015 I racked up over 5000 games including 23000 fouls, which got me a reputation of being a below average yet dangerous player. Since 2015, it's been all about BB2, and recently I have joined a number of leagues (after resisting league play for years) including here, ReBBl and the SFL. I wish I'd joined leagues years ago..I love them! My 1st love is Bash, I'm all abou
  3. The market is saturated with excellent Blood Bowl coaches, streaming their games, and showing you how to be a better player. That's all well and good, but where is the fair representation for the every-man? The answer, is right here: https://www.twitch.tv/allyrdr I'm streaming my mediocre talents, so that you, the man on the street, can take hope that there is always someone worse at the game than you! I'll mostly be streaming PS4 Champs Ladder, and mixing in my OCC league matches as well, so come along and see how it's not done! I haven't
  4. Lets face it. I am getting old... And when you get old your Gaming-Fu starts to get old as well. So if you want to see how not to be a gamer check me out at Old Man Gaming I will be streaming Practice Matches for Season 10, gotta get back into that High Elf Groove. But i will also be streaming my League matches from 6A, as well of other assorted GW games like Battlefleet Gothic Amarda 2 and Inquisitor Martyr.. Did i mention that i am old?
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