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Found 6 results

  1. The Sour on Top team blog goes live (or semi-live with rewatchable videos)! P.S.: The content and style could change during seasons. Twitch: Tallaseksut's twitch channel Youtube: Tallaseksut's youtube channel
  2. I've tried a few other team blogs but i always lose interest- i run out of storyish material, my match reports become just a way to whine about the dice; they all languish and die. But i want to keep a team blog but how? What do i actually care about enough to keep up with? FOULING! That's it- this is the Foul Blog of the Vincent Price All Stars! Maybe i'll add in other shit but maybe I won't. Team Career Foul Stats: Fouls: 171 t16s: 14 Removals: 63 BH: 18 MNG: 9 Injuries: 4 Kills: 2 Ejections: 38 Bribes: 14 Failed bribes: 1 Failed apoths: 6 Failed regen: 1 Graveyard of foul victims Peugeot Movillov, level 2 norse linemen (guard) of the Jarandilla's Omen of the Sea, level 2 linehelf (wrestle) of the Doom Foretold
  3. I acknowledge the past and present traditional custodians of this land, and respect their culture and identity which has been bound up with the land and sea for generations. I would like to acknowledge that the land I write this on is the traditional lands of the Kulin Nation and I pay respect to Kulin Nation elders: past, present and emerging. un- (prefix): (added to adjectives, participles, and their derivatives) denoting the absence of a quality or state; not. deadly (adjective): (Indigenous Australian and Irish slang) awesome cuz (pronoun): (Indigenous Australian and Pacific Islander slang) abbreviated form of cousin, used for any extended family member or friend Strewth. We're garn full strine today, mate. Gidday, n welcome to me team blog. Third time's the charm, aye. And ya mighta guessed, I'm bringin the full aussie experience. I'll be handing out UnDeadly Awards for deserving moments each season. Undead! I've never really played this mob in league setting before (a few CCL matches don't count), but I've always like the idea of two ST5 MB players with zero negatraits. Add the fact that Undead were very under-represented in the OCC in Season 16, and the decision was made. This will be a learning experience. Player names! All players are named after AFL players with: indigenous heritage >100 professional matches played terribly punny variations on their real names (couldn't let ya down twice, C2MC) Things I like about undead, and (normal skill roll only) plans for the roster: 4 ST-access fellas, the ST5 fellas with starting MB and no negatraits 1 killer wight 3 solid guard/SF/etc 4 speedy AG-access fellas 1 wracklestripper 1 block/frenzy/SS 2 blodge/SH/SS/tackle/DT ball carriers/safeties cheap fodder fellas coupla DP skellies block/fend for days The rest is up to nuffle. Also, not fucking up. Also, my learning curve.
  4. Yeah, yeah, Guard is first. But after that, on a normal roll. SF is important for keeping guard in place and free blocks. BT is important for relocating guard/evading markers and cage diving. SF with MA3 means if knocked down, you don't need to GFI to rebase (if that's the plan). Still need a GFI to blitz from prone. BT with MA3 has very limited range for cage diving, but evading markers and relocating ST5/guard is huge. St5 BT without loner is awesome. Or fire and rehire, hoping for a double in the first two skills? If this option, at what Tier of the OCC would you choose to stop playing the long game for more immediate returns?
  5. I am moving my team blog out of the dusty tomb of the undead section and in to the actual blog section. For previous entries see here. ALL-TIME LEADERS (Through Season 3) Game Played: 34 - Putrid - Skeleton Touchdowns Scored: 9 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul Passes: 4 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul Receptions: Tie - 2 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul & Fried Jejunums - Ghoul Interceptions: None Passing Yards: 30 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul Rushing Yards: 1012 Yards - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul Tackles: 162 - Dane Haunted - Wight Injuries: 63 - Dane Haunted - Wight KOs: 14 - Dane Haunted - Wight Casualties: 18 - Dane Haunted - Wight Kills: 2 - Dane Haunted - Wight Crowdsurfs: 4 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul SINGLE SEASON LEADERS (Through Season 3) Touchdowns Scored: 5 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - Season 3 Passes: 2 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - Season 2 Receptions: Tie - 2 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - Season 2 Interceptions: None Passing Yards: 12 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - Season 3 Rushing Yards: 426 Yards - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - Season 3 Tackles: 58 - Dane Haunted - Wight - Season 1 & 2 Injuries: 18 - Dane Haunted - Wight - Season 1, 2 & 3; Thane Cold - Mummy - Season 1 KOs: 5 - Dane Haunted - Wight - Season 1 Casualties: 8 - Dane Haunted - Wight - Season 2 Kills: 2 - Dane Haunted - Wight - Season 3 Crowdsurfs: 3 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - Season 3 SINGLE GAME LEADERS (Through Season 4 - MD3 ) Touchdowns Scored: 2 - Multiple Times Passes: 1 - Multiple Times Receptions: Tie - 1 - Multiple Times Interceptions: 1 - Dane Haunted - S4MD2 Passing Yards: 12 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - S3MD5 Rushing Yards: 114 Yards - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - S3MD4 Tackles: 13 - Dane Haunted - Wight - S3MD9 Injuries: 7 - Dane Haunted - S4MD3 KOs: 4 - Thane Cold the Younger - Mummy - S4MD1 Casualties: 4 - Dane Haunted - Wight - S3MD1 Kills: 2 - Dane Haunted - Wight - S3MD1 Crowdsurfs: 2 - Ricket Rasher - Ghoul - S3MD9
  6. Humbe's method of naming the thread seemed to make sense, so I'll follow along with that. I'll hardly make as impressive an AAR though, but I do like writing something.. - It was hailed as "The Clash of the Mummies" in the rags before the game. Three ancient Tomb Kings against two slightly fresher Mummies. Both sides fielded two blitzers according to the same rags, and Chakalaka fielded two ballcarriers with centuries of experience (or at least experience from oh so many centuries ago) while the offenders had three ballcarriers, who weren't even properly dead yet. Both teams were fresh from the graves, but Chakalaka had waited anxiously for millenia for this first game and it showed. When the Offenders won the toss and chose to start on the offense with the hopes of perhaps managing to put some skeletons out of commission, Chakalaka kicked off and blitzed at the same time, throwing a huge spanner in the Offenders carefully laid plans for how the initial blocks should pan out. Swift action was needed, and that was what the Offenders delivered. Ghoul Hugh swiftly swooped down to secure the ball, and gave it his all to hand over to Ghoul Dewey who sped towards the other flank where Mummy Elisabeth Baker and Wight Ivan the Annoying were reducing the threat level. Chakalaka had put extra weight on the side where the ball had landed (and now been removed from) and now they increased the pressure there even more, capping this assault with outright killing Wight Vlad the Paler (he got better). But all the violence in the world on the left side of the field could not stop Dewey from scoring by marching up on the right side of the pitch. A steady stream of Chakalakans pouring back meant Dewey could only stall minimally, but even the slightest of stalls can be enough. For the second drive of the half saw Chakalaka struggling to get more than a few yards over the line of scrimmage, and when they finally had managed to get the Offenders to dedicate too much forces to stop a threatening breakthrough on that side, they didn't have enough time to capitalize on a swift move to the other side and a scatter pass to Blitz-Ra Iumut Senaten. The second half saw Chakalaka receiving and setting up very well for a slog towards the endzone. (9 vs 9) Slow or quick we will never know, because Blitz-Ra Pthahrenayt Tefhis got some sort of flashback to his glory days and got the idea that he should be able to dodge away from his opponents. Yes, he succeeded, but the sight was so amazing that Tomb King Amen Djaaten-Ashakht fell on his face. (Misclick forced dodge that ate reroll, then double skulls on the next block.) This opportunity saw half the Offenders tying up most of Chakalaka's line of scrimmage, while the awake and aware wights and ghouls (two each) attempted to outflank and go for the backfield and the ball (that had landed deep). Chakalaka's line of scrimmage bended a little, but struck back to good effect, knocking out Zombie Hop Toad, but Thro-Ra Abubakar Apoepes could not secure the ball, and one wight and two ghouls were still headed towards the cluster of skeletons surrounding the ball. Then Tomb King Khensu Tefnetma attempted to continue Chakala's great success on the line, but went down himself together with his intended victim Zombie Bugs, which meant the two ghouls could tag-team Pthahrenayt Tefhis, Ghoul Hugh blitzing him down and then taking the ball and immediately scoring with it. The second drive in the second half saw the Offenders surprising the Chakalakans by moving their entire defense (except the ghouls, so 7 vs 8 by the line, 10 vs 10 total) up to the line of scrimmage while the ball was in the air. The setup was still somewhat flubbed, and Chakalaka could get half of the line down with minimal effort. Sadly for them the kick had been very short, and the first attempt by Abubakar Apoepes to pick up the ball failed. Then Elisabeth Baker managed to push a Tomb King over the ball, which scattered past her and over to the Offender's side where it was soon taken up by Hugh. Not loosing their composure, the Chakalakans quickly moved to stop a new ghoul rush, and for a while it seemed as if they could retrieve the ball while the Offenders were attempting to shift flank, having to go the back route after an attempt to do a lateral shift had been blocked up. But alas, Tomb King Hathor Apohef-Khobet needed just a little bit more speed than his legs were willing to offer, and fell on his face (failed gfi with reroll) just as he was about to pound Hugh into the dirt, and a quick rush and pass to Vlad the Paler later saw the ball a long distance into Chakalakas half of the pitch, with all of their team still on the line of scrimmage or even deep into the Offenders half. Swift action and much blocking saw Chakalaka manage to force Vlad the Paler to dodge over the touchdown line to score, but he succeeded and the 3-0 goal was scored just as the final whistle blew.
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