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Found 9 results

  1. I'd love to have some info on how the vamp teams are faring in a competitive environment like the OCC one. My experience with them is only in MM, so the level of the opponents is usually quite random. Is blodge S4 reg enough to keep them vampires alive? What teams you have most/less problems against? How many vamps are you fielding?
  2. From the awesome theme Star Wars. We will base our new round of Vampiers. I'm thinking on switching to The Vampiers Strikes Back.. instead.. I think I'll do this.. And we will all be of empire boots. The vamps will have strong characters from the movies. Thralls will be the storm troopers supporting the greater guys. To be continued.
  3. Hey All, So after 12 seasons playing with Lizards, I've felt like a change and decided to try my luck with vamps. I haven't played with them competitively before so it'll no doubt be quite a shock to get my head around the bloodlust, but from what I know they're one of the most fun teams to play (I've played Goblins, Skaven, Wood Elves and of course Lizards competitively so far). I haven't fully committed to a 4 vamp, 4 RRs starting roster yet, as I tend to play quite cautiously, but it seems this is the preferred route by a lot of coaches around here. It's either that or 3 vamps, 4 RRs and having more Thralls. I'll probably decide when I see who i'm playing in the first match up! So I've been placed in div 6A, and here it is: Crunky Chops - Serial Sinkers - Vampire - - brocCooLi - The OCC Crew - Human - - Rama Set - Green Moon Fanatics - Chaos - - wismerhill - Mythical Snakes - Lizardman - - Keith Carr - snowflakes generation - Underworld - - Remthar - Great Green Heroes - Orc - - Wainaja - Wreakful Burners - Elven Union - - Tomska - The ASDF'ers - Wood Elf - - Nateguy75 - Da Thunders - Dwarf - - GH42 - <need to create team later today> - Khemri - I'm not sure if this is a good or bad division.. its nice to have a mix of teams and of course they are all new teams. Hopefully if i can get matched up with one of the unskilled teams for the first match(es) I'll be able to make a good start! We'll see! Any advice?!
  4. OK, this could be interesting. We're doing the 4 vamps, 7 thralls, 4 RRs starting build. Why vampires? They've always been interesting as they force opponents (and their coach) to play outside their comfort zone. Also, whenever I play agility it makes me want to actively hunt the ball rather than do that passive columns stuff elves love so much. So here we are. More when I know what the opposition looks like. My experience with vamps is minimal and my expectations are non-existent. Should be fun! The plan: To win the OCC title. To win a division. To win some matches. To play some matches. Yeah, that one. Also, nobody was defeated onscreen more often than Christopher Lee, so even my performance will suit my chosen theme.
  5. They are Soon HERE! The terrible BUGs that will haunt your everyday of bloodbowl experience. This section is of course dedicated to us Vampires dudes. And we have some challenges already so, my intention here is more or less to report what is known. This also "only" covers bugs in BB2, i.e OCC2, as in not BB1 or OCC(1). So please add the one you find either during the games or other games or experience. I'm trying out BB2 with Vamps, currently, and I have not tried that many combos. But one really sticks out, as you will lose your Blitz.. quite important. You lose Blitz action IF One Vamp ends it's action with a bloodlust demand (he must bite). The next action is cut to see he did bite When returning to the other action that was just activated prio to the cut scene. IF this was a Vamp that passed blood lust, and Blitz were selected, it's now lost for the rest of the turn. You can still move free and gaze but nothing else and noone else can blitz.. it's lost. In forum they mention more variations to this, but the one I mention happened vs AI if that matters. So, if you must blitz After a Vamp move (You might be forced or plan it) It's quite important to reroll that failed bloodlust, else there is no blitz anyhow. Alright, better start small than not at all. I'm pretty sure more comes to the surface when more skills are on both sides. For the blitz Bus Cyanide are aware, but it will go with the release now very soon I imagine. So, as they now it, lets hope they can fix it, and they are actually thinking on it, which is promising. The fix was also good, as they plan to force the coach to select which to bite before moving on from the Lusting Vamps. I see that as a good one. Lets see. Stay Tuned. Bloody Regards /Brother B, as in Blood....' Muahahaha.. Vamps are soon back in the game... Tastes Good.
  6. Hi and welcome to the page of teeth and dice. We are happy to present you The intro of Vampires and the run for, hopefully some seasons. Last run lasted several years actually. Season 7 to season 28-29 or so in the old days. Now with the into of Vampires to BB2, we try it again. I do not think it will last that long but, we never know. The Aim is of course to win the entire thing, starting from Division 6! The tun started last season (4) but was not that successful. Or was it, it ended 3-4-2... Average I'd say. Anyhow, this is the new season, a new hope. I started with 3 vamps, I have now four. The average td's was quite bad actually 8 TD's on 9 games and 7 TD against.. Less than expected.. Hoping four vamps might do better. Skills is as poorly as td's and I have only two vamps with two skills, and one thrall with two skills. That is that. Theme, the fun part. I went with Star Wars which is always everywhere. Instead of be noble I went with the Dark Side.. as I imagine Vamps would have done. So, all vamps will be Darth's.. and of course the cannon fodder is represented as Thralls and they take the Storm trooper suite on. First season I lost some troopers not that many but all Vamps was saved (as in no perms). This season is looking very different, lot's of funny games to come with flavors of Goblins and Underworld twice. We have Pro-Elfs Ogre's and Kislev. There are Orc's from the past and Norse from season 4. Last but not least humans. Quite a good mix with plenty of av7... Let's hope our vamps might do a BH on something else than our thralls.. which was the case last season. Entering some statistics here to follow and of course some reports of each game. There is also the main page for us in the training section with other info.. In here it will be mostly fluff and fun.
  7. The big question when starting a vampire team is how many vamps to get? You can tweak this easy as the price of one thrall plus one reroll equals price of one vampire. Thus, you can just exchange thralls for vampires in order to start with more rerolls. Just testing a couple of games in offline mode, I started with 6 vamps, but this was helped a bit by the teams I'm facing giving me 200k+ in handicap so I could get extra rerolls. In SSC now I'm testing starting with 4 vamps and 4 rerolls (11 players and no apoth). With the reroll cost being 70k, getting them later will take a while, so figured I'd rather want to start with a decent amount of rerolls. And vampires definately is one of the teams that wants the most rerolls, not starting with any reroll skills nor block and having bloodlust to boot, there will be loads of chances of using them. Apothecary sounds like out of the question to me, as starting without one will allow you to either have another reroll or another vampire. Starting with more than 11 players is also useful on team though, as thralls are cheap and disappears into the dugout alarmingly quick. After all, their survivability is like skaven linemen, only that both teams are cooperating to take them out :)
  8. I am the only active Vampire coach in OCC1. I'm not the most successful Vampire coach, or the most experienced. But I'm the only one left so it's my duty to write this. I've been playing the team for more than a year and have a pretty good record, plus Vamps will become a team option come BB2LE so it's worth exploring why they're worth playing while so many other team choices become available. Firstly, let me say that if you're still learning how to play Blood Bowl, Vampires are not where you want to be. Play another team, get the hang of the game, and return to Vampires when you have mastered the basics. Let's look at what Vampire teams have to offer. 0-6 Vampires. 110K. 6448 Hypnotic Gaze, Regeneration, Bloodlust GAS P skill access 0-16 Thralls. 40K 6337. G AS access Rerolls: 70K When building a vampire team, many variations are possible. I personally recommend the 4 Vampires, 4 Rerolls, 7 Thralls build. Rerolls don't die, so get all you'll need before the cost doubles. Team philosophy: Unlike true agility teams like elves, you do not care to mount column defences to delay your opponents. As Vampires, you can be far more aggressive. With every turn on defence, you should think: "Is the ballcarrier in range?" and "How can I hit him?" Vampires are the best cage-breakers in the game. Gaze off a couple of players and you can easily set up a two dice hit on the ballcarrier. The standard cage formation means nothing to Vampires and you'll be amazed how often Hypnotic Gaze helps you steal the ball. The downside is Bloodlust. Every time you activate a vampire, you have to roll a Bloodlust check. This negatrait has been the breaking of many a would-be Vampire coach. When you can, ensure a thrall is available to bite when activating a Vampire, but always be prepared to burn a reroll on something truly important like a touchdown. Nothing sucks (sic) more than having your intended scorer fail Bloodlust and vanish from the pitch. Vampire Development: Vampires have a lot of options available to them, which is yet another reason why they should not be played by novices: With access to Strength, Agility and General skills on normal, and pass on doubles, Vampires have pretty much the widest range of skill options in the entire game. Block and Dodge are well-advised choices, Vampires are in many ways the best players in Blood Bowl, except they are crippled by Bloodlust. However, they care less about doubles than almost any player, which opens up huge variance on your squad development. And if a Vampire rolls +AG you are free to develop him as a thrower or a catcher, or even build him to exploit 2+ gazes. Also, with doubles meaning so little it's easy to build fast vampires. Thrall development: Rule 1: Never apoth a thrall Rule 2: You only have General skills to choose from. The first double should be spent on Leader. Further doubles should go on Guard if your thrall does not already have Wrestle and Dodge if they do. The main thing to remember with Vampires is they are not an immediate gratification sort of team. Your first couple of seasons will likely be rubbish. But if you stick with them, a well-coached and well-developed Vampire team can be a nightmare for any opponent. BONUS SECTION: Pro Some vamp coaches take Pro as their first skill on all vamps. Personally I consider this to be a mistake. Block and Dodge do a lot more to ensure your vamps will stay on the pitch, and also help prevent turnovers. Pro is good for combatting bloodlust, but it is best used to improve gazing attempts;. So I recommend it as a third skill on vamps who will mostly be gazing opponents. While it does also help mitigate Bloodlust, you really want to be using that Pro on gazes, at least on defence. You also have to accept that there WILL be times when your team self-destructs, but the level of bullshit you can pull off ensures you'll never be bored.
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