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Found 14 results

  1. ..exist! Created for the OCC2. I was deciding what to play...Wood Elves, Humans, Lizardmen, Skaven, or Chaos...son suggested I opt for the best team for chances of winning a perpetual League..so easy-Mode Chaos I have picked . Easy in that I do not need any doubles to make the team perfect for me :) Here is the team at creation. Do or Die... 1000TV. 4x Chaos Warriors 7x Beastmen 3x RR 1. Stewie Griffin 2. James T. Kirk 3. Arnold J. Rimmer 4. Stanley H. Tweedle 5. Tuco 6. Dr. Evil 7. Skeletor 8. Servalan 9. HAL 9000 10. Ivan Drago 11. Hans Gruber ...as Stewie Griffin would say "Victo
  2. "The only journey is the one within.”― Rainer Maria Rilke Well...Here we are. Hell has finally froze over and CalciumCas has finally decided to step foot onto the hallowed turn of the OCC following a surprisingly successful 2 seasons in another league. To say that I never thought I would play leagues would be an understatement, literally for years I thought it wouldn't be a good idea for me to enter a team with my rather bashy playstyle. I already have friends here (HARGRIM made me join!) and chances are I have a few enemies too, that's fine, it all adds to the fluff when we inevit
  3. The King Kill legacy continues here in Orca Cola... after eons of lurking in the dark ages of the tabletop... Lots of enemies have had their opinions on the over the top offensive strategy... and lots of enemies have felt the pain when the world crumbles in tears... - "Why pick Block when you can pick Claw" - "Why pick Block on the Minotaur when you can pick Jump Up" - "Why have less than 5 Rerolls when you can reroll those ugly Push dices" Some might be right and some might be wrong. Regardless, it's punishing for all involved, which it should be!
  4. Good Evening fellow Chaos Loayalists, This Page is dedicated to one of Khornes best teams - the Field Bullies. Sadly i'm not that experienced with writing down such texts but who would complain if the Gods themself task you with this ? The reason this report start with MD7 is, that the Coach himself wasn't sure if his team would get this far without being smashed to pieces. Luckily the Chaos Gods smiled upon the Field Bullies and they were able to get 7 Level-ups so far - with 2 Wins 2 Draws and 2 Losses ( but they will get what they deserve soon enough we pro
  5. Season 11, Match Day 8 - Revenage Of Bad Karma VS Women with Attitude - FRIDAY 31/05 - 18h00 UTC
  6. I'm not one whose diction is as eloquent as my contemporaries. My streams typically don't have that much commentary. Perhaps its due to growing up more heavily in the poker world, where giving insight and "teaching your opponent how to beat you" are signs of arrogance and stuff. But I love this community (back again, been with OCC since Dark Elf edition) and with a season or two before I have to worry about a newborn interrupting play, I think I want to try to take this "team blog" thing a bit seriously. So to myself, and upwards of a dozen people who bother reading this, my Sea
  7. Season 11, Match Day 5 - Women with Attitude VS The Cadaverous Host - THURSDAY 09/05 - 16h00 UTC
  8. Season 10, Match Day 8: ...When Hell freezes over. Game result page HERE! DISCIPLES OF DEATH VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE You'd think that someone named @King Kill would be the worst coach you could possibly face, especially when he's playing Chaos. But it turns out that this man is just a big, cuddly fluffball underneath all that armour. The Women with Attitude were a little scared going in to this one for a few reasons... . The Disciples of Death bring a few giant-slayers to the table: Brute d'Bad, a Claw, Piling On, Jump Up Minotaur. Mea
  9. Due to time constraints and savage procrastination on my end, we have our first double feature! Oh, joy! Season 10, Match Day 3: Prepare for Trouble... . Game result page HERE! THE DAMNED UNITED VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Match Day 3 sees the Women with Attitude face off against @MC Hammer's Chaos; The Damned United. We were kind of optimistic about this match since the only CLAWPOMB Beastman on the team was out due to an Injury. Not only that, our opponent even decides to take the high road during the inducement phase and gets himself a Bloodw
  10. Jester77

    OCC S10

    Season 9 is over and this time we had our best result hence Fantus managed to came in 2nd in the Championship only one point from Noob- that is really well done if you look at the hard competition there was, and take a further look at the Preston-boys – not so much left of the team, but that did not handicap Fantus and I am sure if he had some more tools available he would had won, so I hope the next season will give him the levels he need, so we can crown the first Chaos champion. This year he will get a fellow Chaos coach aboard, my own Troopers, who looks somewhat in a better c
  14. Hi all, I have just started streaming and my streams can be found here : https://www.twitch.tv/andydavo I'm streaming Championship Ladder games - where i'm looking to make it into the last 16, my OCC games and my UKBBL League games. I'm looking to offer technical insight into why i do what i do so my positioning and plays are better understood. I'm also trying to make the shows as interactive as possible, so i'm having guests on and we're being fully involved with the chat. Pop over and come and get involved! :)
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