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Found 14 results

  1. ..exist! Created for the OCC2. I was deciding what to play...Wood Elves, Humans, Lizardmen, Skaven, or Chaos...son suggested I opt for the best team for chances of winning a perpetual League..so easy-Mode Chaos I have picked . Easy in that I do not need any doubles to make the team perfect for me :) Here is the team at creation. Do or Die... 1000TV. 4x Chaos Warriors 7x Beastmen 3x RR 1. Stewie Griffin 2. James T. Kirk 3. Arnold J. Rimmer 4. Stanley H. Tweedle 5. Tuco 6. Dr. Evil 7. Skeletor 8. Servalan 9. HAL 9000 10. Ivan Drago 11. Hans Gruber ...as Stewie Griffin would say "Victory is Mine!"
  2. Calcium


    "The only journey is the one within.”― Rainer Maria Rilke Well...Here we are. Hell has finally froze over and CalciumCas has finally decided to step foot onto the hallowed turn of the OCC following a surprisingly successful 2 seasons in another league. To say that I never thought I would play leagues would be an understatement, literally for years I thought it wouldn't be a good idea for me to enter a team with my rather bashy playstyle. I already have friends here (HARGRIM made me join!) and chances are I have a few enemies too, that's fine, it all adds to the fluff when we inevitably meet on the pitch! I regard this league as a marathon, not a sprint, and with that in mind my race choice is notoriously rubbish at rookie/low TV so the iron price must be paid before I get to the juicy tasty 'KILL ALL MENS' bits. I love the fluff behind teams, and wins/losses matter less than a legacy, having coaches know who you are, and who know your teams (for whatever reason!) so I will regularly post game reports and general fluff related pieces. I also intend to stream most if not all my games on Twitch, and then upload them onto YouTube in a specific folder. Expect a bit of swearing and plenty of 'Singing when I'm winning' and 'Salt when I'm losing' but I try to moderate my language when in leagues, as I do elsewhere. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this league and I look forward to building a team, a legacy, and friendships built on the bloodied corpses of BB players! I will leave you with another quote... "When I say 'GLHF' I really mean I hope your team dies horribly and spectacularly." - CalciumCas
  3. The King Kill legacy continues here in Orca Cola... after eons of lurking in the dark ages of the tabletop... Lots of enemies have had their opinions on the over the top offensive strategy... and lots of enemies have felt the pain when the world crumbles in tears... - "Why pick Block when you can pick Claw" - "Why pick Block on the Minotaur when you can pick Jump Up" - "Why have less than 5 Rerolls when you can reroll those ugly Push dices" Some might be right and some might be wrong. Regardless, it's punishing for all involved, which it should be! Don't be a bully if you cant take the hit. At the end of the day Death Will Follow always... Here is the last contribution from MD7 season 15 Disciples of Death - VS - Bat Losers In this match the brave and talented Vampires just happens to stand in the way. How many KILLs can you stack from the first block in the first turn you ask? Here is the answer in a 57 sec video Enjoy... and more Death Will Follow King Kill
  4. Good Evening fellow Chaos Loayalists, This Page is dedicated to one of Khornes best teams - the Field Bullies. Sadly i'm not that experienced with writing down such texts but who would complain if the Gods themself task you with this ? The reason this report start with MD7 is, that the Coach himself wasn't sure if his team would get this far without being smashed to pieces. Luckily the Chaos Gods smiled upon the Field Bullies and they were able to get 7 Level-ups so far - with 2 Wins 2 Draws and 2 Losses ( but they will get what they deserve soon enough we promise) Making a quick Rundown of the season upon now: MD1 facing the hot but deadly Amazons of team "Iconic Iron Ladys" with their coach @Tribal Terror - Not much to say here - The coach was still thinking about a decent strat while the match already started, making this a easy score of 0-2. Big Boris - the Minotaur of the team was close to ripping the coaches head off after that mess. MD2 the Team went against another Chaos Team - "There Can Be Only 1s" and @Eldarin - ending in a draw. This would be all to tell if "Mu`mulgors" - one of the opposing Beastman - didn't decide to get too close to "Little Dwarf Johnson" the No.4 Chaos Warrior. Johnson must have had a bad day since he ripped Mu`mulgors left foot off and gave it to Big Boris who needed a mid-Match snack. Coming to MD3 - "Praise RNGesus" - a Cheater team also known as Goblin team and their shifty Coach @Aemar Canderin were laying in their own blood that day. Sending 5 Players of them into the hospital - one with a crushed hand. Even his Star Player - making a total of 4 illegal Weapons on the field - couldn't make a difference. In the end the Field Bullies could celebrate 3 Level-ups and the first win of the season. MD4 coming up next or how i call it - The inspiration for the thread title Playing vs "OCC We <3 Trees" - @Sparky73 - Wood Elves - 6 Injuries - another Foot-Feeding-Time for Big Boris. Playing the 2nd half with 4 Elves. Not the deadliest match off all time - okay there was no death - but a really nice boost with 20 Spp nicely split upon the team and one LevelUp for Clifford Claw - a nice and loyal Beastman with the wish to be granted some Claws someday. Thats it for this entry - since the enemy of MD7 is waiting @Innovation 1992 and his Nurgle team "Deadly Toons: Reanimation" Update in the Next 24h Sincerely BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! p.s. i kinda had to rush this thing but feel free to help me improving my writing
  5. Season 11, Match Day 8 - Revenage Of Bad Karma VS Women with Attitude - FRIDAY 31/05 - 18h00 UTC
  6. I'm not one whose diction is as eloquent as my contemporaries. My streams typically don't have that much commentary. Perhaps its due to growing up more heavily in the poker world, where giving insight and "teaching your opponent how to beat you" are signs of arrogance and stuff. But I love this community (back again, been with OCC since Dark Elf edition) and with a season or two before I have to worry about a newborn interrupting play, I think I want to try to take this "team blog" thing a bit seriously. So to myself, and upwards of a dozen people who bother reading this, my Season 11 Div 1A predictions/observations. First the opponents, will do a self criticism after (easier to do when not at the home PC). As the schedule isn't posted yet, assumed results are more so "if I face them week 1-2" Kia Sidhe - Cr@sh Test Dummies - Dark Elf - No throw a rock or get the ref stadium, that helps me a bit as well. 14 man roster heading into the season with 20k, so replacements won't be happening early on. 1 cheer/assistant for the 6/8 buff. A VERY intimidating blitzer with 8557 blodge, but - Armor. If that goes away before I face him (or a MNG) its going to be a whole different match (as its 290 of the team). At the end of the day its elves, I'll have to do better on injury dice and hope he doesn't do so hot on ball mechanics. I'd predict this as a draw at best, possibly a 2-1 or 3-1 loss. Alessus - Grand Templars - Bretonnian - Squig stadium again, I might have to look into that. More free cash, 13 man roster. Lots of movement, but minimal guard. Only agility buff is on a wrestle guy with no dodge, so more likely a "move the ball pass/handoff" than cage situation. The 8 movement on THREE players is going to be some issue to me, but I have enough tackle to deal with the dodge (at the moment), and enough MB to deal with the armor. Only counting 3 that hit hard back and no piling on. Should manage this one, 2-1, due to attrition Vaehnin - Thieving Unfortunates - Human - Astrogranite. Had that myself before my MA injuries. Rookie Ogre. Standard blitzers, 5 guard on team. Sidestep catcher, that's always something, both catchers with guard is definitely something to look at. Nothing too terrifying, will come down to injury dice. Doable match, no +Agi means nothing too shenanigans will likley be coming my way. Expected win 1-0, 2-1 Jester77 - Chaotic Stormtroopers - Chaos - Free wizard, that's... something. 10k in bank on 13 man roster. Two clawbombs, but nothing else too bad. Good coach from my recollections, havne't played his Chaos to my recollection. Comes down to injury count I imagine, or when we face in the season. Expected draw 1-1 GeneralMarauder - Naggaroth Blood Hands - Dark Elf - Beer Stand, gotta make sure to watch that. I can crowd with the best of them too. 3 skillups pending so hard to pre-plan. Looks pretty standard Dark Elf Shenanigans, which means it could easily be a 2-0 loss or a 2-0 win depending on how the injury dice go. The Beer Stand is very good for extra distraction to make you aware of the push coming however. Undecided on this match. Dionysian - Team Wales - Chaos Dwarf - No riot/pitch, so won't have to worry about extra turns or (non blitz) kick result things. Cage breaker Hobgoblin, will be a major target i'm sure. Only one claw and only 1 bomb (4 MB in total). Giving some inducements, but doesn't look to be anything more scary than I am. 1-0 prediction win. Zulu501 - Sugar_n_Spice - Amazon - HEY AMAZONS, wtf! Didn't expect that. Agility blitzer to elf through things, +2 str catcher for cages if need be. Will be getting inducements. Not going to be able to hold out a score. As much as this team won't like how their injuries look at the end of our match I imagine, I think at best a 1-1 draw is what i'm looking at, probably a 2-1 loss unless I roll really well early on. Borke - Warpstone Avengers - Underworld - WHAT UNDERWORLD? Am I being punked? Cheaper star players, note for me to take advantage of that too. So that means Skitter is likely on the roster. About what I'd expect form an UW team, 2 murder blitzers, bunch of extra arms and 2 heads over the place. TO WHOEVER PLAYS BORKE AFTER i DO, you're welcome. Won't be able to keep him out of the endzone, and facing 16 players attrition will be more so "during drives' instead of between them. Possibly 2-1 win, probably 1-1 draw. antman - Angry Tusks - Orc - Not yet joined so can't see them (too busy before work). But its Orcs. Comes down to dice, but I'm kind of built to face Orcs/Dwarfs, so barring a 5 Str 4 agi MA 8 blitzer or three, optimistically I say 1-0 win. Sorry for lack of commentary, join early next season So preseason I'm looking at thinking I'll be 4 wins, 2 draws, 3 losses. Not sure if 13 points would keep me in Div 1, but definitely not get to the Championship. Will have to hope for a good bulldozer to follow through the season (Im' looking at you Jester).
  7. Season 11, Match Day 5 - Women with Attitude VS The Cadaverous Host - THURSDAY 09/05 - 16h00 UTC
  8. Season 10, Match Day 8: ...When Hell freezes over. Game result page HERE! DISCIPLES OF DEATH VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE You'd think that someone named @King Kill would be the worst coach you could possibly face, especially when he's playing Chaos. But it turns out that this man is just a big, cuddly fluffball underneath all that armour. The Women with Attitude were a little scared going in to this one for a few reasons... . The Disciples of Death bring a few giant-slayers to the table: Brute d'Bad, a Claw, Piling On, Jump Up Minotaur. Mean d'Machine, a Block, mighty Blow, Claw and Piling On Chaos Warrior. And they don't lack any ball-handling abilities either: King Kross, Dodge, +AG, Block, Two Heads, Stand Firm Chaos Warrior. Morker, +AG Chaos Warrior. Bullseye, +AG, Beastman. To top it off, the Inducements provided are a Wandering Apothecary, a Bribe and some Bloodweiser Babes. It looks like King Kill isn't too confident in his Warriors' ability to stay in one piece. The game starts off a little wonky as the girls choose to receive, since there's no Wizard, but the referee thinks we're better off kicking for some reason. Guess we'll deal with that, sure. The Disciples get to go first and here's where the lack of Guard comes in. Craznogors (Tackle, Mighty Blow, Jump Up Beastman) takes a stab at one of the Gnoblars and doesn't manage to take him down, so we Side Step one square to the left, preventing any assists on the Line of Scrimmage. To salt the wound a little more, Brute d'Bad fails his Wild Animal check and a reroll. Nuffle makes up for it a little with some good red dice, causing Dame Juicy Drenched and Paris Killton to take a dive but at the end of the turn, nobody got injured. The gals get a few hits in too, but most of our turn is spent trying to stand in the way of several Beastmen, making their way down town, walking fast, faces pass on the right flank. King Kill switches it up immediately and moves back towards the middle, attempting to juke around the Ogres but the Bone-Heads aren't showing so we're able to keep up. Thinking he's safe and sound, King Kross GFIs his way down the left flank, forgetting that Bichelle Omaha has all the tools to take him out. Bichelle Break Tackles right up against the Chaos Warrior and Juggernauts him off the pitch, causing the ball to be thrown in right in the middle of our side of the field. Most of our Ogres are tied up but we do manage to get 3 Gnoblars around the pigskin before the end of our turn. It's not enough, unfortunately, a Blitz and a hand-off later the Disciples get the ball to Craznogors and he runs it in for the first touchdown. Turn 4 ends, 1-0 for the Disciples. With 5 turns remaining, we field White Dragon and get ready to toss that sucker in for the equaliser by the end of the half. Amy Shawarma and Dame Juicy injure 2 Beastmen on the Line of Scrimmage, immediately cutting a big chunk out of the opposing team and forcing one of the Apothecaries to come out and save one goatman. Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley makes it a clean sweep, pounding the last victim in to the ground right before White Dragon secures the ball. Brute d'Bad Blitzes in to Bichelle and Piles On, not even breaking armour, forcing multiple Beastmen to surround to fallen Mino to prevent a foul. The gals shuffle to the left, hoping to get ahead thanks to the commitment on Bichelle. It turns out we underestimate Brute's commitment to Blitzing every turn, though, as he gets right up and rams in to Paris, Piling On to turn a K.O. in to a Stun. Terrified of King Kross' ability to dive in to any cage, we huddle up all the way on the left flank, moving forward ever so slowly. King Kill doesn't go for it and instead moves back on to his side of the field, forming a tiny screen of Chaos, with King Kross holding up the back field. By the time turn 8 rolls around, the Disciples are in full retreat, covering the left side of the pitch but leaving the right wide open and after a couple of failed attempts at putting the hurt on a few of the Disciples, Lennifer Jaw-Rends puts her Strong Arm to use and gets White Dragon far enough down field to score right before half-time. 1-1 at half time! The second half starts off pretty good seeing as we're now outnumbering the Disciples and it's once again our turn to receive. A Touchback also gets the ball right in to Lennifer's hands, removing any risk of a failed pick-up. We don't break as many bones as we did the last time, however and even our Blitz gets lost to a Bone-Head, but we got the ball and we're ready for our offence! King Kill doesn't waste any time and by the end of his turn, almost all of his players are based against ours. The girls fight hard and manage to pull back a little, keeping Lennifer safe. There's no getting away from King Kross, unfortunately, and the Warrior Blitzes in to Lennifer for the uphill block, but gets unlucky and goes down (+ in to +). History repeats itself as the ladies find another safe spot for the ball, followed by the uphill Blitz. This time, King Kross manages the takedown and stuns Lennifer in the process. A couple of GFIs later, he's got the ball in his dodgy hands. Have no fear, Ellen's here! Our Star Player Tackles the opposing Super Star to the ground and Hot Karl III catches the pigskin on the bounce, allowing us to build a sideline cage once more. King Kross doesn't go for a third attempt, instead, Brute d'Bad wastes the Blitz and a reroll while the rest of the team piles in once more. However, with multiple players committed to the mid-field, our sideline-cage has the chance to move up quite a bit as a few Gnobbies and Ogres stay back and hold up several players. Dame Juicy even manages to kill Urak (rookie Chaos Warrior) right after Ellen K.O.'s Craznogors, removing 2 more players from the field. The Disciples catch up quickly, downing Lennifer while they're at it so we feel forced to try and run for it. Since we've got several Ogres pretty far forward, the only real threat is King Kross. King Kill is still keen on getting Brute some SPP and he finally manages to cause a casualty on an Ogre. Amy goes down hard, but the Apothecary manages to save her from a Niggling Injury. Then comes the inevitable Blitz by the Two Heads-Warrior, who makes it without even breaking a sweat. Hot Karl III bites the dust 5 squares away from the opponent's end zone. We're not without any back-up, thankfully and White Dragon swoops in to grab the ball after Dame Juicy Juggernauts King Kross away from the oval. It all comes down to this. We manage to get Ellen next to the dodgy-man while we surround him with every player we have left, hindering his final Blitz for the ball-carrier as much as we can. Nuffle smiles upon us as the first dodge fails and Ellen prevents the reroll, causing an instant Turnover. White Dragon runs it in for the 1-2, securing our victory! ----- Not having any Guard on the team and the focus on the Minotaur is definitely what gave the ladies an edge in this one. Especially since Brute wasn't very good at actually causing Casualties. Still, King Kill was a lovely fellow and he was a lot of fun to play against and to talk to. So in honour of him, here's a compilation of every time Brute d'Bad used Piling On during our game!
  9. Due to time constraints and savage procrastination on my end, we have our first double feature! Oh, joy! Season 10, Match Day 3: Prepare for Trouble... . Game result page HERE! THE DAMNED UNITED VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Match Day 3 sees the Women with Attitude face off against @MC Hammer's Chaos; The Damned United. We were kind of optimistic about this match since the only CLAWPOMB Beastman on the team was out due to an Injury. Not only that, our opponent even decides to take the high road during the inducement phase and gets himself a Bloodweiser Babe and Grashnak Blackhoof. Sure, we often have trouble against ST6 tough-guys, but at least there won't be a Wizard zapping away at poor Lennifer Jaw-Rends this game! The Damned United are not without threats of their own, however, Kongush the Minotaur comes with Claw/Tentacles and the Mashmulgors (+AG Beastman) plus Drath Neth Shyesh (+AG/Block/+MA) combo provides an easy one-two to get the ball going. We go on the offense, hoping to poke some holes in to a few Beastmen before they get a chance to retaliate. Things don't really go as planned and we only manage a single Stun while we're forced to pop a re-roll on the pick-up as Lennifer can't get a hold on the ball on the first try. Kongush comes in immediately, ploughing in to Bichelle Omaha and removing her from the field. Badly Hurt, so no permanent damage, but the ladies are down an Ogre and there's still 15 turns to be played. We try to form some sort of defensive position in the back field, which would've worked better were it not for the Bone-Head by Dame Juicy Drenched and the Bone-Head in to Bone-Head on the Blitz from Paris Killton. Grashnak Blitzes in, pushing a Gnobbie back until he's right next to Lennifer. The rest of The Damned follow in his tracks. Dame Juicy sees a shot at Slashliver Grosspinch (Block/Guard and Niggled Warrior) but doesn't quite manage to kill the bugger. Ah, well, guess she can always throw her entire body on top of him. Boop, one Warrior Badly Hurt. Something went right, we better make an incompetent play to make up for it! Instead of dodging Lennifer away from Grashnak, we try to block. Not only that, we Bone-Head and do not re-roll it, thinking we can manage enough assists to maker Grashnak's counter-attack unfavourable. It sort of works, I suppose and Grashnak goes after Paris instead. On the flipside, our side of the field is now swarming with Chaos. Dame Juicy tries to Blitz Lennifer free from Kongush, who moved in last turn, but + force an early re-roll. Not wanting to risk tentacles, we block Kongush with Lennifer, needing only a push, and we + again. Ending our turn, losing the ball. Drath Neth Shyesh wastes no time, grabs the pigskin and with most of our girls flat on their bellies, the stalling begins. Lennifer gets a good shot on Kongush and after a couple of ladies Break Tackle away from the nasty Beastmen, Full Nelson II gives the Minotaur the boot, killing him to death. Speaking of fouls, MC Hammer gets two of his players sent off by turn 6 without doing any real damage, which certainly helps. A chance at redemption shows it's pretty face as a lot of The Damned have gathered in the mid-field for a failed foul. Paris parks herself right in front of the opposing ball-carrier, Amy Shawarma follows suit. It's now Lennifer's turn to Break Tackle in there and knock that sucker down but another Blitz is lost to Bone-Head re-rolled in to Bone-Head... . I guess Nuffle really doesn't want to have this half end 0-0. The ladies try their best, constantly putting their bodies in the way but it's of no use and when turn 8 comes around, The Damned score. The half ends 1-0. The game continues and The Damned are down 4 players thanks to the Ref calling a few fouls. Maybe we can manage something after all? All of The Damned's players stick around the Line of Scrimmage punching Ogres and Gnoblars alike while Ellen Rip-You-A-Part-Ley and Lennifer move up on the flanks, towards the lone ball-carrier. The girls do their best to hold the centre and force some dice out of our opponent while we wait for the obvious "AG4-guy to AG4-guy pass". Around turn 11, Mashmulgors moves forward and tosses the ball to Drath Neth Shyesh once more. There's a huge hole, though, big enough for an Ogre to Blitz in to! Amy springs in to action... and nothing happens. Sure, this time our Blitz actually worked but there's no take-down. Just like the first half, we're stuck with putting Ogres in the way, hoping for that one failed dodge and it never happens. To our surprise, MC Hammer decides to score rather than stall, giving us one last chance at scoring a Touchdown. Lennifer's greasy fingers come in to play again and our turn is ended early by a failed pick-up, pretty much ruining our chances at a fairly decent Throw Team-Mate play as The Damned swarm the ladies' side of the field for the third time in a row. Over the course of a few turns, we do eventually get White Dragon on the other side of the field, but a lone rookie Beastman take him out with an anticlimactic roll. The game ends 2-0 for The Damned United. ----- This was a loss that felt more painful than it should have. I really feel like I made a lot of mistakes, and combined with several unlucky moments, I was just completely out of it by turn 6 or 7. The worst part is that I knew exactly what was going to happen in advance, the AG4 guys were going to grab the ball, and I was never going to get near it ever again. Thank Nuffle the MVP went to an Ogre, because the only other SPP earned in this entire match was Dame Juicy hurting a Warrior. Good game to MC Hammer. I can not be mad at someone who picks Grashnak Blackhoof over a Wizard, a Bribe and an extra Bloodweiser Babe. ----- Season 10, Match Day 4: ... And make it Double! Game result page HERE! SKIN AND BONES VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Now that we got that travesty out of the way, it's time for Match Day 4 against @swompy and his Skin and Bones. It can't possible go any worse than our previous match, right? Bone-Head re-rolled in to Bone-Head Counter: 0. Swompy takes a more serious approach in the Inducement phase, grabbing that bully of a Wizard, a Bribe and 2 Bloodweiser Babes. Player-wise there's no REAL threats to our ladies out there. Sure, the Wolves have Claw, but that's nothing new. I'm thinking that our main stumbling blocks will be Slash, the +AG/Block/Sure Hands Ghoul and Chris Shiflett, a Golem with Block/+ST. Oh, a Blizzard, great, excellent. We're already terrified of GFI's so this definitely isn't helping our cause. We follow Yarrick's advice and defend first, hoping to force the Wizard before we have to go on the offence. Skin and Bones comes out of the gate swinging, stunning Dame Juicy and Bichelle. Bichelle is also pushed near the back, so she's going to become the main target of any fouls to come. We can't really do much to help her but in an attempt to provide some relief, we move a few girls in, reducing the assists. It's all for naught as turn 2 sees Bichelle Knocked Out by a foul, never to return to the pitch again (spoilers). One of the Wolves, Kurt (Block/Tackle/Dodge) also makes his way towards our back-field. Paris, having none of these shenanigans, violently shoves him next to the side-line, hoping to push him off on a later occasion. Kurt, however, breaks his face in the process and is sent off to regenerate in Skin and Bones' Reserves box. Never one to shy away from violence herself, Ellen shows Paris how to permanently keep an Undead down and shoves Nate Mendel (Guard/Tackle/-MA Wight) so far in to the ground that his ancestors actually tell him to “just stay down, this shit ain't worth it.” Skin and Bones has a pretty free run on the right side of the pitch and they immediately go for it. In response, all the ladies shimmy to follow the Ghoul with the fancy, blue glow. Paris and Amy get a little closer and I figure that Ellen might as well do some damage while she moves in. Blitz? No Blitz. Bone-Head re-rolled in to Bone-Head Counter: 1. Keen on keeping up the foul-train and punching Ogres in the gut, swompy leaves a few players behind and gives Lennifer the boot. Thank Nuffle that little Tug of Love was there to remove a few assists. Again, we try to protect the downed sister from a gang-foul but we're denied a Blitz once more. Even Tug of Love can't re-position himself properly in this cacophony of ones and our turn ends with Lennifer still prone. Skin and Bones figure that Ogres are too hard to injure, so now they move on to foul Gnoblars. Kindness proves just as hardy as his fellow team-mates and only gets stunned, but in the back field the ladies are just getting beaten down. Turn 5 comes around and it's the first turn without any Bone-Heads and the gals finally make some progress towards forming a proper line. Ellen Knocks Out a Zombie and the rest of the ladies get up, properly positioned to put on some hurtin' in the following turn. Kindness takes another boot. The Ref, showing some sympathy for the poor little Gnobbie, calls it and swompy is forced to use his Bribe. We have a chance to get close to the ball-carrier..., Lennifer dodges away and marks Slash and Amy is prepped for a Blitz! And another Bone-Head. This one was definitely more on me, since I decided to Block with Dame Juicy first and forced myself in to a re-roll. Ah well, we get another shot because Lennifer is still right there the following turn. Unfortunately, she keeps up the trend on Bone-Heading when we Blitz so we re-roll that and fail our 4+ Breack Tackle to make it to the ball-carrier. Swompy takes no chances and runs it in for the 1-0. Our turn 8 comes around and White Dragon takes the field but the kick is far too deep to manage any kind of TTM play, so we just go for the Zombies on the LoS. Dame Juicy send Lemmy Kilmister to the grave... again. Not much else happens. The half ends 1-0 for Skin and Bones. As mentioned before, Bichelle sleeps through half-time, there's still a Blizzard going on and the damned Wizard remains a threat. Our offence is going to be a nightmare... . Eager to score as quickly as possible, we field White Dragon once more. Things start off pretty shoddy on the LoS, adding another point to our counter: Bone-Head re-rolled in to Bone-Head Counter: 2. We also fail to grab the ball as Lennifer is distracted by the pretty, white snowflakes. Skin and Bones just moves in, marking Ogres and Gnoblars alike. Our solution is simple, play it Halfling-Style. Get the ball in to White Dragon's hands and hope for an opportunity to toss that little bugger across the field. We get a Gnoblar to snatch the ball up, which fails at first, and hand if off to White Dragon. Now all we need is for Lennifer to shuffle a few yards forward... which actually works! Great just pick him up... good... and now TOSS! … fumbled. We're lucky White Dragon lands back on his tiny feet, but we all know there's a Wizard coming. BOOM! Fireball. Taking down both Ellen and Lennifer, the only two Ogres surrounding our ball-carrier. Luckily for us, Paris and Amy (who were holding up the front) resist the blaze of cowardice and we still have a couple of Gnobbies standing in the way. Swompy realises that our plan was to simply throw a guy across the field while he was swarming our side so he sends one of the Wolves back to bring down any stray Gnoblars. We don't have much of a choice, Halfling-Style remains our plan and this time there's no Wizard to mess up our cage. A couple of blocks later, we've secured the ball again and then Paris tries to poke a Zombie. Bone-Head re-rolled in to Bone-Head Counter: 3. The only thing that's keeping us going is the UNBELIEVABLE toughness of our Gnoblars this game. They're taking hit after hit from Werewolves and Golems and they just refuse to stay down. For the third time in a row, White Dragon stands up, grabs the ball and moves in to his cage. No Bone-Heads for this turn, so we have 5 Ogres standing upright, ready to take some punches. Swompy, eager to get at the Gnoblars again, tries to take down Paris with a 2 red-dice Block. Paris proves her worth, ending Skin and Bones' turn and suddenly there's a large gap in the opponent's defence... . Screw Halfling-Style, we're making a run for it! With a couple of Gnobbies holding the faster players back and Ellen tearing Slash a new one, we have only one block left to make in order to secure White Dragon's safety. Bone-Head re-rolled in to Bone-Head Counter: 4. Fuck me sideways... . The one Zombie capable of reaching White Dragon does his thing. At first he fails his 3+GFI but then he rolls the POW and White Dragon is Badly Hurt. The ball plops down on the ground and we have three girls nearby, still, but it doesn't look promising. Nearly all of our blocks result in pushes so Lennifer is forced to Break Tackle and Blitz her way to freedom. +, re-roll, sadness. Our Bachelogrette manages to get to the ball but another "1" shows up and it tumbles down to the ground again. Swompy has plenty of Zombies nearby to make any recovery attempt way more difficult and the rest of the game consists of our girls Blitzing Undead on to the ball, hoping for a good scatter but it never really goes anywhere. There was one point where Lennifer somehow got her hands on the pigskin and I thought she wouldn't be safe on her own. Also, she only needed 1SPP to level so I figure I'd make a Quick Pass to Kindness. The ball scatters 3 squares behind her as she fumbles the throw and we never get close to if after that. Could we have scored with Lennifer if she'd just held on to the ball? Maybe, … probably. I am an idiot.Ah, well, at least Amy manages an injury on one of the Zombies and Lennifer is awarded the MVP so both of them get to level-up! The game ends 1-0 for Skin and Bones. Bone-Head re-rolled in to Bone-Head Counter: 4. ----- This game was definitely more bearable than the last, because I feel like I didn't make as many mistakes. Most of our cruddy turns were due to Blitzes being denied by Bone-Heads, Bone-Heads being re-rolled in to more Bone-Heads and so on. And at least we got some valuable SPP out of this one; Good game to swompy. Once again, Lemmy Kilmister died for our sins.
  10. Jester77

    OCC S10

    Season 9 is over and this time we had our best result hence Fantus managed to came in 2nd in the Championship only one point from Noob- that is really well done if you look at the hard competition there was, and take a further look at the Preston-boys – not so much left of the team, but that did not handicap Fantus and I am sure if he had some more tools available he would had won, so I hope the next season will give him the levels he need, so we can crown the first Chaos champion. This year he will get a fellow Chaos coach aboard, my own Troopers, who looks somewhat in a better condition, but not so bashy – and that could very well be a big problem for the coming Season 10 – hence all the Elf’s are gone and only Bash and Orienlensis Skavens remain in the race for the 10th title. Waleed managed to stay in Tier1 after an amazing come-back and 3 back-to-back victories to stay after his 6th place finish. He will be followed by Hudd who not surprisingly had another amazing season, ending on 8-0-1 in tier2 with a score line on 20-5, just wow – this guy´s next home is for sure the Championship. I really hope I can stay up this season – so I could learn a thing or two. Do I have to say again that he has no Chaos Warriors, and still beating everyone… impressive. I would also like to see how a match between him and Fantus would go like, no doubt that these two guys are our most capable coaches at this point. On the dark side, we lost Da Coach how disappeared mid-season, and is still not seen anywhere, really hope he is okay. FedtStensDyr got fed up, in his negative spiral and is out as well, I hope he will be back some day. Wainaja and midievil both had a harsh season and both only got a single victory meaning they will go down to tier3, but the traffic goes both ways hence another strong coach - Rinjarni won 3B with 7-0-2 and a 13-9 score-line and comes closer to the upper divisions. Also worth to mention is TheSir who won 4C with 8-0-1 and a 19-7 score-line, his team is starting to look good, so I guess he is a good future candidate for making it into the top. On the SPP front it was Hudd that made the best run raking another 144 points up, meaning a net pr. match on impressive 16 SPP, it is the highest number we have seen so far – and who else than Hudd. The Stormtroopers raked the 2nd highest this year with 124 SPP and going to the 2nd all-time high with 771(record is still Stahlburg with 795 SPP after season6) Meaning that the Stormtroopers lead with 1 point to our former master Stahlburg, who still roams in tier2 after another disappointing season and was only one place from disappearing into tier3, his team is really hurt and I guess, we will see a fall when we are at the gates on season 11. Here are the gains (and fall!!) for season 9 and the SPP in total for the Chaos teams aka the power ranking: S9 S8 S9 Gain S7 S6 S5 S4 S3 S2 1 Chaotic Stormtroopers 771 647 124 550 597 500 369 358 241 2 [OCC] Deathbringers 770 695 75 718 795 684 565 475 340 3 Os Brutalus 647 568 79 454 385 350 238 202 135 4 Preston Claw End 623 679 -56 605 494 418 315 401 322 5 Heresy Inc 560 639 -79 556 474 479 498 396 349 6 Do or Die… 530 466 64 339 303 303 303 303 303 7 Blackstar Exes 520 376 144 268 135 0 0 0 0 8 Mr Men 405 387 18 264 153 100 0 0 0 9 Last Chosen 394 368 26 290 222 196 129 0 0 9 Apex Predators 394 281 113 168 65 0 0 0 0 11 Anarchy United 315 328 -13 198 226 109 0 0 0 12 Inevitable Titans 308 214 94 111 0 0 0 0 0 12 Horned Harassers 308 203 105 255 221 105 0 0 0 14 Disciples of Death 240 162 78 98 0 0 0 0 0 15 The Damned United 206 107 99 0 0 0 0 0 0 16 The Cadaverous Host 117 0 117 0 0 0 0 0 0 17 Rise 109 0 109 0 0 0 0 0 0 18 Tzeentch's Globetrotters 93 0 93 0 0 0 0 0 0 19 Unlimited Blood Works 86 0 86 0 0 0 0 0 0 20 The Ultimate Diet 81 0 81 0 0 0 0 0 0 21 Monster Magnet 73 0 73 0 0 0 0 0 0 When we know the exact divisional placement and the number of Chaos coaches for season 10, I will post these so you can see where your fellow coaches are roaming. Have an excellent season all – and please kill a Nurgle Warrior. See ya all around.
  14. Hi all, I have just started streaming and my streams can be found here : https://www.twitch.tv/andydavo I'm streaming Championship Ladder games - where i'm looking to make it into the last 16, my OCC games and my UKBBL League games. I'm looking to offer technical insight into why i do what i do so my positioning and plays are better understood. I'm also trying to make the shows as interactive as possible, so i'm having guests on and we're being fully involved with the chat. Pop over and come and get involved! :)
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