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Found 12 results

  1. Right. Quantum Sufficit has been playing since phase 1 of the seeder. They had a rough start but then quickly developed some insane players that led them to some success in the first few seasons, dropping them in Tier 1 for Season 3. They've now been bumped down to Tier 2 for the second time, mostly due to the fact that they have been able to sustain a full team. Out of all the original players that made the team great, only one remains. Currently, we're sitting on 1380 TV with 10 players. Most of our positionals are unskilled. The reason we do not give up i
  2. Season 12, Match Day 9 - Women with Attitude VS Nurn County
  3. Season 12, Match Day 6 - Winter Wolf`s VS Women with Attitude
  4. Superstar time for Uncle Soondead, he's a wight with ag 4, str 4, dodge, and sure hands. I'd kind of like to keep going down the road of unconventional, and was hoping for a double, but it's a regular roll. Suggestions welcome. I'm seriously considering strong arm, because then he can hold the ball quite safely until a wolf or ghoul can get through then pass from bloody anywhere. But I'm open to suggestions.
  5. Season 12, Match Day 2 - Women with Attitude VS The Mordheim Horrors
  6. Season 11, Match Day 7 - Forces of Grimmforest VS Women with Attitude - WEDNESDAY 22/05 - 16h00 UTC
  7. Due to time constraints and savage procrastination on my end, we have our first double feature! Oh, joy! Season 10, Match Day 3: Prepare for Trouble... . Game result page HERE! THE DAMNED UNITED VS WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE Match Day 3 sees the Women with Attitude face off against @MC Hammer's Chaos; The Damned United. We were kind of optimistic about this match since the only CLAWPOMB Beastman on the team was out due to an Injury. Not only that, our opponent even decides to take the high road during the inducement phase and gets himself a Bloodw
  8. On the north coast of far Albion lies a small fishing village which, due to a freak of the local climate, is almost perpetually shrouded in cloud. For hundreds of years this village has gone largely unnoticed and ignored, even by those who know it’s location. The locals keep to themselves, and outsiders rarely find need of anything the village might supply. This all may be about to change for reasons we shall expand on shortly. The only temple in the village locale is dedicated to the god Morr, though perhaps due to the isolation of the village, the priests have become
  10. “Are you sure you want to do this?” Master apothecary Rosewell had addressed the same question 7 times in the last hour, every one of them with a different inflection in his voice. First one had been of mockery, for such a suggestion had caught him off guard. The second time had been of disbelief, as he could not conceive that a young one would have such a death wish as to become a Blood Bowl coach. The third one had been a taunt, for such a girl could not know so much about the sport. The fourth one had been in pain, as she had stabbed his shoulder to the wood and was not really comfortable w
  11. Season 6, Match Day 4 breakdown, brought to you by the King of Kings: Griff Oberwa-... . Where's Griff? [The small, dank room where Griff usually resides seems quiet. The broadcasting device sits on the table, deactivated and unused. A handsome coach knocks on the door... he walks in after a few seconds.] C2MC: Griff? Hellooo? Oh God, his room smells like a Greenskin Gentlemen's Club... . Talk about a potent musk. He doesn't seem to be around... maybe one of the girls used him as a pillow. [The handsome coach walks around the Women w
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