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Found 7 results

  1. My block/mb yeti rolled a double. Tackle? Dodge for protection and future break tackle? Other ideas? Also, regular roll on ag 4 lino, not a lot of fun to pick, but sure hands seems like a plan. Perhaps fend.
  2. So; making a thread here since the last time this team was around, we used the Race section of the forums. If anyone wants to see the old thread: What is Groggy Ice II? Groggy Ice is perhaps one of the longest-running Norse squads in one form or another. It ran for several seasons in Blood Bowl 1; and then migrated to Blood Bowl II as Groggy Ice II. This team played in the Seeders; and Season 1... where it was put into Division 1 and promptly got mauled so badly the team was retired. The amount of deaths sustained by the team that season is, if I rec
  3. Season 10, Match Day 6: Shirts and Skins. Game result page HERE! WOMEN WITH ATTITUDE VS STORMHEIM KINGS Tuesday evening comes around and I'm feeling like absolute garbage. I know there's a match in a few hours but I really need to lie down for a bit. We're playing at home, so I figure the locker room is as good a place as any and I decide to have a quick nap after I ask the girls to wake me up before the game starts. Time goes by and I find myself waking up to the sound of roaring fans, surrounded by 6 sleeping Ogres. Nuffle damn it all, we were suppose
  4. Alright - The question here is short and simple: On a Norse team that focuses a little bit more on the passing play than the average team of this race might, is it viable to go for a POMB Yeti and ignore Guard altogether at first? Third chosen skill would probably be Tackle. Thoughts?
  5. Ok so I'm not really a fluff writer, but I do like to write up matches sometimes, obviously the week match arranging thread isn't a place for that.. so here... Apparrently it's MD6, so this isn't that much of a driving pasion... more like this game I need somewhere to bitch... Oh my god, bloody (not the first expletive I typed...) wood elf bullshit... ok they scored fast... that's fine... obviously my mighty blow ulf didn't do any damage (so much for giving it mb to level faster) whole game, infact the 2 elf cas came from a boot and failed elf dodge... so no cas spp for
  6. Season 6, Match Day 3 breakdown, brought to you by the Man Among Men: Griff Oberwald! [Griff sits down at the broadcasting device and puts on his headphones, preparing to start the show. He seems a lot happier compared to the previous weeks. As the broadcasting device winds up, a smile appears on Griff's face.] Griff: Good evening, sons and daughters of the Empire! Griff Oberwald, Human being Extraordinaire, here to tell you everything you want to know about the Women with Attitude in OCC tier 4B. Last Match-Day was 1-2 loss to Bantha and his Vampires, but t
  7. Season 5 was my first season in OCC and my first time playing Norse. Starting Roster was as follows: 2 x Ulf 2 x Beserker 2 x Runner 6 x Lineman 2 x RR It didn't go great and I finished with a record of 2-2-5. However, I managed to get my 3rd RR, get an apo, recover from losing a Beserker, and even get some SPP on the right players. The team started to show a little bit of potential and decided to keep going with them (roster can be found here) Along the way, one player has stood out - Arn Andersen He got MVP in on
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