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Found 1 result

  1. Now that the honeymoon phase of a newer race is over, there are only 4 of us coaching Kislev this season... @Sliceanddice, @wismerhill, and newcomer to the suffering @Merlinpig. The initial furor of excitement has given way to some harsh truths: This race is difficult to coach, but even more difficult to manage and develop. Most of our compatriots have thrown in the towel. Those of us with developed teams seem to have settled around 1700~ tv. How critical have you both felt the bear has been to your successes at this TV? What are your thoughts about the teams overall identity (and overall competitiveness?) in relation to other races? Any other musings you'd like to share? I think anyone whose played with Kislev could tell you that they have some very strong tools to work with. The question quickly becomes 'what is the most tv effective way to manage those tools' and get bang for your buck, instead of bloat.
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