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Congratulations Caracarn


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Chaos dwarfs are a bit boring to play (with and against) so time to try something new - and they have achieved what I wanted them to anyhow..


And I guess everyone is more hjappy with less dwarfs around  :)


Had a really good run


1st  5D 7-1-1

2nd 4D 5-3-1

1st  3A 6-1-2

2nd 2A 6-1-2

1st  1  6-2-1


for a total of 30-8-7

Yikes, talk about perpetual environment supremacy.

Grats caracarn. Too bad I'll need to create a sig for a team that's retiring. :P


You can make a sig for the halflings :)

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Shame not to have you defending but otherwise grats and good RR.

As a fair addendum: When I played you in 2A, it was clear you were a very good coach - not just being carried by chorfs.


I thought it would be nice to let someone else win B)

Considering I have been lucky with the dwarfs surviving (only lvl 1 BC dying once, and one poor lvl 1 blocker dying 4 times) I figured I'd stop at the top :)


Now let's hope everyone will stop playing chorfs :clown:

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