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Mini Testing League ...


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Hi Guys,
We've been working on finishing our Orca Cola Uploader and are as close to finished as we could be. (apart from the odd bug left and right)
Our next step would be a full test run of a competition (mini) ran with and via our uploader.
So what do we need?
Simple, we need 2x 4 teams that will play one short season, matchdays will be turned over as soon as all games are played.
How to express interest?
Simply reply below, first 8 will get access and be invited over the weekend.
What do we expect?
Feedback on all the current functions in place
Commitment to play and finish your games in a short time frame.
What do you get in return?
Did I mention the revamped Orca Cola Community will have shiny new awards and achievements?
If in doubt, feel free to send me a PM (really send me a PM, I'm to busy to browse this topic, I've got personnel that will inform me of participants) :D
Signed up:
FisherrKing, Mongloom, Breschdleng, Waleed,GaryW0406, Larkstar ,PaloLV, Regor


All spots filled, thanks!

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Updated sign ins
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I can help out Zeph.  Please throw my name in there if you still need peoples!  =)

Added! Thanks.



In if you need me.

Added to the list. Thanks!


I'll send out login details tomorrow afternoon for all those who've signed up till now.




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So it's bb1?

Is it complete leangth or just join and press end turn until we have a result?


I reckon its best to have some proper results to test the statistics on running, passing, casualties etc.


Also, I will enjoy some proper games for practice with a new team. Think I'm gonna go with rookie skaven.

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