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What Are You Listening To Right Now?


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22 hours ago, Pidpad said:

Best male singer in Sweden is a bold statement :D (not saying that he's bad or anything, it's just a bold statement)

(Messiah, Candlemass. He´s huge! He had to do a stage check when everybody else had a soundcheck. To see if the stage could bear his weight. lol)

Well, Magnus Carlson(Weeping Willows) is officially Bajare, so it´s not up for a discussion. :)
Warning, no music: https://youtu.be/70j2yFjBm8o

When I come to think about it, almost everybody is Bajare? Madonna, Zlatan, Skarsgård family etc...

Since I got a game this evening I´ll drop this one. Upcoming star? lol


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