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What Are You Listening To Right Now?

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Yo @Smiling Tom, my alternative(?) music friend & others. I´m setting up my "studio" & I´ve some kind of vision to be creative. Angelo Badalamenti has been a great inspiration to me among others, mainly "black" music like jazz/blues/rock with a weird twist. Guitar based music that is.

So my vision goes something like this, what do you think?:




"Unfortunately" I´m being inspired & influenced by Eastern music as well, so I´m kind of divided which way to go. There´s probably no future at all in this anyway but... Better to stay somewhat creative.

Grateful for feedback of any kind.

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It all sounds like Tom Waits themes to me. I mean, not a bad thing, really. There is plenty to dig there. I'd start with the Orphans compilation and then jump back to the early 90s albums like Bone Machine


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