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Bb Box Set Rules Changes


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So apparently gutter runners are getting a boost?  Those poor guys sure need it :clown:








Delighted our friends at skulls and ones secured an interview with Andy Hoare and James Hewitt, the guys behind the new Blood Bowl release!

If you've not heard the episode yet, check it out via this link:

What we already know:
• the game is out 25 November
• the main box, the skaven team, and the death one rulebook constitute the first wave of releases

Some nuggets from the show:
• dwarfs will be released in a couple of months
• the team have deliberately kept close to the CRP
• (probably) only two roster tweaks - we know that humans catchers at 60k are one, and learned its because the models still look av7
• skaven gutter runners now get a new skill, to reflect knifes on the miniature. Called "Weeping Dagger" (Extraordinary), they can reroll a Badly Hurt results (wow).
• illegal procedure is not compulsory, no surprise there
• special play cards are more numerous, and could be more central to league play
• league rules have had lots of options added
• the "off season" is introduced, including redrafting/rebuying of players
• certain players will now get bored and try to retire after a certain time. You can stop them, but it comes at a higher rebuy cost
• spiralling expenses is now optional
• petty cash has been changed a bit
• if you have more than 100k in your treasury after the post match, you could use some after random events, and if more than 300k, you could lose ALL of it
• stadium and sponsorship rules are possible for the future
• a PDF will come out on release with rules for ALL the CRP rosters, plus pact and underworld (but not slann, khorne,  brettonians or simyin - yes, they namechecked our roster!)
• any new rosters will have to meet a high playtest threshold to make it in, purely out of respect for the player base
• piling on is not a compulsory allow for leagues!

And some non BB news:
• Adeptus Titanicus is confirmed
• Necromunda and Mordheim are also on the wishlist
• Gorkamorka... probably not (but maybe some slim hope for a combo with Necromunda!)

Listen to the cast! Great work skulls and ones!

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Huh. Yeah, I don't really think Gutter Runners needed the boost. They are already the most annoying thing on the field, except for maybe Wardancers. Well, at least Gutters don't make that many blocks in the first place. I can see a team going entire seasons without it ever coming up. Unless someone levels them up as a killer with Horns and Claw, I guess, but that's a considerable investment that won't actually increase the odds of actually winning that one match.

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I don't like the runner skill, mostly because I would have preferred stab (which would probably have had to be a part of a general boost overall)


And the "piling on is not mandatory in leagues" - no skill was ever mandatory in leagues. The example they gave in the CRP was "dwarves can ignore tacklezones when they move, and are allowed to move through occupied squares as well" as an optional league rule, so banning any skill was certainly allowed. Few did it though. And the "suck it up" crowd will clamor if any larger league try it anyway..

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Stab would have been a bigger buff.


Yes. But more meaningful, and so on. They could have buffed all teams while at it. ST3 catchers for those teams with ST2 on them, S access on Werewolves, ST 4 trollslayers, Ball and Chain only stunned instead of KO by merely being placed prone.. etc..


Oh, and since some people seem to think that we can't have narrow tiers, halflings get auto-KO on every hit and having Claw and Piling On means you also roll AV against yourself.. :clown:

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Which brings up an interesting, albeit unlikely, scenario... what if there's a piling on GR? Would a Claw POMBing GR be all the rage now, since you could theoretically reroll an injury roll, then reroll on the injury table?

You'd need three doubles, plus another skill to make up for STR2 (Dauntless, Horns or +STR), plus Block. That's five levels of which at least three are spent specifically for the long shot and not on one of the many more attractive options for Gutters. Stormvermin only need a single double to get the whole combo in three levels, and when it comes to winning the match or SPP gain, there is no difference between rolling Badly Hurt or a Death.


While I'm sure that people will fantasize about the possibility, I doubt any serious player would even attempt to build one. The very few that actually do manage it through determination and sheer numbers will probably get fouled off the pitch as soon as Tackle comes into play. There are many players on which Weeping Dagger could be interesting, but on Gutter Runners, it is a complete non-issue.

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Have to say that the new miniatures that comes with the standard box look surprisingly good and detailed (when professionally painted anyways!), but it bothers me that they aren't all different.

I don't like having two identical pieces on the field even if potentially painted with minor differences, and most of the unofficial miniature makers make sure to include a much larger variation than this.

Also, the line-ups are really strange: No big guys for either team, only 2 Blitzers for the humans, and only 2 Black Orcs for the Orcs.

I guess the teams you get out of the box have always been a little bit odd but I was hoping that they'd have learned something from previous versions.



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Which brings up an interesting, albeit unlikely, scenario... what if there's a piling on GR? Would a Claw POMBing GR be all the rage now, since you could theoretically reroll an injury roll, then reroll on the injury table?


Apparently the NAF have put their foot down as hard as they dared against the Weeping Blade skill.



  • The NAF has however clarified the Weeping Dagger skill, and the wording is that “if the result is Badly Hurt after any rerolls, then roll a d6, and on a 4+ the player misses the next game.  If you are not playing a league, the skill has no effect”.
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It is a shit skill.


Would you be intimidated if they gave woodelf catchers pile on?  It is a better skill but still a ridunculous choice.


If this encourages skaven teams to blitz more with the runners then they've had too much warpstone and it will benefit everyone else.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Piling On nerf big time.


Apparently you need to use a team reroll AND you can't use claw or MB with it.  Seems useless with those rules.

No, no.  Wait until Friday to see what it turns out to be.  The printed versions of PO and Claw were playtest versions which will be corrected by errata on Friday.

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From Blood Bowl
• Only what you need to play humans vs orcs in a one-off game
• 4 minute turn limit and Illegal Procedure are moved into optional
• Human Catchers are 60k
• 4 stars: Morg, Griff, Mighty Zug and Varag 
• Some skills are shortened due to restricted use in the basic game (then explained fully in DZ)
• Two new Special Play card decks and teams get 1-3 cards (amended in DZ)
• Pitch and range ruler is bigger but understood to be the exact same scale

From Death Zone Season One
• 7 additional rosters: Skaven, Dwarf, Nurgle, Dark Elf, Wood Elf, High Elf and Elf Union (Elf/Pro Elf)
• 6 additional stars: Hakflem, Grim, Roxanna, Jordell, Eldril and Prince Moranion (see errata)
• New Star for Nurgle only – Guffle Pusmaw 5349, 210k (not 110k, see errata), Loner, FA, Monstrous Mouth (cannot be stripped and gets the catch skill), Nurgle’s Rot
• Nurgle Warriors and Beast of Nurgle are now Bloaters and Rotspawn, respectively
• Bloodweiser Babes are renamed Bloodweiser Kegs
• MVP is randomly assigned to one of three selected players
• On sending off (a Foul or Secret Weapon), the Head Coach can Argue the Call. On a 1, Head Coach also sent off & -1 to Brilliant Coaching thereafter. On a 6, player is only sent to Reserves. Turnover still applies (see Q&A)
• Piling On moved to optional and needs Team Reroll to use
• Piling On, Claw, Grab & Wood Elf Treemen have other changes (although see errata)
• Gutter Runners have Weeping Dagger. If they cause a Badly Hurt during a block, player is MNG on 4+
• Some skills/inducements missing but added in Teams of Legend. Fan Favourite and Stakes not in game 
• No wizards
• Spiralling Expenses now optional
• Amended rules about drawing & discarding special play cards. Extra cards cost 100k 
• Extra league rules on Expensive Mistakes (discouraging large sums of cash), the Off-Season and Re-Drafting for future seasons. Full rules on pages 25-27
• It’s 2493-2494 season (aside from small temporal anomalies)

From Teams of Legend PDF
• Remaining 12 CRP teams covered PLUS Underworld Denizens (Underworld) and Chaos Renegades (Chaos Pact). Document includes some name changes to positional and races
• Animosity, Ball & Chain, Chainsaw, Bombardier, Bloodlust, Titchy, Raise the Dead, Goblin bribes and Halfling Chef all covered
• Treemen on a Halfling roster have Timmm-ber skill and can receive assists to stand up. +1 for each assist from those not in a tackle zone. A 1 is still a failure

• Piling On still needs a Team Reroll and is optional. Modifiers still apply, though. Claw and Grab skills returned to CRP versions. 
• Timmm-ber removed from Wood Elf treemen (only Halfling Treemen have it)
• Confirms Weather roll before inducements and then coin toss (as per CRP)
• Guffle’s cost, Hakflem’s stats and Roxanna’s leap confirmed. Roxanna confirmed as available for Amazons

So Overall Differences from CRP
• 23 teams and 10 CRP stars + Guffle. Human catchers now 60k, Halfling treemen have Timmm-ber, Gutter Runners have Weeping Dagger, Argue the Call, Piling On requires a TRR, No Wizards, Special Play cards
• And in addition, for league play: MVP random from 3 players, Expensive Mistakes, Offseason & Redrafting
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