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OCC & ROLL To party!!!!!

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  • 1 month later...

A lot of things to do during the season made me not to update the Team Blog properly... But a fast update would be as follows:

MD3 Against @jounisii High Evilish Elves

The game went totally as expected, the elves fouled as much as they could and they retired Joey Ramone III who earned 9spp in this game. They got the draw at the end of the game... killer elves!!!! Always retiring my best players :(


1-1 in the end for a record of 0-2-1


MD4 Against Gnoccop necro... some RL issues made him miss the game admin win for the dead stars and others.

2-1 for a record of 1-2-1


MD5 Mirror match against @bob152

The dead stars and other facing a great Khemri coach and his porperly developed team, we got the typical match where you cannot try a single thing, once again... We got in mind the match against the flings but there at least we could roll some good dice, in this game we could not even try a single thing... at the end of the match, we had a much different team from the one started the game.

6 casualties against and regen almost off... Ronnie our Blokc TG got ST busted and got the MVP (retired!), Chuck Berry our superstar Thro-ra got AV busted but we cannto replace him for the next match, not enough money... we need a team to play!

The game ended 2-0 for Bob for a final record of 1-2-2


MD6 Khemri back to back @Scaron84

The dead stars and others tried to forget the infernal match against the other khemri team. It was difficult as his regen mode was ON and Jim Morrison died in the very first few turns. But the rest of the dead stars and others could keep them back and when he finally found the breack on our defensive wall our hired wizard took care of the ST4 ball carrier and MNGed him.

Second half the dead stars and others got the ball and run to the TD line for a 16th turn TD and for the victory.

1-0 for a record of 2-2-2


MD6 @Smiling Tom necro team... UNDER THE RAIN!!!

We started the game with a bribe and pefect defence as Kick off event... We prepared a set up to force them to use some 1dB his superstar wolf rolled skull and skull after a few other 1db tries. Justin bieber took care of him... fouled to the casualty box but he regened, damn! And the ref took mi bribe away! After 3 turns the necro had not even tried to pick the ball up. But some double skulls burned our reroll counter on the way. Finally the dead stars and others took the control of the pitch and we just keep the rest of the necro team busy while we tried to recover the slippery ball. After 3 tries Jimi finally picked the ball up on the 8th turn... 1gfi for the 1-0 and... failed the gfi!!!

We removed 2 necro players on the first turn of the second half (11vs9)but... somehow after a couple of turns we were (7vs9) after a lot of dice on the basing wolf on the ball carrier without a block Sid needed to knock him down but could not move after. The melee was formed and we kept that mess around the ball till turn 16 where finally we could free the ball (3db rerolled for a POW on the wolf basing the ball) repeating the same situation from 8th turn... Pick the ball 4+ and 2+ gfi for the TD... this time Jimi rolled 5 and 3 in the right sequence.

Time for the OTTD with the rain and no rerolls would be quite complicated and... Perfect defence again!!! almost impossible but he tried anyways, failed to push out the wolf for a second square as he knocked down the skellie on the LOS.

Final 1-0 with no permanent damage to cry for!!! 3-2-2 record and 5th position on the table secured for this week.


Looking forward @Kazman29 dark elves on the MD8 we are in a 2W streak, lets see if he can stop that!


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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 4 weeks later...

After a while... We are starting a new season, it will be our definite assault to Division 1!


And our division looks as follows:

Tier 2 2A


  • :pelf:  james cook - Woodo Oceania ™ - Elven Union - MD1 2-0 WIN
    • Never played against him before, I love his fluff work and hope to have a good match against pro elves, they are tricky but if we can get some good removals we could do it!
  • :chaos:  Stahlburg - [OCC] Deathbringers - Chaos - MD2 1-1 DRAW
    • First time we face this team, hope the mino will decide not to play for his team so much, lets see how many dead stars and others survive to face the chorf challenge.
  • :chaosdwarf:  Pylon - Bleak House - Chaos Dwarf - MD3 0-0 DRAW
    • We face Pylon again, last time we finally got a win, lets see if we can repeat that result! For sure it will be hard as hell.


After the 3 first matches the dead stars and others are still undefeated. We have had a lucky game and 2 games with a lot of unlucky situations but we managed not to lose to 2 of the bashiest teams on the division. Lets see if we can survive the Nurgle invasion!


  • :nurgle:  crowdog09 - Lesions of Doom - Nurgle - MD4
    • We face Nurgle after Chaos and Chorfs... No words... Just praising the Khemri gods not to get cleared from the OCC on this match.
  • :amazon:  Frankolino - Brazilina Top models - Amazon - MD5
    • Our dead stars and others dont like to face zons, they are pretty difficult to knock down. Hopefully we can have some MB and tackle by MD5.
  • :undead:  ElfiC - TombOfWhitestock - Undead - MD6
    • First time we face Elfic, undead dont like to play against khemri and khemri dont play to play against Undead (and most of the races either) This game will depend so much on ghouls present and their development.
  • :welf:  the Sage - Mourning_Wood - Wood Elf - MD7
    • The OCC champion of the division, first time our dead stars and others will face a champ team. How many elfs from the starting roster will be on the pitch? Lets see, but we know it will be a complicated game.
  • :chaos:  midievil - Horned Harassers - Chaos - MD8
    • We were missing some claw!!! How many claws will we face with 7 matches before this matchup happen?
  • :khemri:  bob152 - Zandri Riddlers - Khemri - MD9
    • Mirror match, last season we have had something similar to a match, I rolled quite bad and I got my dead stars and others lineup destroyed. Hope to have a game this time!

That s all for the moment, will see if I can finally got promoted! It looks I am cursed on Tier 2, since I declined to promote with my undead team to rollover to the one and only race...

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  • 2 weeks later...

The dead stars and others have started the season playing PRO elfs and Chaos... The  sneaky elfs failed a lot of his BS chances to steal the ball from our dead hands, we made pay them for that.


A rookie lino dead, a level 6 catcher dead and a thrower ST busted was the price the elfs paid for daring to sneak the dead stars. Hope this lesson will help for future elf BS to my team, keep out of our rage pointy eared guys!


The dead stars, the others and the dice kept the elfs out of the game for the whole game. NO ref present and some other things helped the dead stars to get his first victory of the season.


Next round... Chaos!!!

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MD2 against Chaos...


We will face 2 great problems Mino and ST4 Beastman with claw.


They won the toss and decided to go receive the ball. We could foul out the mino (KOed) but they scored soon in the drive turn 4. Time enough to score and to get a 2-1 second half win. But the KO rolls did not help, we tried to trim his team as he has no bench, surfed a couple of beastmen but we could not recover the ball, khemri butterfingers. The ref was looking all the time and we could not remove as much chaos people as we would liked.


It was sweltering heat and the second half started 7 vs 6 but our KO return rolls were too bad again, the perfect defence event won't help either!!! But one of the others caught the ball and we managed to break his line, first CAS not apoed on the game as well! The chaos team made some dodges and recovered the ball but in a bad place, they needed to 1d block and to dodge away, the dodge failed and we finally get all the claws out of the pitch (just KOed) and recovered the ball, Sid Vicious II scored in a mad try to win the game. It was turn 12.


The dead stars and others praise was not hear by nuffle and all the claws are back on the pitch no chaos players affected by heat, Big Bopper it was. Again the KO return rolls were totally on the chaos side, we were 7 vs 7.


They injured one of the others, KOed the other one on the LOS and got a pow on Jimi "the blodgstepper ST4 AG3" Hendrix but he managed to stay on the pitch.


5 vs 7 he moved forward and one of the beastman was in TD range, we knocked him down and then Jimi tried to dodge away and he did it!!! He dodged the pitch and it was now at the KO box... 4 vs 7 and 3 turns to go.


The chaos team moved forward and they were more people in TD range now but the ball was back and they will need to try a 4+ pass. By then we were 3 vs 6, he failed the pass and the ball was loose near to one of the 2 possible scoring threads. One more turn to go!!!


Cliff Burton knocked down one of the scoring thread and based the other and the ball, Sid dodged away and based the ball on the other way.


Last try for the chaos to get the ball and to score, blitzed Sid onto the ball scattered a coupled of times to end on his hands!!! Those hands on the first half and we were talking about the second victory of the season but now... We must proudly speak about a draw.


No big damages to cry for, one disposable "other" who will be fired and the rest of the team will be playing one more time the next week against leading 2090-2100TV chorfs!!!


It will be a really hard game but we will have tons of petty cash for inducements (440-450K) wizard, bribe... what else?





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MD3 agianst @Pylon chorfs, most of our games ended in a draw, lets see if we can manage something different today:


We play at the chorf dome, hired Setekh, a wizard and babes. We win the toss and decided to receive the ball, hope to remove some key players and stay at 11 for the next drive, we tied the fame roll.


We started the game just pushing some chorfs and they decide to push forward, both bulls come forward but we managed to knock them down right after... FOOOOOOUUUULLLLL! It was turn 3 and no removals yet.


A failed dodge ends with the frenzy wrestler hobbo on the KO box and right after another stunning foul ends with Enrique Iglesisas II sent off by the ref after his 3rd foul on the superstar bull, Cliff Burton is KOed by the ST4 clawmber chorf and the pitch starts to clear.


We changed the attacking wing trying to stay away from the claw lil guys but still a long way to the TD line to go. We planned a surf on the single claw chorf with a push, 2 frezy block and a final blitz to get him out... first block were double skulls but we managed finally to get the evil chorf cased! No long term effect but only one more claw to go!


Then the chorf get back the lines and defend well but the dead stars and others decided to forget Jimi's frenzy attitude and send him to a frenzy trap perfectly avoidable... the drive got quite complicated, lets see if the dead stars and others survive but it is sure we are not going to score in this half, at least the chorfs will have only one roll to get their 2 hobbos back from the KO box and we have babes for the Cliff Burton KO roll... we will back in a moment, stay on your seats!!!


Cliff is back, the frenzy wrestler hobbo stays out, 11 vs 11 and a wizard, second half is starting right now!!!

We decided to put Chuck Berry on the LOS, he has made a great service to the dead stars and others team but it is time to think in retirement, maybe the chorfs will accelerate it, Chuck and Justin both know to wrestle if we are lucky we could have some prone chorfs.


BLITZ!!! We did nothing but we could press the line and force the chorfs not to prepare his attacking drive properly, the kick was deep.

The game became pretty tactical and the no removals were going to be a problem for our teams, our tactic is always to outnumber the other and then the magical bull centaur ends the turn in a square ready to be surfed, we pushed away the hobbo and surfed the bull to the casaulaty box. The game was on the dead stars and others hands.


Then we had some turns to recover the ball rolling too many double skulls, finally removed their sure hands hobbo and only the dead stars and others can win the game, GO STARS GO!


We had some options to win the game but dodging failed... some other double skulls and a failed pick up went to a 0-0 game.

No casualties to cry for and still undefeated, next week nurgle we need to stay undefeated to keep our promotion chances.


Bon Scott III rolled doubles and now he knows how to block!!!


Thanks everybody for reading!

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Great report!


You dealt with the Bulls forward charge very well, fortunately your fouler had a bad day.


Never got my head around your frenzy play, to my cost. Embarrassing to have one player surfed,  but a second & my best player, unforgivable on my part.


Unable to get a player number advantage, really struggling near the end,  thankfully you found so many sculls to save the day.


With my tv advantage, hoped i could win this one, but you played the better game, would have been no complaint`s if you had won.


My ball carrier is mng against   @james cookelves, though still have all 8 tacklers preparing themselves!


Gl for the rest of the season.


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  • 3 weeks later...

MD4 against the nurgle is the past... the dead stars and others tried hard to beat the stinky squad but we could not roll as good as they did in the end of the match and the sure draw we got faded to a loss!


At least we have a team to face the Brazilian top models... Hope it will be better then!

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  • 3 weeks later...

MD5 Frankolino Amazon

The dead stars gave the models a dead beauty treatment, several models (4) got surfed and Chuck was the actual MVP, he did everything to get the girls out of the game. He took a lot of blocks and acted as a surf bait without any success for the girls squad... then all of them got surfed, killed, removed... We cannot fire Chuck!


The rain was about robbing us the game, not able to pick the ball up during the first half we tried on the second half without any success for the dead stars and others...  but we finally picked up the ball with time enough to run and score.


1-0 for the dead stars and others, no damage to fight the undead team.


MD6 Elfic Undead

The typical game between undead and Khemri teams, we tried to take the control of the pitch as he tried as well. We killed a level 4 block mummy and made some casualties but he managed to score anyways. We both got some good and bad dice and finally got a draw, fair enough, all the dead stars and others will be able to face the woodies.


1-1 and we are in the middle of the table, still promotion chances.


MD7 The Sage woodies

The game started horribly for the woodies, a rock and snakes gave the dead stars and others the opportunity to take the control, injured wardancer and apo gone but... he could pick the ball up anyways on the second turn. We tried to control their offensive drive but the ball carrier did a 4+3+2+ dodges with ease to drop the ball to the right guy and scored in the end of the half... Typical elf BS.

The second half nuffle balanced the game and made the dead stars and others be able to score and to keep the ball safe from the evilish elf team!

No big damages to claim for after the game and still some chances to get a promotion, playing Chaos team next and if we win we will take his place on the table. Lets see what happens.


MD8 Midievil Chaos

The game started quite well for the dead stars and others, we killed the clawpomber -2MA busted goat, apoed just to confirm he was actually dead. We got some removals and gangfouled the mino 5 times or more just stunning him, that beast noted our names for the second half for sure! Scored on the 8th turn and second half started against 8 chaos players.


He started to remove the confident dead stars one by one, Sid Vicious will be MNG for the very last game of the season, some BH casualties or permanent regenerated ones, we reached the turn 15th and he decided to score, the chaos team felt confident on a 2 turns defence against khemri but... we have Jimi on our team, ST4 AG3 blogdestepper could make it happen!!!

Our turn 15th: 3 scoring threats and the ball on chuck hands... He prepared a line of 2 warriors to protect the TD line from Jimi, we managed to blitz  out one of them and we only need to...

2+2+ gfi to make a 4+ pass with pass skill (I cant remember if it was very sunny... who cares of the weather on khemri teams!!??

3+ catch

3+ dodge with dodge skill

2+ gfi for the TD


Pretty doable... VICTORY!!! Game robbed!


And at the end of the MD8 we are 3rd on the table, playing mirror match on the last week against BOB... He destroyed my team last time we faced on the pitch, hope this time we could have a game!


Bon Scott our block TG and Sid Vicious will be MNG, the MD9 will be so complicated, 320TV difference... only one thing is sure, we will have nice weather during the game!


Fingers crossed, lets see if we can finally dodge the Tier 2 curse!!!

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  • 3 weeks later...

The final match! 


Khemri mirror match... The last game we played @bob152 he literally destroyed my team, hope to have an actual game this time. Winning the game garantees promotion to T1.


The game started with a lot of inducements for the dead stars and others, wizard, setekh and receiving the kick off.


We did a fast drive, removing some skellies and keeping the ball safe but we could not stall and needed to start by Turn 5.


They picked the ball up with ease and start to remove the others from the pitch, we were in trouble... need to use the wizard but they could still score... on turn 8 the rookie thro ra went for the ball and his butterfingers did the rest... ball loose and still 1-0 for the dead stars and others!


Second half started and we are down in numbers. We need some treat to make the game turn to our side and we got a bunch of them on our sleeve.


I one game we could only blitz and hit one of the khemrites we managed to blitz a skellie and to push the freak ST6 TG into our blocking area, we KOed the skellie and knocked down the TG to the KO box!!!!


We are back in the game... Bob khemrites tried to find a way to go forward but we close every gate he tried to open, the game was on the last turns and we managed to get the ball loose.


Then nuffle started to play with us, some dice for me, some dice for Bob and definitely the ball ended on the Thro ra hands, nuffle jokes! In the end we could not stop him, and he tied the game... we tried to do a OTTD but we were short in numbers and we could not have even the chance to go for it.


Nice game, and hope to see those khemrites higher on tiers soon!!! Lets see what the next season has prepared for us...


Probably Chuck retirement time has come, lets see our first opponent on the next season to take the final decision on him.


We finally got promoted to Tier 1 and we are in the same division with:

4 Chaos

1 Nurgle

1 Underworld

1 ProElf

1 Humans

1 Lizards


We will probably got killed but... we will do our best, we hope they could kill themselves before we face them!


Thanks everybody for reading... 

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Season 12 preview:

Tier 1 1A

  • :khemri:Mongloom - OCC & ROLL - Khemri -
  • :chaos:midievil - Horned Harassers - Chaos -
  • :human:Vaehnin - Thieving Unfortunates - Human 
  • :nurgle:RTSD - Jump All Stars - Nurgle -
  • :chaos:Hudd - Blackstar Exes - Chaos -
  • :underworld:Borke - Warpstone Avengers - Underworld -
  • :chaos:TheSir - Inevitable Titans - Chaos -
  • :chaos:Stahlburg - [OCC] Deathbringers - Chaos -
  • :pelf:rsVordoca - Brother Elves - Elven Union -
  • :lizard:Skuld - Eddie the Lizard - Lizardman -


Too much killing power for the dead stars and others! Lets see when we must to face everybody!!! Starting nuffle sacrifices soon!!! We will need it!

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And the schedule for the season 12 has come!!!


MD1 :chaos:midievil - Horned Harassers - Chaos - DRAW

MD2 :human:Vaehnin - Thieving Unfortunates - Human - VICTORY

MD3 :nurgle:RTSD - Jump All Stars - Nurgle - DEFEAT

MD4 :chaos:Hudd - Blackstar Exes - Chaos -

MD5 :underworld:Borke - Warpstone Avengers - Underworld -

MD6 :chaos:TheSir - Inevitable Titans - Chaos -

MD7 :chaos:Stahlburg - [OCC] Deathbringers - Chaos -

MD8 :pelf:rsVordoca - Brother Elves - Elven Union -

MD9 :lizard:Skuld - Eddie the Lizard - Lizardman -


It looks pretty harmful, in regen we trust!

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MD1 :chaos:midievil - Horned Harassers - Chaos -


We have played against them during the last season but we have all the dice in our side, we killed his 99spp beastman and they will look for some revenge, that's sure.


We are 2080 vs 1720 but we have a 6+6 skill pending on Big Bopper, probably we will go for block but ST6 in this division could be helpful. So we will be 2080 vs 1750 or 1770, that gives us 300Kish  on inducements.


A minotaur chaos roster is not usual, but it scares a lot my poor guardians, probably that beast will be the cause we decide on BLOCK instead of the +ST. The warriors are Block+Guard+mb and one of the has claw but not pile on, the mino and this warrrior are the only 2 claw on the roster. A 14 men roster almos guarantees 11 players on the field every starting drive just in case he keeps everybody for the match. Lets see what nuffle has prepared for us on the game, it is not the bashiest team on the division to start with but it will be hard to deal with that horned army and the warriors!


Hail regen!!! We hope that will be my moto during the season!!!


Thanks everybody for reading and please pray for the dead stars and others and his race to the championship!

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  • 2 weeks later...

We have some news about the team, I am going to try to start to stream my games in twitch, will see how can I do it and then will put a link to the games right after.


MD2 Against @Vaehnin human team:



Sound was crap, I am working on it, hope to get it solved soon.


How did the game go... They got the fame and won the toss, they receive the ball. Pitch invasion got a 6 vs 1 prone players for the hummies... Jimi was prone!!! Tasty target for a foul!!!


The others took some hits but stayed on the pitch, and the foul not spotted by the ref got finally Jimi out of the pitch to the KO box. The dead stars tried to put some pressure on the ball... and they finally scored on turn 5, that gave us a lot of time to try to score and to get the draw before the half time.


The dead stars and others were ready to bash some oomies but... Perefect defence event!

We could not remove any piece from the oomie team but we Jimi picks the ball from the floor with ease.


Chuck, the tasty target, got his killer down on the field as he stayed stunned. The oomies were giving our dead stars and others a great course about how to dodge without fail any roll, and the dead stars and others took notes to try to learn how to do it in a future.


Justin stomps the killer till the injury box but the apo safes him from a MA bust. It was our payback course after the dodging help.


The human screen stops the dead stars going forward chances we need to open an alternative route to the TD line, we are on turn 6 now. By the end of the turn Jimi is almost in TD range but the covering cage is not the best we have built ever. So he gets to base Jimi with 2 players and we need to think twice what to do now... We have learn how to dodge, we prepared a wing change tactic and Jimi dodged till the other wing... we taught the oomies how to go for it as well in the middle.


The ogre was looking from the floor and when he tried to get up, he was too confused about seeing tomb guardians moving as fast as they did and blitz ras dodging so he failed the bone head roll. He tried to stop jimi by basing the ball with the catcher and blitzing with the ST4-AG2 blitzer he needs to dodge and then 2gfi, obviously the dodge went well but he failed the 1st gfi, rerolled into success and the... you all know it!! Another one and got a casualty.


After that we pushed away the catcher from Jimi and he scored right after 2 GFI rolls!!!


1-1 and the second half about to begin.


We receive the ball, his ST4 blitzer is out, the apo is gone... we have the game in our pocket! High kick not caught by Sid Vicious and the ball is loose just behind our LOS.


After some hits Jimi tried to pick the ball up but... he failed! We decided not to reroll as there was only 1/8 scatters that could spoil the play and... we all know the ball scattered that way out of our control!!!


The oomies took the control of the field and the ball. We tried to keep all the dead stars and others centered to keep the whole field covered. They decided to go near our right flank, he got Jimi injured (no long term effect) by a rerolled block into 2 pows but still the ball carrier was too exposed, the humans need to move the catcher to protect the ball carrier he is a pro dodger, he will do it easily, but he easily snaked the dodge and gave us a chance to hit the ball carrier.


Chuck based him and Joey blitzed him to the casualty box and caught the ball in the air too. Then, Sid vicious MA busted the last blitzer. After that recovery we could keep the ball safe on Joey's hands. On the way Justin fouled the catcher to the injury box, MNGing him.


The rest of the game was just the road till the TD and another victory for the dead stars and others.


Are we ready to face the killing nurgle on the next MD, no, we arent but we will try our best... hope most of the dead stars will be able to play another day and... who cares about the others?  NO one cares!!!


Thanks everybody for reading and many thanks to @Vaehnin for a really fun match!! Keep dodging my friend!

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And here it comes the MD3 match against the nurgle grinder: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/452127993



You can watch the game from turn 2 from the link above.


A wizard, 2 babes and setekh were hired for the match.


We win the toss and decide to receive the ball, we start to hit but poorly. Justin tried to foul with the same lack of success.


The nurgle hits the dead stars and others better and they got the first removals. The first removal for the dead stars and others came from a sent off on a rotter foul.


We swap the offensive side bot not getting any removal on the road and the dead stars and others were being removed one by one.


We failed some FA rolls, turn 5 and 10 vs 8, no more rerolls and time for the silly coach for a silly decision! Jimi tried to remove the pesti from the line but he did forget his frenzy skill and rolled a push into a 1db that obviously was a skull, the drive was over. He stunned himself.


The smelly recovers the ball and we fireballed 4 of them, 2 rotters removed and the ball loose. But pretty safe for them to be recovered by the dead stars. We tried to dodge but triped.


The pesti recovers the ball and moves forward, it is turn 6 we need to stop him. Joey did a 2gfi support for a 1db on Chuck block and we got him!!! AV break that probably avoids the nurgle to score in this drive... OHHH NOOO! The ST4 pesti blitzed Chuck with a gfi (AV break) and did another GFI to pick the ball up, he burned his last reroll to do the pick up.


Joey then dodged away from the warrior and blitzed the ball carrier out of the TD range the drive will end 0-0 in the end!!!


The good news is that we have still a team to play the next day... We will try to keep them out of the TD line.... but cruelest reality slaps our face and we started to get dead stars and others removed... well, we have 2 babes, we could probably try a 1TTD in the end! 


We tried our best to keep the lines but it was no way to stop that grinder we finally order the dead stars to stay prone and to wait for the 1TTD chance, only 4 dead stars and Adam Levine on the field in the end of his T16.


The time for the braves has come! Seth did a both down + Pow roll, hail juggernaut! Then another push and whe 3db time comes... 2pow + both down, bye bye to our chances to score! Time for the vanity pass and the spp for Sid Vicious... The game ended 1-0 it looks a loss but we did not lose anybody for our next match!


No levels at the end of the match and time to think on the next grinder... the killing horned machine!! A chaos team with no warriors.


My mic looks working properly now!!!!


Thanks everybody for reading!








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  • 2 weeks later...
On 7/15/2019 at 5:47 PM, Borke said:

Good to hear you also came out of the other end of this horrible matchup alive. Now go and kill some of those Chaos killing machines for me!

I could not kill anything but a rookie goat -1MA but I tried my best... Now our time has come!!! Dont kill my poor dead stars!!!

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MD4 against @Hudd the chaos chirurgical killer team.


3 Clawpomber beastmen and the SS Blodger Mino... It will be a hard day at the office!!


Here you can find the VOD just in cas you want to see what really happened... https://www.twitch.tv/videos/456528131



And here we go with the match report, I will try to do a short report now:




1st Half the chaos team win the toss and decide to receive the ball and start hitting... one turn after all the LOS others were injured and no regen.

On our turn 1 we got a rookie beastman MA busted and then we tried to foul the killer on the pitch and red card + stunned we were 10 vs 7


A bit after, Cliff Burton got killed and we were pretty bad in numbers but we tried our best to stop them... We forced him to dodge and he snaked the dodge!!! We recovered the ball but out of time... 0-0 at half time.


We start the second half low in numbers, and then... the stupid khemri coach did one of his famous plays, put the ball carrier in the middle of the field and then changed his mind and decided not to protect him. Under blizzard the chaos killer only needs to do a GFI to have a 2 dice blitz on the ball carrier and he got Sid Vicious Knocked down.


Then we tried to recover the ball and to keep our chances on the game but stunned players and lack of luck on scatters made it quite impossible. Finally his AG4 player got the ball and finally scored at the end of the match.


1-0 for the killers and we lost a TG, lets see what can we do against Borke the next week.


We lost the TG and Michael Bolton is MNGed but Big Bopper is leveled up, probably he will get BT or Guard or SF, probably Guard would be the best.


We are now 1-1-2 but it is a quite equalised league so, our chances to promote are still there.



Thanks everybody for reading!!!

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Well I was a bit out of that... holidays and RL stuff so... I will explain briefly what happened on the last three matches.


MD5 Against Mr Borke, we drained som luck from Mr Borke and won that game 1-0 but we got some damage. We signed Kurt Cobain as our 4th TG and he got MNGed. Adam Levine died and... Chuck Berry died as well. We will miss you,  you gave us a lot of big moments Chuck!! Rest in peace.


MD6 We could not arrange a game due to TheSir holidays and mine ones.


MD7 Against Stahlburg Chaos... we did manage to somehow score on his offensive drive after having 2 players injured on the very first turn of the game, one of them... Kurt Cobain died and not regened of course. 

In our offensive drive we took a lot of care being backwards but... we rolled a couple of bad rolls and the chaos team rolled everything he needed and scored on turn 14. 

We managed to avoid his hits on our ballcarrier and placed our BC forward 2gfi and a couple of dodges away from his CW so... he rolled the 4+ 3+ 2+ 2+ and knocked me down and stunned BC, I could have recovered the ball by pushing the Blodgestepper CW but failed the first rolled I tried... 1-1 in the end.


Next week I face the pro elf team, we need the victory... We have only 3 TG... we need a name for the fourth one... Any Idea:

Lemmy Killmister

Big Bopper

Bon Scott

Are the present TGs


Jim Morrison, Cliff Burton and Kurt Cobain have been present on the dead stars and others team at any moment.


David Bowie... maybe? I could also upgrade Chuck Berry from a dead Thro ra to an undead TG! I will hear some opinions, please @Borke dont bless my new TG in the same way you did with Kurt!!!




BTW... I would be playing my MD8 game normally on Sunday at 8:00, probably live on twitch as well, but I need to fix my mic issues.

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