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The Rules!


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These are the rules of Orca Cola Brawl


Note: These will most likely be expanded upon as time goes by. When applicable, the rules from the main league are in effect.


Rule #1: Behaviour

The Code of Conduct of the Orca Cola Championship applies to all coaches participating in the Orca Cola Brawl, and by submitting a team to the Orca Cola Brawl or otherwise participating in the Orca Cola Brawl, you agree to adhere to the Code of Conduct.

Rule #2: Concessions

Don't concede matches. Coaches enter the Orca Cola Brawl to play matches, respect this even when you might be experiencing a particularly rough game. Your team might be destroyed, or you might destroy your opponent's team - be gracious in victory or defeat and play your matches to the end.

That being said, we will not be as strict on coaches who do concede a match as we are in the Orca Cola Championship main league (where zero tolerance applies). As long as you don't exceed 6 concessions within the period of a 6 month ladder season, you will be fine (unless you somehow abuse concessions or use them to grief your opponents).

Rule #3: Disconnects

If a disconnection happens, try to re-connect immediately and continue the match. In the event that you were unable to re-connect, make a post on these forums as soon as you can and briefly explain, otherwise we might count the match as a concession.


Brawl 2.0 Rules


Rule #1: Competition settings

Every season from S16 there are new rulesets each season. Team must be made following that seasons rules.


Rule #2: Competition duration

Season is on default 5 matchdays long and each matchday lasts for two weeks. If all matches are played before deadline matchday moves forward in advance.


Rule #3: Admins

Currently there are only one admin running this format, named Ratamo.


Ladder rules

Rule #1: Ladder settings

Only new teams can enter, no custom teams, no mixed teams. Turns are set to 3 minutes, ageing is turned off, stadium enhancements are turned on. Awards are no longer being handed out for the ladder.

Rule #2: Ladder duration

The ladder now runs indefinitely.

Rule #3: Admins

The admin team for the Orca Cola Brawl ladder is Borke.

If you have any questions or feel that anything needs to be added to the rules, please post in the questions forum. Alternatively, you can also catch us on our Discord server: https://discord.gg/nH6EKQ8

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