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First some basics.


42 or 50 games on the champion ladder, need to see which I pick. Frequent resets and work could make things complicated.

Absolutely no conceding or restarting. If the entire team dies game 1, so be it.

TV optimizing? A bit, I mean my opponents are likely to do it anyhow. Firing gnoblars (or other players who just don't benefit much) who get a (mostly) useless skill is fine. Firing crippled players is fine.

Firing mummies who don't get a double in x skills is not.


One team per season seems to be reasonable. Normally I'd want to play a game with each race to have the standings between the races mean something, but the resets makes that not possible.


Records so far:


Ogres: 11-4-10

Norse: 1-4-2

Pro Elf: 10-4-2

Orcs: 6-3-1

Goblins: 0-2-0

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A few more matches played.


10-4-10 now.


14 ogre skillups, no fun ones.

TD: 23-20

Cas: 55-79


Red Baron is still the only noteworthy player. He has picked up Sprint since the last report (he rolled 11 again, the bastard).


Fun times were had in the last game:


Deep kick vs Chaos Dwarfs (they had hthark and an extra apo).

He makes his LOS blocks, forgets to pick up the ball.


2 blocks, one TTM (re-roll on the landing), pickup 3 gfi's. 1-0 concede.

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1-4-0 Which isn't hot, but the players are leaving the pitch left right and center.


TD 7-4

Cas 8-9 or somesuch


1 Niggled Wrestle Ulfwerner

+1 Ulfwerner


Picked up a few more skills.

The one living Berserker has Mighty Blow

A lineman has Tackle

The thrower got Sure Hands


I also managed to annoy a skaven player by making 2 3+ dodges, 2 2+ gfi's, a pickup and a 4+ pass (with pass) and then catch the ball on 3+ (using the team re-roll).

He blatantly ignored the fact that he hit my blodger once (with a linerat), cased him and stole the ball. So, yeah I was the lucky one.

I also managed to surf two of his players with a blitz and stun the player I was actually blitzing. Bwaha.

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Thanks to a fine combination of work being stupid and my team having 4 retirements/deaths (on the few skilled players to boot) in the last game I am actually going to abandon this team at 1-4-1.


I wouldn't get many more games in anyhow before the end of the season (whenever that is) and the state of the team doesn't really help to motivate things either.

Six games is just too little to count for anything anyhow.

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Apparently I was wrong. 

I had the urge to play a game, but that was an utter waste of an hour.


I could dodge (but nothing else) for the first three quarters of the game, then nothing.


My opponent broke my armor (with just a beast of nurgle to modify anything, no players had any skills) 20 out of 48 blocks. That's  just nuts.



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Match 3: High elves. Severely outbashed. Lost.


Match 4; Same High elves. Didn't get outbashed severely. Won.


Match 5: Bretonnians. Took 2 cas on turn 1. Somehow scored twice in the 2nd half but couldn't stop him from tying the game on T16. Draw.


Match 6: Chaos. Fairly straight forward 2-1 win. Could do a few passes and whatnot to get extra SPP. The game had 5 armor breaks in total.


In these 4 games I've broken my opponents armor 12 times combined.

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Match 8:  Vs nurgle.


After a deep kick he doesn't even get into my half during his drive.

During my drive we obviously get a Perfect Defense, because why not. After that I get past his line and then the ridiculousness starts. Pow after pow after dodging (repeatedly) to hit my ball carriers, followed by incredibly poor ball bounces.


He eventually gets the ball and there's not much I can do. However, I make sure he can't score.


Armor breaks? 1. 

My Dodge, Tackle blitzer had the choice of -st or -ma. Guess I'll be replacing him soon(ish).



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After a rather long break we're back with two games vs wood elves.


First was a 3-4 loss (he had a ma10 one with sure feet and a wizard). I hit that player whenever I could, but alas.

2nd was against someone with an Ag6 catcher. He complained a lot. I won 2-1 after reducing his team to one player in the 2nd half.


9-3-2 as I seem to have played a draw at some point. Can't recall the game but the stats shouldn't lie.

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