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brocCooLis Pidpad challange


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because lack of life.


first out chaos (Spela Shoreline!) in CL. and because i got tired around match 25 and only played 29 games with chaos, all other will also be played 29 games.



so far in order:
Chaos - Spela Shoreline - 7-5-17
Khemri - Pierres Khemri - 11-6-12

Wood Elf - The Curse of the Tree - 17-4-8

Dark Elf - witch witch - 13-6-10

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finished 11-6-12 with khemri.


learned a few things.

first: im not very good at updating the progress.

second: lost a bunch of games due to lack of concentration because i watched netflix at the same time. so when/if i want to play more competitive i cant do it with half interest like i do now.

third: probably something but i forgot it :P

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played against slann. had 3-1 in the beginning of the second half, but lost 3-4. really nice game.




also played a game earlier, probably game 4 or something, but the opponents computer shut down and they couldnt connect before time out concede. had played one half and maybe 2-3 turns. not sure to count that as win or not. but probably will.



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