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Season 1 Winners!


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It's over a week since we finished the inaugural season of the OCB (it feels a lot longer already, actually), so it's high time we announced the winners. The honour and fame of coaching the best three teams of the OCB Season 1 goes to:


#1 Orielensis - Get the Admin!!! (Underworld) - 13-3-2

#2 Ozone - Hope for Pows (Necromantic) - 14-5-6

#3 Rymdkejsaren - Two Horns to Ride (Chaos) - 14-4-7


Congratulations to all of you, and in particular to Orielensis, our first OCB champion!


At some point in the future we will have awards, too, and we will add the well deserved awards to all three of you then :D

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