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Season length discussion


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I'm putting out a feeler about season length. Currently, we're on a 3-month season, but it's clear that most of the activity was in the first 6 weeks or so and that activity is slowing down.


How do people feel about 2-month seasons?


This is an open discussion which will advise the admins, who will make a final decision based on a number of factors.

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I have found it tough to get a game once approaching mid tv.


Actually happy to start new teams as it’s the quality of games/opponents I like about the brawl.


But in terms of competition the way the ladder works it prefers more games up to quite a high cap for our ladder (42). So if it’s tough to get games for your main team after the first month then you become de facto out of contention.


I’d be happy trying 2 months.

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1 hour ago, Rymdkejsaren said:

Not until my zons have had a shot at death or glory! :)


Anyway, I am guessing the plan is to start with 2-month seasons when this season closes at the end of March. It's easy to see why new coaches may be discouraged to start a team when the leaderboard looks like it does now.


a shot at death can be arranged!

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