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The Trials of Arn Andersen (Stormheim Kings)


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Season 5 was my first season in OCC and my first time playing Norse.


Starting Roster was as follows:


2 x Ulf

2 x Beserker

2 x Runner

6 x Lineman

2 x RR


It didn't go great and I finished with a record of 2-2-5. However, I managed to get my 3rd RR, get an apo, recover from losing a Beserker, and even get some SPP on the right players. The team started to show a little bit of potential and decided to keep going with them (roster can be found here)


Along the way, one player has stood out - Arn Andersen


He got MVP in one of the early matches, but then got cas'd (with the injury roll being a niggle) in the next match. I was ready to fire & replace him, but he got MVP, levelled and he rolled a double to become my first Guard player. In my head, I thought I'd keep him until he died and just be a bit careful with his positioning. He did ok in the following matches and got another MVP, despite his tendency to spend matches in the KO box. Arn survived to the end of the first season and, despite my best efforts for him not to be, he became my highest value lineman.


Season 2 MD 1 - Arn quickly (turn 2 or 3) gets himself knocked down and removed from the pitch. This time it's an armour bust. Of course, end of the match and who gets the MVP? Good ol' Arn, giving him enough SPP to level again. I feel a bit attached to the guy now and am split on what to do - keep him & give him something like Fend, or just sack him and be done with it? I have 150K saved up but was planning to buy a Yhetee next.

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I think he needs to go, rather sooner than later. When you compare him to a Loner Lineman, you've got the Guard, but you have a LOT less survivability (armor break on 7+, removal on 7+; worse when hit my MB). I'd say that you're going to get to enjoy that Guard on average for 3 turns per match, then he's gone. That's not worth the 50 TV, as well as the danger of him landing even more MVPs. At least in my book.

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So, for those of you that were wondering, Arn has been handed a nice pension scheme and sent to live out the rest of his days drinking in some Viking hall.


Stepping up to replace Arn though is the mighty Øystein Skald-Tórfuson! This guy had a great MD2 and levelled up with a double 6. All hail the new king!


I rolled 11 for an Ulf level up too but I’ll be passing on +AG for him.


Odd-Rune Sveinsson also took a heavy hit from a TG to leave him -AV so he may well be joining Arn shortly.

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