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OCC BB2 World Cup 2018 Qualifier - Sign-Up


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The Orca Cola Championship is running a qualifier for the BB2 World Cup 2018. Please see the announcement here.


If you want to participate, please post below, using the following template:


Coach name (in-game BB2):


Team name:

Confirm that you fulfill the age requirements of the BB2 World Cup 2018:


Note that you can change your team and team name before the sign-up deadline, but you need to add a new post to this thread for that. Please do not edit your posts.


If you have questions or want to discuss the OCC BB2 World Cup 2018 Qualifier, you can do so here.


Sing-up closes March 30, 2018. Any sign-ups after that date might still get in, but are not guaranteed a spot.

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