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Season 2 Winners!


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Season 2 of the OCB has ended. Thanks to everyone for a great season!


As announced previously, this is the first season in which we will be handing out awards both for the best teams, and for the best overall coaches. We still need to run some calculations to determine the best coaches, but in the meantime, let me present to you the best teams this season (and their coaches).


OCB Season 2 Team Champion


It's @Frank Furter and his Chaos Dwarf team Below the Belt Brawlers, with a record of 18-4-2!


OCB Season 2 Team Runner-Up


Just behind it's @Mongloom with an impressive Khemri run with his team Elisa Rules, finishing at 13-2-0!!


OCB Season 2 Team Runner-Runner-Up


And finally there's @Orielensis, who coached his Orc team Borkes to an equally impressive 12-5-0!!!


Congratulations to all!

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