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I decided to buy the blood bowl skaven team from the games workshop website. It'll be my first blood bowl team and I mainly did it because I miss painting more than anything.


But I noticed the team only comes with 2 gutter runners out of the box and well I like to play with all 4. You can't order them seperatly on games workshop, the fantasy gutter runners come with swords, are made out of steel and like old and more doglike. So my question is where can I best get the other blood bowl gutter runners?

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I got my Ogre squad from http://www.rnestudio.com.

The models are gorgeous and very well made and I didn't pay any costs for shipping so in total it was something like 100€ for 16 models.


He also sells models separately and he's pretty quick to respond on his Facebook page if you have questions about delivery, etc. I'd definitely recommend these guys.

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Problem is that most 3rd party miniatures are smaller than the current GW line, so you have to be careful at picking up individual skavens from 3rd party as they might be too small. That said, there are several brands that are getting up to speed but haven't seen many new skaven models.


The curious thing is that GW boxes are actually quite cheap, and if you ever plan to have an underworld team, buying 2x boxes of the skaven team gives you all required miniatures for both teams (4 blitzers, 4 throwers, 4 gutter runners, tons of grinded meat... I mean, linerats). 

Anyway, check the different 3rd party options at
Black scorpion has a set of 2 GR

And Greebo have the most amazing sculpts out there (but they ain't cheap and, as said, they are 28mm scale instead of 32)

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