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Season 3 Winners!


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Greetings Brawlers!


It is time to crown the champions of the Orca Cola Brawl Season 3! Unfortunately it was somewhat of a slow season, especially towards the end, no doubt influenced by the WC Qualifying frenzy.


Nevertheless, there were some great performances, and we are here to honour the coaches. First of all, the team competition:


OCB Season 3 Team Champion


@Galenth managed to make a near perfect run with his Skaven team, The Dreams, ending 8-1-0


OCB Season 3 Team Runner-Up


Second place was taken by @Frank Furter, who was outspoken and brobably outbashed most of his opponents with his Norse team, Let me be Frank with you!, ending 5-3-1.


OCB Season 3 Team Runner-Runner-Up


For this first time in OCB history, there is a tie, and it's a three-way tie even! @Orielensis, @Bärserk and @bob152 all ended on 4-2-0, with their respective teams: Elf Correcting System (Wood Elf), The Biggest Brawler (Necromantic) and Green Hellz (Orc).



Onwards to the coach competition! As you all know, for this competition the scores are added up across all teams for each coach. Also, this competition has a lower threshold on the number of matches played to get a maximum ranking. @dode came through with the calculations again (Thanks!) and so we have the final table:




Based on this, our congratulations go to:


OCB Season 3 Coach Champion


It's @Galenth again, he makes it a double (with only one team)!


OCB Season 3 Coach Runner-Up


@bob152 proves that he's got the skillz with multiple teams, well done!


OCB Season 3 Coach Runner-Runner-Up


@Bärserk follows closely, also with a good record across multiple teams!



Once again, congratulations to everyone. I'll be handing out your awards and Orca Coins shortly.

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Thanks :)!


I admit my rats took advantage of a peculiar situation and run with it. I'd nearly be ashamed if I played Bretonnians or High Elves, but... Skaven! I promise to spend every coin in bounties on the Championship's top players :p.


I'd like to leave you with the image of the man who inspired the jersey of my team "The Dreams": The American Dream Dusty Rodhes. He made me smile when I was a kid.


Brawl on!



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