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A Fling and a Prayer - Dirty Fockers Team Blog


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On 2/1/2019 at 8:42 PM, Larkstar said:

MD 2 against Mongloom and his Khemri.  We were at his stadium, so normal Star prices meant we took Chef, Deeproot, Zara and spent 50k from the treasury to get a Wizard.  Pretty nice bang for the buck with Zara getting to reach her full potential.  We managed a very nice 8 turn drive during the 1st half, though we risked the stall by allowing a 4+, 4+, 3+ two-dice Frenzy blitz (by a non Tackle player) on our Blodge ball carrier, Fat Focker. I'd do it again, but it very nearly worked as we were bailed out by Double Skulls after one of the dodges required a Reroll.   1 - 0 at the half!


2nd half and Mongloom opted to take the Both Down rather than Reroll the:zBD::zBD::zAD: 3 dice block from a Guardian on a Fling.  Guardian gets KO'd while Fling is fine!  Good times.  =)  Complicating things was the fact Khemri had yet to try to pick up the ball!  Continuing the trend from last match, both attempts to stick the Throw Teammate landing fail.  But next turn, the Throw-Ra fails the pick up giving us another shot!  We make the 4+ Landing, we crush the 4+ pick up with the ball in one tackle zone, and breeze the 2+ GFI to score making it 2 - 0!  That, ladies and gentlecoaches is why you play Halflings.  :D


Khemri manage a pretty spectacular break away pass play, but even ST 4 AG 3 Blitz-Ras can't hide from a Wizard.  Successful Bolt and KO meant we could recover with wonder Fling Fat Focker in our own end zone and then go coast to coast to win 3-0!


On the whole, my dice were simply outstanding.  AND, we got our very first Piling On Casualty on turn 15!  One of the better performances in the history of the Dirty Focker franchise and lets us claim the top spot in Div 2A.  Even if it's only temporary.  ;)

An absolute pleasure to lose to flings! Not a single chance to do a single thing but always fun!


Keep kicking some asses in our division, I want a rematch on T1 next season!

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Well, it's time to say goodbye to the Dirty Fockers.  They had an amazing run all the way up to Division 1, earning a number of scalps along the way.  We finished this season at 3-2-4 in Division 2A, good enough for 6th place and likely safe from relegation. But it's time for something new.  I've been wanting to play Humans in a league for a long time, so that's where we're headed.  =)  


Super proud of the career record, with all 19 of those wins being earned (no forfeits!).  What have we learned?  We learned taking Jump Up as the first double on a Treeman was every bit as good as expected.  Piling On later in development?  Not so much.  LOL  But it was fun to experiment with it.  We learned just how much we missed having an AG 4 Fling. =(  Still, we put up an acceptable 5-4-8 record without Cruel Focker toting the ball.

So long Dirty Fockers!  May your retirement be full of feasts!  


S4 Division 6F : 4 Wins, 4 Draws, 1 Loss - 16 points 3rd 

S5 Division 4C: 2 Wins, 6 Draws, 1 Loss - 12 points 6th

S6 Division 3A: 3 Wins, 1 Draw, 5 Losses - 10 points 7th

S8 Division 2A: 5 Wins, 2 Draws, 2 Losses - 17 points 3rd

S9 Division 1B: 2 Wins, 3 Draws, 4 Losses - 9 points 8th

S10 Division 2A: 3 Wins, 2 Draws, 4 Losses - 11 points 6th


Career: 19 Wins, 18 Draws, 17 Losses

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