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Waleed's Pidpad Challenge...


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..and began it, with my first race:
PCW Humans.
Played against a Chaos Team - he tight caged, I did falling back and an occasional block. he lost 2 Casualties in the block war and was stuck at halfway line by T6...and he conceded.
Zero chat contact.

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Played Game 3 after a S33 2A MD1 match where I forgot to use one of my best players in the second half.... :wacko:

A tight 1-0 Human win - was looking bad until the Underworld Coach fouled with the Troll and got sent off in the second half, meaning I was able to break free and score T16.

PCW Humans 3-0-0
...and ranked 565th out of 5333 Teams.

The 50 games are going to take a while...

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it might be easier to do it in two, 25 + 25 and with new team both times.

will also be a bit faster (it will feel that way at least).

both its not really about doing it 'the right way' since there are no right way, as long as you play bb and have something to aim for :)

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I have only Coached humans two times before...from memory.

In 1997 in 3rd Ed Tabletop.
Then in 2012 or so...BBCE in a Cripple Cup Competition.

Feels so different from Chaos and Dark Elves - the two teams I am used to.
I think I will keep going to get to 50..even when COL reboots.



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Played Match 4 - my son was out for lunch so I got a quick game in on his pc :D
Another close 1-0 Human win.

My  1100+ humans  faced a 1500+ Orc Team.
I took a Wizard, 2 Babes, 2 Merc Linemen [and a Journeyman Lineman].

First half Orcs battered my team - used a Wizard to floor some but a Black Orc got the ball and legged it to my EZ. 
1d Human Blitz got me the ball, and a long pass to a Blitzer got me a defensive TD.

Second half me down players, including the Ogre, to sweltering heat - 11 Orcs beagn taking my 10 Humans apart - lost my Blodge Catcher st bust to a gangfoul....but I hung on for turn after turn by running away to the sidelines, my own EZ, with one wingman to stop the crowdsurf - was I glad the Orcs were MA5 and MA6...phew.

Opponent was pleasant and focussed: he did not make any errors- the Wizard and a long pass got me the win.

PCW Humans 4-0-0
...and ranked 444th out of 5550 Teams.

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...game 5 played...and an 1140 v 1140 game against some Lizardmen.
Was a pleasant surprise to play against an equal TV team.

End of first half I was 1-0 up on my drive and he was 2 players down for the second half..Saurus KO'd and Skink BH..he conceded.
He was polite and a bit quiet.

First game in a while with no stat bust, death or MNG: so was able to recruit post game: now have a squad of ten, plus one Journeyman, for game 6. :)

Humans on 5-0-0, and 337th out of 5652 Teams.

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Game 6 played....against a 300+ higher WE Team...squad of 14, no Treeman.
I took a Wizard and Zug.

Got a bitz KO result and  a big scrum, opponent in full on contact, taking 1d reroll blocks on my ballcarrier - he conceded T6...not sure..when he skull reroll skull with a Wardancer.
My Wizard had failed, my Apothecary been used - he had 2 or 3 casualties by this tine and a KO - I had a full squad, but had used my Apothecary.

Squad is finally at full strength - after the game recruited a Lineman.

1x Thrower

2x Catchers

4x Blitzers

1x Ogre

3x Linemen

3 RR, an Apothecary, 1 Cheerleader and an Assistant Coach.

Record at 6-0-0.

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Played an OYBBL League game where my Dark Elves were breezed past by +410 Vampires - and in 30+ blocks did not even stun a Thrall...so played a game in this challenge for fun..and outnumbered some Chaos in the block battle,  who were 160 TV below me...broke free by T7...Chaos conceded.

Joys if BB - I knock down many Thralls, some with with MB...nothing...knock down AV8 Beastmen and stun them and KO one....plus crowdsurf stunned another;) Lost one Lineman BH
Record 7-0-0

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Game 8 played...a very good hard game, a 2-2 Home draw against a souped up Skaven team.
He had +MA, +ST, +AG, Sidestep, Wrestle mix on Runners, MB Claw and MB Tackle Storm Vermin, and a mix of wrestle and unskilled Linemen with a Dirty PLayer...I liked his build.

I took a  Wizard and 2 Babes with my 250 Inducements.

First half he want all aggressive - my team outnumbered and unable to break through: had to use the Wizard to floor a group of 4 to make a gap to score..only 2 stunned.
Skaven scored in 2 turns with ease: they outnumbered me 11-8 after the LoS blocks
Score 1-1


Second half:

Skaven broke through and stalled with superior numbers - they scored when I based everyone in my half and near the EZ.

Score 1-2
Gave me 4 turns to equalize..and he went all in - my team smothered, BUT managed to get parity, 9 v 9 by T14..and on T15 actually got a numbers advantage of 9 Humans v 8 Skaven.
....and on T16 scored.

A solid tight game.
I am going to try and get some MB or Tackle for my blitzers.
Three have Guard, one Limena has Block , and my Thrower has +ST and Block.
Bought a 12th player,  a Thrower.
A mini death and sat bust spiral in the early games cost me a Blitzer, a Levelled Catcher, and a couple of Linemen...iirc.

Record with Humans now 7-1-0

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Game 9 played, a 2-1 home win over Chaos Dwarfs.
 A good pleasant coach.
He took the Star Bull Centaur with his inducements.

First half I slowly advanced and scored T8 - was difficult as they smothered me after I crowd surf stunned their star bull on their EX. and they got the ball on T7.
I was down 4 players to his 2: lost Ogre MA Bust/Dead. Thrower, Catcher, Lineman three KO's. He had a Hoggoblin casualtied and one sent off.
Scor 1-0

8 Humans v 10 Chaos Dwarfs and they scored in 4 turns.
Acore 1-1

I got two KO's back
10 Humans v 10 Chaos Dwarfs [3 Bull Centaurs, 6 Chaos Dwarfs, 1 Hobgoblin]
I went for a right hook advance and scored T15 after a bad T14 for him - he lost a Hobgoblin and a Bull Centaur casualtied.
Score 2-1.

Squad of 2 Throwers, 4 Blitzers, 2 Catchers and 3 Linemen for game 10.
Will be able to afford an Ogre after next game if all goes well.

Record now 8-1-0

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Game 10 played....opponent conceded T8.
Faced some souped up Lizardmen, but only 11 in Squad - took a Wizard, Zug and a Babe.
Opponent polite.

First half managed to batter them, 4 Skinks down [three cas, one Apothe in Reserves], they scored T7.
My T7 outflanked them with two catchers and 2 Blitzers..my Thrower got the ball ready to pass to a Blitzer who would hand off to a catcher on T8....and opponent conceded.

Record 9-1-0.

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Stuck in the house doing loads of laundry....son not ont he pc, so played game 11.
Had 160k in Treasury....
...had forgotten to buy Ogre, but though see what happens.
I have an Ag4 Thrower and a S4 Thrower, will use them in tandem.

Drawn against Halflings with multiple stat and double boost Halflings and multi-skilled [but no doubles] Trees....
...I have no Tackle so bought a Wizard.

Opponent pleasant and chatted in game.
He took Zara and a Chef.

First Half:
Non stop smacking each other, had to use a Wizard to stop him scoring on T5....then got the ball up the pitch from near my EZ and scored T8.
I had lost a Lineman BH, him 2 Halflings BH.

Second Half:
11 v 11.
Things fell apart for the Halflings, but they still got the ball off me by T14, but on T15 Zara failed a dodge and self casualtied so she was unable to await the pass [she would have been clear deep in my half].
T16 my plays all worked, from blitz, block, dodge, pick up, pass to catch.
Score 0-2 away won...the Halflings failed their one Turn TD attempt when the AG4 Sure Feet Halfling fell 3 squares back scatter so unable to reach my EZ.

Lost 3 players this half, 2 BH, one Niggling [Rookie Catcher].
He lost 5 this half, 1 BH, 1 dead, one Niggling, and 2 KO.

Humans on 10-1-0.

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Had some spare time so a Challenge game it was.
Lost 2-1 away from home to some Undead.
They took a Wizard and a Bribe with some Treasury and Inducements.

First half they took off four players and scored in 5 Turns.
I managed to Equalize in 3.
Score 1-1

Second half they went all in after their Wizard took my ball carrier off on T2.
We scrambled around the ball and it went back and forth until T16 their final play worked and they scored.

A goodclose game against a pleasant opponent. :)

Played the game outnumbered by 2-4 players - his two MB worked, my three did not.

Didn't cause one Casualty - lost 2 MNG and 6 KO'd.
Managed to KO one Ghoul and he had a ZOmbie sent off
Final score 1-2 away loss.

A good work-out :D

Humans on 10-1-1

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  • 1 year later...
19 hours ago, Waleed said:

Right..no time today..but in the next few weeks may start this :).
Not going to write up what happens..just going to play the games..and post when 50 reached for a race.


Maybe just post your record every 10 games or so?


I'm at 48 with my Underworld team - got two into today because my first opponent (Wood Elves) conceded after I managed to stop their score, then my second oppo (Brets) conceeded for no discernable reason - he had just rerolled a block on a gobbo into dub skulls and I had a fairly clear run up one side,  but couldn't score and he'd have been able to re-position to prevent.


Leaves me 19-9-19!

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