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Season 11 Signups

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On 4/26/2019 at 10:42 PM, wismerhill said:

Glad you found your way here!

Thanks wismerhill!! just the watched the replay of our match... who can forget the why bother moving your catcher play! or why bother pressing blitz when you blitz... and that thrower now has safe throw just to spite that fumble! all good fun, thx for the match

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22 hours ago, Badger69 said:

Thanks. Got the team ready:


Coach Name: Badger69

Team name: Athletico Mince

Race: High Elf

This thread is only for Season 11, you will be included in the reserves list for the present season.


Season 12 thread will be open in some seasons,  you would need to post on that thread by then.

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We have had recently a drop so... we would have a seat for a new coach if interested... Still 4 matches to end the 11th season and the chance to keep that team for season 12 or just reroll to a different one at the end of the season.

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