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Blood Bowl 3


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8 minutes ago, AllyRdr said:

On the plus side, the team customisation is the best version we've had yet. Gave my human team the glorious red and white hooped jerseys they've been waiting all these years to play in.

I am one of a handful of people here who understood that!


Been trying the campaign mode. Made it through the first match, the second has crashed twice with no obvious way to resume.

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50 minutes ago, BallztotheWalla said:

Reconnecting will not be in for the next 6 months at least.

it’s  nowhere ready for launch before 2024, shit even I was way to optimistic.



If this is true I expect OCC to remain a BB2 league for some time. 

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13 minutes ago, BallztotheWalla said:

Looks like it but might just come for free when the paid content release. But it won’t be in before august at the earliest.


but don’t worry nothing will work before that anyway and there won’t be any new teams or star players before that either

League play certainly will not be viable until this is in place anyway. I remember BB1 when admins had to watch replays and guess the most likely outcome of a dropped match. No way are we doing that again.

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38 minutes ago, bob152 said:

i am told that the current version does not allow any admin results to be put in. so i doubt any of the leagues can even jump to bb3 until that is resolved. 

I rarely buy new games. This is why.


I can live with patching for bugfix purposes, but releasing blatantly unfinished product with vague promises about making it worthwhile later is far too common.

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16 hours ago, BallztotheWalla said:

It’s in the roadmap as a feature you will have to pay for, set to release in august which will probably mean 24 earliest

Not exactly, most games with this system have general elements rolled in for everyone and part for those that paid the pass. The Seasonal Content seems to be for those that pay the pass, the rest is for everyone.


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Hey all,


Well, I too was optimistic about rejoining the OCC on X-Box once BB3 dropped.


With anticipation, I *attempted* to play my first game.

After days, I did.


The game is shit!


And I remember how bad BB2 was when it came out!


They haven't even ay new stuff for Jim and Bob. And that hurts.


The end!

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It's an unmitigated disaster. Again. Whenever Cyanide gives me a glimmer of hope that they are learning and improving, they end up sinking their own battlecruiser. And whatever the underlying reasons may be (poor funding, unforeseen problems, etc.), to my mind, the problems with BB3 development and launch can have no other explanation than sheer incompetence coupled with a staggering overconfidence. Three games and they keep making the same mistakes as well as failing at fundamental tasks a dev studio with their experience should be able to handle.


I'd like to add that the above is no reason to roast/harass Cyanide representatives on their Discord or in any way personally attack them online. I say that because that's clearly the way a lot of people vent their frustrations, and I do not condone it.


With that said, I've half a mind to start a petition to GW to hand the license over to a competent dev studio. Only I doubt it would do much good?

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In the meantime, representatives from many private leagues have come together and sent an open letter to Cyanide. The OCC has also signed this open letter, asking to implement the basic admin tools required to run leagues in BB3. You can view the open letter here.

Interesting. How can one sign this letter?

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