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The Priests Of Nuffle Invitational


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Ever wanted to run a team with Humerus Carpal?  Wanted to see if all the fuss about Slibli is true?


Well, now's your chance. This is a random star RES tourney where we'll randomly assign a star player to you - then you'll have to build a team around them.


There's a physical trophy to play for, as well as the usual bragging rights.


Interested?  Sign up and fluff:- https://forms.gle/xgADwBreGNHutR1s5

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On 6/2/2019 at 9:21 PM, Waleed said:

Cor..this is superb :)
...hope you get many applicants.
Due to RL I cannot play...RL is very busy until after 28th August 2019.


this was originally to fill a gap while some of the RPS leagues were on playoffs... but it seems to have taken on a life of it's own!

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After a successful season 1, we're back with season 2!


Congrats to @Ozonefor taking the glittering prizes!


PONI not only tests your skill as a player, but also your knowledge of the meta as you are assigned a random star to build a team around. 


It could be Griff.  It could be Morg.  It'll probably be Crazy Igor....


Please sign up here:-https://forms.gle/NkL7Jwaf5dgtvqpy7

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What do:-


Boomer Ezaisson

Soaren Hightower

Deeproot Strongbranch & Zara the Slayer

Morg ‘N’ Thorg


All have in common?


They are the Stars that coaches have won the Priest of Nuffle Invitational with!


Do you want to test your mettle in both team design and playing skill?  Join the only BB2 PC competition where Nuffle decides your star, but you choose the team supporting them.  


14 day match days with 5 qualifying games and 16 team (probably) playoffs.


Mainly European, but welcoming to all coaches worldwide (the 14 days give you plenty of time to schedule)


Sign ups:- https://forms.gle/nCkVRG3CrdcmSfhWA


15-20 cm Resin Cup for the winner, wooden spoons by discretion.  Sign up today (closes Sunday 25th April

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