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Death to hipster gummy bears


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Looking at the start of season 12 , i'm looking to start a team blog. I have never ever did something like this before and instead of talking about my existing occ team which played 4 seasons i'm starting a new team so i can blog from the start of the team. As English is not my native language i will try to do this as good as possible. i hope you guys enjoy this and that i can keep this up (very busy schedule.


On a rainy evening in june , in the tavern that is located at hooirt 55 (read horde55) in a small orc town called Hamm  between some big orc capitals called Vent (Gent)  and Handthrowing (Antwerp), some big green fellows are having a secret meeting. They all are from different tribes and are toghether because they have 2 big weaknesses: Bloodbowl and smoking the good juice. 

After throwing out the curious gobbos , eating the waitress and harassing some players from the Hamse puiten they convinced (do or die)  coach asiemoagelis (a puny little human who also smokes the good fluids) to train them to become the new blood bowl revelation'. They saw Asie coaching the lizards form the little leagues into tier 3 , where the last match day will decide if they win the divions or not. When the lizzies started they we're not much better as the giant toads found in every muddy pool in the realm. As orcs are da biggest and meanest they ar certain they can do even better and reach the highest divisions.

But there are 2 big problems for this team , most of their tribes are at war with eachother , and they really don't have names that could be star player names. they have  names like  Grakk, blurp , uggh , ook-ook , Moshork , Nico the exiled (who was offspring from an orc mother and a slann mage) , and so on. None of their warlords would ever allow them to play togheter , let alone play with Nico. 


Asie had a splendid  idea , why don't we name ourselves to our favourite smoking juices. And the warlords would never know they play bloodbowl as every day there is a brawl in any good orc encampment , and orcs are running around with wounds anyways or dissapear for days before returning. Dead orcs are found almost every week in the darkest spots. 

A big cheer was heard in the tavern , and after ordering another Ale and killing the inn keeper ,(most guests  ran away anyway before the meeting)  and the ones still in there establishment did not dare to go and speak to a warlord because who would believe a filty stunty or a dirty rat anyways. They also vauled to lay down dead team mates in their  encampment  or bring them to their encampment as a trophy so they get some fame over there and are  not dishonnored in their own tribe as they went down fighting the enemy


Let's meet the team. 


nr 1 :Uggh aka Hipster Gummy Bear  a stone troll who spend his days , hunting down those cudly gummy bears , draining their fluids and smoking them in a big stone pipe. It's said it tastes like sweet, melted pigskin with honeydew on it. 

He's already in the team , even if  they don't have a gobbo yet to toss downfield  and who is responsible  for filling up their pipes .

He also decided the team's name , the biggest brute decides anyway and it seems he's not really stupid , only when he gets hit on the head  too much.


nr 2: Grakk aka Dictators lemonade ,  Blitzer nr 1 , as his nickname suggests he makes lemonade of dictators in the human kingdom , they are all limited editions and almost never available to the big public, but he is famous for the nucleair cocktail made from 2 well known and feared/mocked presidents thumb and kim young one, which tasted like tjernobyllian lemons with a dashy fresh aftertaste.


nr3 Nico aka Sugar lips , blitzer nr 2 he got his name because he is  trying to seduce woman (and other things) from any tribe . Being a mudblood , he is quite succesful with that , but he can't really stay long with any of his conquered victims . and the few willing to admit, they fell for him ,  tell his lips taste like a mix of strawberry , watermellon, kiwi and marshmellow, hence his sweet nickname.


nr 4 Burps aka pink lemonade , blitzer nr 3 , what's to tell, he just loves pink things and especially if they are fizzy and sweet , as many halfling from the moot can't tell anymore. 


nr5 Schmurf aka raspberry truffle shuffle , blitzer nr 4 , don't get the wrong impression with his name. He likes picking raspberries digging up truffles to make his favorite smoke; but he uses anything that is passing by to do so and he shuffles it in the mix , pigs, gobbo's , humies and any filty thing that passes his path, the only thing he leaves alone are those nice white bunnies from the big wood. their fluffy tails give a nasty spitback when he smokes any mix that includes them.


nr 6 ook-ook aka Fresh Squeeze , a black orc who likes a bottle off spiked orange juice in the morning with fresh squeezed oranges . but he has a bit of an eye problem ,forcing him to wear glasses , but on a bb pitch he refuses to wear them , often mistaking an opponent's head for an orange ,  squeezing the pulp out of it .


nr 7 Moshork aka killberry yoghurt , black orc nr 2 . he is the vegetarien off the group , at least he says , he's only seeing to eat yoghurt in public , but the colour of it says it all , no berry can make any yoghurt so red as the one that mosh is eating, rumour says he got a complete snotling  breeding pit in his rather large cavern  , where he ferments fresh born snots in his favourite yoghurt snack. If he will ever be famous in bb , he will start his own yoghurt brand for vegetarians , at least he has the name right for that.


nr 8 Blurp aka Green slush, black orc nr 3 , he is green , mean and is an ice cold killer. no wonder he called himself after shaved ice with lime taste.


nr 9 Poppe  aka Monster Melons black orc nr 4 , he likes his fruits, vegetables, meat  and his womans big and round , you ever wonder where he get's the idea of his name? I certainly don't . But i guess certain body parts are forming his name rather than his diet. 


nr 10 Fluppe aka left handed penguin juice . the quarterback thrower of the team . For an orc he got an exceptionnal feeling with a ball , as the normal orc can't pick up a ball decently or even throw the damn thing in a specific direction , it is believed he got the left hand stolen from a penguin as it is so aerodynamic he could pick up and throw a ball on a single roll of a 3 . and fairly safe too with pass and sure hand(s), this is unseen for any orc, but this agility has costed him an armor value as his deformed hand can't  put on a protective glove in his battle  blood bowl uniform.


and finally nr 11  Lakrids ake trophical typhoon , a lineman who believes he will be the next superstar for this team , confidence is not lacking on this guy  he is fast , agile and strong in his mind , and he will score tazmanian devil style with a big whirlwind , so he believes , in reality he moves 5 , has only st 3 and agi 3 . but who are the Death to hipster gummy bears, 

to decline this young orc his dreams, who knows if  he will be one day the big star of the orc team or another crazy orc that can be send  into the thick of things or keeping guard of the troll to nor get really stupid too fast. 


I hope you guys enjoyed this read . and i Hope my team will be as succesfull as they believe they will be. 



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match day one , orcs playing home agains Eldaris chaos , there can only be 1's .


Not much to say honnestly , it was a dragon of a game for our orcs.  Orcs choose to receive. Green slush and Monster melons do their thing , knocking down 2 beastman in the line of scrimmage, Death to hipster gummy bear the troll decides to hit the last bm standing, rolling skull and block . going down and stunning himself.

The chaos grapped this chance to surround the poor orcs and they could do almost nothing the whole first drive. Blocking results in pushes , one or 2 bm go down but nothing happens. turn 6 one bm goes ko. and we got a shot on the ball carrier. a going was needed to blitz , and guess what happened 1 rr 1 . 0-1 for chaos. then two turns of pushing around a bm trying to foul and got send off.

2nd half 11 vs 10 we got this .  kick off pitch invasion 3 orcs (2 blitzers and thrower) down vs 1 chaos bm, but more importantly the whole back line was down except for one orc.  we got surrounded again. some pushes and hits , nothing happens; we get a shot on the bc and needed a gfi to blitz 1 again. 0-2 turn 12 (rerolls we're used for missed blocks ofc  skull we're plenty for us) orcs receive again. we set up , blitz  and we're surrounded again , dictator's lemenoade was hit a mng by the blitzing bm and everything excpet the thrower in the backfield was based.  the orcs hit some bm. nothing except some stuns and a ko. trying to pass the ball 3-4 times with a blitzer to get some spp but failed 3 times . turn 15 chaos gets the ball , run to the end zone, we blitz and gfi needed and what do we roll a 1 sigh (did 5 gfi 4 ones, i think we should adopt the chaos name) . 0-3 for chaos. 

Chaos had 3 rerolls and needed every drive only one, the 2nd half it was dub skull reroll sub skull. but for the rest not a single action failed.  


summary : our orcs where not ready for the big leagues. They had never seen so many people in the stands and where intimidated by the stench and fiercenes off the chaos . In their home country cows are for eating and they don't hit back.

Dictators lemonade was too late in seeing the cow coming on him with his horns lowered and could not avoid the hit in the neck. lesson well learned , he got some time to think about this in the hospital for the next week and next game. 


the only orcs doing what he needed to do was left handed penguin juice. he throwed 2 passes in the first half with his aerodynamic flipper. after that he forgot to run away and spend the match mostly on his back (but hey we're orvs we don't run). Better learn it quick buyz or you won't last long. 


Congratz to @Eldarin for the game. You played well my friend. But i knew that since we both play in trbbl . But when everything works it works nothing to do about that. and when nuffle don't want you to play , you won't play . My boyz will find some goblins to sacrifice to nuffle and hopefully they can do something more next game.  Ooh wait we got goblins coming up , maybe we can sacrifice these to nuffle. 


Now only to explain to warboss  Franky Punkz why dicatators lemonade is found in a dugout of a bb pitch. 


untill next week , this was asiemoagelis for de green jumping orc broadcast. 

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match day 2 against the goblins of @Aemar Canderin .  


Death to hipster gummy bears team was determined to sacrifice some goblins to nuffle.  Since the team does not own any goblins yet , it needed to be the ones from Praise rngus . 


The orcs whe were the laughing stock of the whole green world after losing 3-0 against some smelly goats. Franky punkz the warboos of the injured Dictators lemonade insisted that Death to hipster gummy bears won, so that he can share in the shiny golden loot that comes with a victory. Dictators lemonade was not able to raid for a whole week and this costed the tribe dearly. 


the hipsters won the coin toss and decided to receive; praise rngus had 3 secret weapons and 2 filthy trolls and 3 bribes, which intimidated the orcs a little.  Asiemoagelis gave a thundering speech to inspire the orcs and it seemed it worked a little. The ball and chain guy stayed on the bench for this drive , giving the orcs the benefit of being stronger in the LOS . They we're not so fierce as on the battle field when raiding (but then again now they are with 11 instead of with 500) . But at least they knew what to do .  Left handed penguin juice picked up the ball and kept it close.  Green sludge and monster melons pushed around a gobbo and Death to hipster gummy bears stunned a troll. Sugar lips blitzed a poor gobbo knocking him in the ko box . The orcs formed a loose cage around mr Penguin and the first turn was over. The gobbos first turn was started , the gobbo chainsaw blitzed but did not do much . and the gobbos regrouped on the backfield screening and waiting for a chance to get the ball. a dodge failed and that gobbo went to the ko box . 


turn 2 raspberry truffle shuffle hit the chainsaw dude in the ko box and monster melons did the same with another gobbo.

the cage moved a few squares giving the turn to the gobbos.

The gobbos troll came on his feet. the goblins screened again and the bombardier throwed a bomb which was intercepted by green slush sending it back and ko'ing a gobbo.


Turn 3 the orcs had the nr advantage and put assists on the trolls so they could do nothing, blitzing the bombardier to a push and moving the cage a few squares , all other goblins we're bassed by at least one orcs and the turn ended.

turn 3 gobbos dodge, and screen , the bombarider miscalculated a thrown bomb and nothin else happens.


turn 4 orcs, mr Raspberry blitzed the bombardier ko.  and the cage moved to two squares from the end zone.

turn 4 gobbos , they tried to blitz the ball but fail resulting in a turnover.


turn 5 we move the cage and we wait , nottaking any unecessery chances , let the gobbos make the mistake .

this goes on untill turn 8 of the orcs. we are one square from the endzone. cage is marked with gobbos and the ball carrier has a tag too due to some risky plays from the gobbos. we move a blitzer in spot. we hit the tag on the bc and left handed penguin juice scores the first td for the bears in the big leauges.  The fans go wild and throw the halfling moot burger vendor to the ref. the ref barely sidesteps this projectile.


turn 8 gobbos , bribe used for mr chainsaw, the bombardier goes off.  Chainsaw blitzes , nothing, troll pushes the lineman and the ball and chain knocks over the troll . A gobbo hits down the loner lineman , a foul is placed, the ref who thought about the thrown halfling doens't look but nothing much happened.  Then the goblins pick up the ball , handing it over to the goblin waiting after the troll. He attempts to throw teammate but the troll went stupid.

end of the first half. the gobbos receive and have 11 players agains 11 players because all ko's came back.


the 2nd half starts.

The gobbos want blood.  The troll knocks down Tropical typhoon. ball and chain knocks down death hipster gummy bear. The goblins foul with the chainsaw on the poor lineman, stunning him. the ref keeps being blind and doesn't spot the foul.

the gobbos pick up the ball and come further.  The 2nd troll went rs and the turn ended. Sugar lips was outraged by the foul and the refs poor Eyesight and blitzed a goblin in the fouling circle , hitting him in the cas box. First blood was silt by the orcs. the black orcs started moving the other goblins marking them and mr penguin went to the back a bit to defend whe a goblin would run through. 

The blitzers moved to the sides for being able to blitz the ball carrier next turn. 


the next turn the ball and chain ko's death hipster gummy bear. and the chainsaw stunned Sugar lips. Things are starting to look grim. Goblins did not risk dodging through with the ball and formed a cage. the trolls not being guarded by goblins didn't do anything  and a goblin pushed pink lemonade back so he was not touching the ball carrier, who than ran away a bit. 

the orcs next turn reslukted in blitzing the chainsaw by raspberry truffle shuffle knocking him down but no armor break . basing as much goblins as we can . and that was it. 


the goblins feeling they we're hunted started to get nervous, the ball and chain kept hitting players pushinb them and knocking them down but not much more happened. the chainsaw stood up , did nothing and then it happened the goblins wanted to blitz raspberry truffle shuffle. they dodged to set assists but the blitz dodge failed , ko'ing a gobbo. turnover. 

Raspberry truffle shuffle hit the gobbo marking him , sending him way down in the infirmary (mng)  sugar lipz blitzed the chainsaw (ko) and all goblins we're marked again , mr penguin came in close for getting the ball. and pink lemonade touched the ball carrier and not on a fun spot. 


the gobbos next turn , ball and chain played with some orcs knocking an pushing them . the troll near the cage went RS (had no gobbo next to him) a dodge failed and it was orc time. 

Monster melons pushed the ball carrier. Raspberry truffle shuffle blitzed him in the cas box the ball was loose. Mr penguin scooped up the ball  and did a gfi to be away from the troll when it would woke up, failed, reroll pfeeew it worked. He then tried to pass to pink lemonad but failed horrible. turnover. 


the gobbos refused to give up and tried to get the ball by marking all orcs near it but fail to pick it up on a 5 with reroll. 

raspberry ko'ed another gobbo , penguin pushed one away and  tropical typhoon pushed th other away . the loner lineman came to assist and the turn ends.


tbh it was game over for the gobbos then , they could not reach the ball the trolls did nothing but pushes and the ball and chain , well he turned around.

orcs hit some gobbos down , another ko for monster melons. mr Penguin scoops the ball up , passes to pink lemonade (leveling in the process (he took block ) passing skill seems overrated with his skill anyway and he still likes a good hit stuff.

Pink lemonade rushed to the end zone. and the tunr ended. 


the gobbos tried to mark pink lemonade,  the troll blitzed mr penguin stunning him , the,n a goblin fouled him with a stun again. 

ball and chain knocked down green slush and the turn ended again. raspberry blitzes the fouling goblin , stunned . we down the troll , pink lemonade knocks down the gobbo basing him . and we foul on the troll , we don't brake armor offcourse (tropical typhoon you need dp asap)


last turn the gobbo blitzes pink lemonade uphill block push, reroll in push skull , he went donw but lived. we surround the ball guy and sugar lips hits him ko . Pink lemonade scores. a 2-0 win. The golden trigger from the chainsaw was given to Frankie Punkz as payment for Dictators lemonade. @Aemar Canderin if your chainsaw doens't work next game , i'm sorry but it's not reliable anymore now.


We hired a witch doctor to sew ripped limbs back on and we have taken our first victory in the big leagues. 

Next game is chaos again. 


This was it for this week , Tune in with Asiemoagelis  to da Green jumping orc Broadcast next week. 

Untill then Happy hunting to all.

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match day 3 : our favourite orc team takes on @Arkady 's goat action in their improvised home stadium (Vape company shop)  . Well stadium is a bit of an overstatement. Some wooden crates nailed together to make a tribune. Only one goblin selling rats on a stick to fortify the inner craving.  Not even a halfling selling pipes or moot burgers.  Since the orcs merely got to be known with the tribes, not too many supporters come and watch the game. But there is a nice vibe in there, some greenskins and other merry folk are supporting for the hipsters. Merry folk you say  , why merry? Well there was a total of 4 surfs and the only bad result were 2 lousy ko's. The hard core supporters of the hipsters still need to find there blood thirst because come on this is shamefull. How can we build a strong home rep if players can be pushed safely in the stands. We're creating a new supporters Hooligan Band , which consists now only of the rat on a stick vendor, but he promised free sticks to anyone joining the band; @Mongloom they asked when you come , he even got your favourite hot sauce for the tail , the vaporating tongue sauce. 

The only conditions to join is being bloodthirsty and learning the chant of the band ( it goes like : Beer , Tobacco and mad woman are on a trip, Death to hipster gummy bears will make you slip. We eat the rats raw on a stick , our penguin thrower will do the trick. You better run away in awe or the hipster will make a waaaaaggggh ) I know it can still be a bit better but not to bad for a goblin. Suggestions for our chant can be send to our Green jumping orc broadcast and the best entry will become our theme sonf. 


The match itself was plain boredom to be honnest. Not much happened. The goats have chosen to receive.  They get the ball and start pushing around some orcs, laying a few down , the orcs do the same and the game is a nice hugging tea party . It started with a riot, the fans were not happy with the wooden boxes. 

On turn 4 one of the  warriors dodged away , failing the dodge and injuring himself to a  badly hurt. The orcs swarmed a bit more in and began to mark the chaos players. A black orc was then pushed in the stands , not much happened. A goat was hit ko. and the hugging party  stayed. I think i even saw some players passing down the dutchie on the left hand side.  

Then arkady began on his remarkable turn 7 which i was following wiht open mouth. The chaos started to block one dice along the field , all guys with no block and every single one was a pow or a dodge result putting all my black orcs and a blitzer down . He then dodges out of the hug to put his goat next to another handing it off making it merely impossible for me to take him down. our turn 7 , some risks needed to be taken , putting players on their feet, then marked the ball carrier , put another one near the other goat and blitzing a one die on the ball carrier, he goes down and the ball is loose falling into 4 orc tackle zones. turn 8 arkady tried to go for the ball , with 2 dodges and a blitz to put my blitzer on the ball so it would scatter , it di but ended up in the hand of a goat that was already moved, no 0-1 for him in the first drive. I knocked the ball out, hit some beastman with nothing to happen picked up the ball with our penguin quarterack and throw a pass to gain at least some spp this game, the pro that he was he succeeded without a prob. end of half 1.

2nd half: We went up with 11 against 9 ; arkady put 3 guys in the front.  We set up aggressive and he got a perfect defense. he put up some pretty bold defense giving me not one 2 die block. the ball landed. first we move our lineman to give an assist , hit with black orc, dub skull , reroll and push. we moved a black orc to assist and hit a warrior with a push. we then tried to pick up the ball with sure hands and it fails. turnover. Arkady then decides to start the hug again giving me no free hits. He hit down my black orc with one die. and he blitzes  the blitzer who has a tz on the ball , fails the first gfi , reroll and fails then the 2nd for the blitz, pfieeew Lucky orcs, it was almost lost there. we came back hitting some stuff, Ko a beastman swarm the chaos dudes with all we got so they could not block , black orcs marking the left warriors so they could not run.  pick up the ball , pass the ball to dictators lemonade like a pro. and running upfield with him and try to score. 

Arkady dodged with a chaos warrior hit the ball carrier knocking the ball loose ,going outfield , bouncing out in his touchdown zone, kicking it back to the spot next to the downed blitzer in a tackle zone.  We pushed out another goat, resulting in a ko   and swarmed the chaos warrior and marked all others.  Then turn 13 started goats did not do much downed a blitzer making him stunned and pushed some orcs away so they would not be side line trapped. turn 13 for the orcs, Raspberry truffle shuffle hit the goat standing next to him. casualty and he levels up the goat felt the hit really hard and broke his ribs making him miss the next game.  we decided not to take the ball and blitz another goat of the field ko. we put tz on the ball . position our thrower a bit better.and we would try and score with Pink lemonade so he could level up also. the downed chaos stood back up blitzer pink lemonade on the ball and it went off field for the 2nd time. and landed in the end zone of the goats. turn 14 for the orcs , we tried to push off the chaos warrior but we rolled both down skull. a mere push was enough but with the rerolls away we got both down and this costed me the victory. a really stupid move by me , but i wanted to break free a blitzer that would be able toscore instead of the one that just leveled.

A goat dodged a way picking up the ball and standing in his end zone witht it. chaos warrior dodged away standing on a really annoying place so i could not blitz 2 die on the goat with the ball.  turn 15 , we swarmed the cw , and then 1die blitzed the ball carrier , a push so we followed up , not another orc could reach the bc , so we hit some others ko'ing another goat. and that was it. the goat with the ball then blitzed the blitzer knocking it down and run with the ball , i could not reach it anymore to blitz  because very orc could only go there with 2gfi but could not hit. 0-0 end result , the chaos warrior was smacked down, and the frustrated foul on him resulted in a stun. 

the goat tried to pass still in their turn 16 but failed , end of the game. 


Well played arkady , you had some bad rolls on key moments but also some Lucky ones. The same goes for my orcs. 0-0 is the fair result but I should have won , but you know orcs hit first ball 2nd. Now if we only could teach them the ball is evenly important and stop making stupid mistakes. 

Left handed penguin juice got the mvp for his two beautifull out of the book passes. But would have liked to see someone else get it, but we're not complaining he is on 13 spp now . 

Raspberry Truffle shuffle rolled double 3 , giving him dodge. He is on his way to make a name for himself as the running back for the Hipsters , at least we hope so . 


Next matchup is offensive odors , nurgle with no beast , 4 warriors and 3 pestigors, giving away 80k inducements , will be another tricky game as i don't have any removal piece and he got a claw warrior. Not sure of taking another player to have a bench because it will give hime over 100k inducements. 


Untill next week for a new broadcast of the  green Jumping  orc broadcast. 

This was Asiemoagelis , mike down exit stage left. 



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Match day 4: The death hipster receive at home  @Cereal Killar with his Nurgle.


The match was played in the evening at 9pm orc time. This was because the temperature outside was so hot that even our orcs were sweaty and smelly, and then playing nurgle , those boils already have a specific odour, let alone play this with 30°c . Not a pretty sight. Also the name of the opponent says enough "offensive odors". Not a wise man or an orc with one brain cell was looking forward to play this game.  During the pre match smoke Green slush noticed the nurgle ere already on the field at 8h50 pm and withoug waiting the instructions of the coach they ran on the field starting the game early. Nurgle had also hired a rotter from inducements to help them on the field giving them 12 players against our Magnificent 11.


Via Cabal TV the match was broadcasted and we had a fan following the game from home. Krawittel a new coach was following the game and was in constant talking with asiemoagelis on what happened on the field and why thing were done like that. 


the nurgle chose to receive and the orcs put up the defensive los. 

The nurgle started aggresively on their turn ,  hitting and downing some orcs and pick up the ball with one of their 3 pestigors.

They formed a loose cage and the turn ended. The orcs stood up and started basing the nurgle , and what was a tea hugging party last time was now a keep the nurgle at arms length because of the smell.


Not much happened during the frst half, but on turn 5 Hipster gummy bear hit the loner rotter , smashing him to pieces in the injury box, the breeze of fresh air when the rotter flow in the air also inspired Blitzer pink lemonade to inj a pestigor in the same turn and getting the ball free. 

the turn ended the ball was laying loose next to a nurgle warrior and in 3 tz of the hipsters.

Turn 6 nurgle positons players near the orcs. The wrestle of he ball started, we blitzed the warrior, not able to hit because of the smell. blitz lost hitting him with the thrower nothing happened because of the smell.


Turn 7 we hit the warrior back the ball is free , picking up failed , turn ended. 

Turn 8 we hit the warrior from teh ball again, freeing Raspberry truffle shuffle picked up the ball and scored 1-0 in our turn 8 and going to half time.


2nd half the orcs could start and we're up 11 against 11

3 rotters were placed in the los , rest 4 squares further.  

we hit the 3 rotters they went down 2 of them stunned. 

rushed to the ball which was kicked in the back left corner square , 6 squares away from the thrower. so we stopped next to the ball , we positioned our blitzers and the turn ended.

For some reason the nurgle refused to come to our orcs. They blitzed a guy and ran back untill turn 14. Since we were in the lead we did not move towards them also , normally you tall on the opponents half near the td zone , but since the nurgle did nothing we also did nothing except running from left to right with the thrower to keep his condition up to par.

turn 15 nurgle came and swarmed the orcs, but they could not put them down or break armor when they did.

our turn 16 started we hit a pestigor stunning him and a rotter near the sideline was pushed in the public , but the stench was so offensive , not one supporter dared to touch him.

We tried to throw a pass but catching this failed miserably even with a reroll. nurgle could not take the ball so they decided to hit some orcs, and the claw warrior made a cas against Sugar lips, only badly hurt , n othing serious, sugar lips was found kissing in the stands after the game with a very cute chubby halfing girl (at least we think it was a girl , it had long hair, was covered in whip cream and pie) . When the players sat on the ox wagon bringing them home , we asked what her name was ; he said he didn't  really care but he thought it was Polly Pocket. 


Well the orcs won their 2nd game , Hipster got his first cas, Pink lemonade also his first cas, and Raspbery Truffle shuffle made his 3 rd Touch down.  We got some more fans , So before the next game we need to hammer some more crates together so our fans can sit down . The supporters club has now 4 members , the rat on a stick vendor @Mongloom ,@Borke and Polly pocket (but his has more to do with Sugar lips than the orcs i guess) ; So I think it is time to properly name the supporters club, as usual any cool proposition for a name will be considered and can be submitted on this blog. Also the supporters theme song could still have some tweaks. 


Also when the team was going home they saw a young orc hitting up some goblin slaves , and making a beautifull tackle one that was trying to run away. 

The orcs stopped the ox wagon. they went to the young orc , and sitting around a camp fire they smoked and talked about blood bowl. 

The young orc was quickly convinced to go with the team and since he smoked a sweet and fresh liquid made from Lyche berries (you know the white ghostly ones and a peppermint touch) they named him Drip Hacks Lymo Cryo.

We will be follwing him up closely.


This was it for this week and we hope to see you next week on da green jumping orc broadcast.


Happy hunting to all 


Asiemoagelis is out .

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match day 5 , we face off against @Sparky73 wood elves. We <3 trees , without a tree . When we looked at the roster before the game , we saw a lineman with av 6 , one with a niggling and a catcher with a niggling. When we saw the team starting the game , they we're gone, dropping the elves team value to 770 against our 1110 . 5 loners joined the elves during this match hoping to impress @Sparky73. Lucky for us he had no funds and only a bloodweiser babe was induced.

The orcs were eager to start hitting and we won the toss. As expected 3 loners on the los and the rest more to the back. The lineman with kick had his day because he kicked the ball at the sideline just out of reach of my thrower (he could take it with a gfi) And the match has started. 


Turn 1 , perfect defense , all elves moved to the right side where the ball was laying. The orcs hit first . first lineman goes down ko. troll hit the 2 nd lineman nothing dropping him to the ground. Then Green Slush hit a lineman , cas on a loner and level up for the black orc. He was thirsty for blood that was for sure after sitting 3 games on 5 star player points.  We then blitzed a another line stunned set up some defense , moved the blitzers from the left to the right picked up the ball with the thrower and did a gfi away from the sideline. So far so good.

Elves turn 1 . a one die block on a black orc failed and they used their only team reroll ont he first action , nuffle was smiling on us , we thought. but nuffle wouldn't be nuffle if he didn't screw us after. The reroll downed the black orc.  then a war dancer leaped in , blitzed our thrower perfect one die pow . picked up the ball dodged through 4 or 5 orcs (with an equal amount of dodges ) to safety and the the ball was suddenly surrounded by elves . A cathcer ran through also with 2 dodges where i couldn't reach him and the turn ended. we started to hit again , we moved all free orcs to base where we could , moving a few to the back to go to the catcher . then we started to hit , first block double both down , reroll the same . the lineelf was ko 'd and the turn ended. 


The wardancer  scored turn 2 and the orcs we're 1-0 down. Fuck you nuffle with the perfect defense and elves not failing dodges as they should .


kick off again , and the elves got their reroll back (up yours nuffel again)

we take the ball , with our blodge blitzer, our thrower could not reach it anyway , kick guy had a very good game. 

we caged the ball . we hit some elves with nothing exciting to mention, a stunned or so that was it. 

Elves came for the ball , marked up our orcs a leap from the strip ball wd , blitzing our bc one d , knocking him down ofcourse , ball bouncing away , pick up by the other war dancer , catcher running through without the ball  and out of reach again.


turn 4 we hit the elves again resulting in some ko's , blitzing the lineman next to the bc , and basing the war dancer. with 2 orcs, getting a few back to intercept or get to the catcher . but catcher went straight to the endzone, the wardancer was freed from a tz with a blitz, ko'ing my black orc monster melons (i swear he was in the ko box more than on the field the last five games)  Fuck you nuffle again. I really don't like wood elves even less with a starter team. But we had a level so we were thinking positive still.


turn 5 we recieve the ball again ; we ko's a line and moved a bit forward. 

we picked up the ball made a loose cage and then something incredible happened. It was a glorious moment .

Pink Lemonade got a strange look in his eyes, cursing the injustice of nuffle , he blitzed a lone catcher , killing it on the spot , the apo ran in and tried to save the poor bastard, but Pink lemonade had hit him so hard he the brain from the catcher was nothing more than some pink pulp. The way an orc likes an elf , da onlyz good elf iz a deadz elf (pink lemonade said to himself ) It felt like a victory , our beloved orcs had made their first kill . no matter the result they were sure they would dine at the  Warbosses Franky punkz table . Since he received the golden trigger from the chainsaw , he attended every game of the Death Hipster gummy bears. 


the elves could not take the ball and tried desperatly to get to it . 

they succeeded to down the ball cariier in turn 7 but a lot of elves we're in basing contact , so the orcs in turn 8 hit them with all they got . 

Dictators lemonade  hit that pesky wardancer that scored the first touchdown and he will miss the next game . More smoke and beers for the orcs after the game a catcher and a wardancer is a victory for every orc team . the only down thing was i forgot to move a blitzer one or 2 squares up so i couldn't score anymore , rookie mistake which i shouldn't make tbh , but hey the moral victory was already there .



we tried to pick up the ball with our spp 5 blitzer Pink lemonade but he failed to pick up the ball . He is no penguin that is for sure.


 2nd half 


The elves received , picked up hitting monster mellons in the ko box again where he stayed the whole game after. 

and they moved on my side, screening the ball they all went from one side to the other and the orcs simply could not follow, we hit soem of them and blitzed, one was ko but nothing more happened the first turn. 

The elves scored tehir turn 10 and we we''re down 2-0.


We received again picked up the ball , hit some elves ko (which 6-7 ko resulst returned to the field)

we couldn't make anymore cas the 2nd half, but a loner linelef tried to impress @Sparky73 and doged himself to dead. 

We freed a blitzer, passed a beautifull pass with our beloved quarterback. and Pink lemonade scored a touchdown , giving him a level too (exciting times.)


the elves received in their turn 13 , passing the ball to a wd where i could not get it  they surrounded the ball i blitzed the catcher and based the war dancer  got some orcs ont he remaining elves,  loosing a reroll to a linorc to base the wardancer with a 3rd orc in the back so ho could not get away except with some risk. It payed off , the dodge failed and on turn 15 we had a chance to get the ball , we hit and blitzed the ball free and picked up the ball with our blitzer dictators lemonade  (we used our last reroll for this to pick up the ball) and we caged in .

turn 16 the elves based the ball carrier 3 times but we should be able to knock them away and score , in theory at least (i say it again up yours nuffle) we blocked 3d on the catcher with a black orc after setting some assists (after this we could 3d the war dancer with the troll, and 3 d the line elf with another black orc. Guess what first thing we do is the black orcs going down , and thus ended the game.


2-1 loss, but it didn't fell like a loss and we we're a bit dissapointed for not making the tie . @Sparky73 said in game hehad golden dice as no dodge or anything else failed except his first block (this was turn 4) turn 6 he said nuffle gives and takes , i lost a player again (poor poor wooden pancies)


2 orcs leveled,


Dictators lemonade is the first orc with the might blow skill , he deserved this after his kill . 

Green slush his hard work in the gym liftiing stone trolls paid up , he is now st 5 . First St up skill in occ for me in 5 seasons. pretty happy with that now i hope to get him to the next skill quickly , but doubt it. 


Our fan club is growing too. the rat vendor, @Mongloom @Borke@wolves in exile

 @Gobas @El MalditoPolly Pocket and @Kjelstad joined us too last game. We received the suggestion of naming ourselves Sugar rush , but not really tempted to use this, it was a good suggestion, but since they all smoke pipe (and are named after vaping liquids) it's not really fitting the club.

+ sugar in vape liquids burns your coils very fast .  So from this i deducted the name Death burned Coils as the fan club's name. 

Btw guys , you all have earned some free rats on a stick . Another food vendor is joining you too . From now on at home games we can eat Smoked salamander tails (they are marinated in a fungus mushroom sauce (delivered by goblin fanatics harvesting them in the squig infested caves of the badlands (hoping to get them a spot int he team)  ,  slowly cooked (read burned)  on a wooden cedar plank in the great orc weapon Furnace , when the plank is burned to ashed completely,  it is ready  and gives that nice smoked taste you all like. But don't eat too much of it  because you can go blind from it , or even worse start spinning around maniacally hitting everything around you. 


Untill next week in the new episode of the green jumping orc broadcast . 

Asiemoagelis out and at the table of Frankie Punkz. 




Edited by Asiemoagelis
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Match day 6

Good evening sport fans ,  this is Streaky Sneaky  @Gobas commentating  on tonights game between death hipster gummy bears and @Joinyand his field bullies live at the newly constructed fan club hut. 

The tv of both teams are 1300 for our beloved orcs and 1310 for the chaos tallywackers, so the match should be even and we would se some good action on the pitch. 

When we look at the stands of the home stadium we see the bullies brought their x-side with them and the Death burned coils are nowhere to be seen. Oh i stand corrected we see @wolves in exile @Borke@El Malditoand @Kjelstad playing a drinking game called  goblin twister  , they totally forgot there was a match to be played  . For those who don't know goblin twister , it goes like this; on the floor there is a carpet with colored dots. Green, yellow, red and blue dots. Each player hits,  when it's his turn ,  one of the 8 goblins surrounding the carpet. Depending the color of the bruise or wound red (when bleeding (yes goblins bleed red) ) , yellow or blue depending on the bruise color and green when you missed the hit. Each competitor place a limb on the according dot. The first one who falls on the ground pays a round of orcish brewsky (a combination of fermented fungus mushrooms and troll armpitsweat) to  all the other players. A very strong refreshing beverage. The proof for  that is you see @wolves in exile thinking he's a top dwarf coach (i know not one sane person willingly admits they like them) @borke has a playish twinkle in his eyes , @El Maldito thinks he is surrounded by vengefull squirrels and @Kjelstad seems not to be affected by the brewsky on sight , but he can only mumble growls and hisses because his tongue is so numb of the troll sweat .

@Mongloom already quitted and was last seen in the toilets where polly pocket held back his long dreadlocks so they don't get smudged with the brewsky's aftertaste . Yes you have two times fun with this beverage , one time when you drink it and one time when it comes back out,  troll sweat isn't meant to be ingested , but it gives a nice kick :). Only the new fan @Sparky73 is in the stands but he is to intimidated by the x- side of the opposing team you don't hear him all game.


anyways we're here to commentate on the match and not on the orcish fan club , but truth to be told,  the fan club was more interesting than the game which ended in a dull 0-0 draw with two teams actually going for the ball instead of smashing heads.


Anyway i'll walk you through some nice highlights of the game

Kick off and hipsters receive , the opposing x-side didn't like the match to be even so they threw a rock to pink lemonade injuring him even before the ball was kicked off. that was the only player with might blow off the field.


hipsters get the ball , green slush starts the hitting and rolls dub skulls reroll gone first action , some goats go down nothing happens. we pick up the ball and position a bit and that is it.

goats hit positiong nothing happens, 

turn 2 pink lemonade blitzes the agi 4 goat smashing it dead, the apo put him in the reserves box and he gains a level , 10 against 10 we're even again .  turn 2 monster melons is crowd surfed going ko, we run with the ball try a pass and fails even with pass reroll , mr pinguin was not in his game today. we go up with the ball , we can't close the cage because of goats and warriors everywhere , not being the boss on hitting and suffering a lot of one die hits not failing at all. 

on turn 6 of joiny the ball gets loos , turn 7 we blitz him free pick it up and do gfi we're a bit safe. 

on turn 8 the ball carier is based , we hit away one guy basing him with the blitz and try the dodge to score , ofcours this fails and mr pinguin is stunned (he really was not up to his normal stadards) 

turn 8 chaos foul , no ref to be seen . and fail to pass the ball for a vanity spp point. 


2d half sweltering heat kicks in and monster melons is ko like usual and sugar lips and fresh squeeze decide to lay down on the bench. 

luckily the chaos had a cwand goat laying down too , 9 against 8 but doable, kick off and the ball lands in the hands of a chaos warrior . 

they hit our los putting them down , move a few beasts up and then (which i didn't understand) run with the chaos warrior back handing it off to a goat after the mino . i would have run down with the warrior and caging him but who am i to say how to play. and the merry dance for the ball started , hitting pushing and so on .Big boris the mino hit a mng on green slush somehere turn 6 , we apoed him to the reserves , we need out st 5 or they chaos will outbash us . 

turn after the troll blitzes the mino he has nothing and the dance continues, chaos bashing on orcs, orcs stading in the way not able to do much. untill hipster gummy bear decide to blitz the mino again and hitting him a mng. The goats tried to avenge the mino rather than trying to play the ball and i was not stopping them , but i will complain at the naf for sending a blind ref , with a dog that can't bark when fouls are happening; guess this is the kind of ref you get in the lower tiers. 

after a few turns (read 5 or 6) dictators lemonade hit the agi 4 beast that was trying to get to the ball and he also misses next game. 

we shielded the ball but in turn 16 a goat broke free with a dodge (no rerolls ) the pass goat tried to pick up the ball but failed . 

in our turn 16 we hit but with no avail , we picked up the ball tried a pass but failed again. 


Not a match report as big as the last one , but we see 2 orcs leveling. Dictators lemonade getting mighty blow, and Killberry yoghurt also. I know block is the safe choice but with mighty blow he will get there soon enough (he only needs 6spp) 

block will be on the next blacky that levels. Hopefully monster melons so he would do something more than laying on the ko bench (match nr 5 mr ) you are not far from being cut .


the boring result in my opinion was because our orcs normally had a resting day today  and would have played yesterday. 

But @Joiny tried some of the brewsky and spend his day in the hospital totally ko and his players we're in the waiting room , hoping he would mutate into a top coach with tentacles, two heads and claws. Instead he got a monstrous mouth full of brewsky. 

So the orcs we're a bit tired , because they hit the field yesterday evening and with the lack of opponent the played goblin hacky sack . 

Sugar lips has the record by the way , he held the gobbo off the ground with 4 consecutive hits. But @Mongloom told he could do better , so maybe he can get a nice bb carreer in the future. 



Anyways next week monday we play the amazon team that is on the lead and hopefully we will be able to do some carnage .


Untill next week this was @Gobasbroadcasting live  from the fan hut of death hipster gummy bears for da green jumping orc broadcast. 



Edited by Asiemoagelis
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Not the Goats - but Big Boris`s little Brother wanted revenge: Small Boris 


At the end tho The Field Bullies kept to the Strategie and went hitting stuff - instead of the boring "normal gameplay"

Thats BloodBowl how it should be played - getting rid of this whole ball thing and go killing the opposition



Theres always a 2nd time - "Hipster Gummy Bear" will go down soon enough

FOR BIG BORIS - who is rn recovering from that nasty breath of the Troll that took him down.

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Match day 7 : Death Hipster gummy bears play against Iconic iron ladies coached by @Tribal Terror in their home stadium called " The badlands". 


As usual the death hipster gummy bears were one day to soon at their rendez-vous, because @Tribal Terror was on a Team building day with his team at Prairie Danza (A local zoo showing the rarest creatures of Lustria and the rest of the old world) . 

Instead of training like mad orcs , they just relaxed in the sun at the player resort in Lustria. 


Finally the match day was there and as nice as the weather was on monday , the monsoon season started from one day on the other. The game was played in pourring rain, which worried us a bit since the ladies had an agi 5 in their team , and the hipster were not known in picking up the ball well.

Match was started and we gave away 110 k of inducements. The zones opted for another reroll which we found strange as an apo would made more sense to us , since they had already 4 rerolls.


The ladies won the toss and decided to defend first , giving us the opportunity to hit first. 


We started pushing around a few ladies who refused to go down as they all had dodge and some had block too. 

but on the 5th hit we knocked a lady down and that was the first ko of the game. 

we surrounded the ball and sugar lipts tried to pick it up and rolled a one (as usual) I'm suspecting the half breed to be half dwarf to be fair as ball handling is totally strange to him . 


turn one from the ladies did not do much . 


our turn two we picked up the ball with left handed penguin juice and broke right to a less crowded side and we caged our beloved quarterback . And based all of the ladies.


The ladies dodged and tried to block the path of our orcs and suddenly it happened a failed dodge with a failed reroll (turn 4) and we could hit on some amazones as it was early in the turn. One was standing near the sideline and was pushed in the crowd. But as usual our fan club had better things to do than supporting our team. My guess is they were at Prairy Danza , as the lady just strode to the reserve box unharmed. @Kjelstad @Borke@wolves in exile@Mongloom @Gobas@El Maldito I expected a bit more of you guys. A bit of team pride would be appreciated . @Sparky73 was in the stands and yelled his lungs out to cheer the orcs to victory ( if the zons lost he would be nr 1 in the rankings , and he is a bit of an orc fan , but the wooden pansies can't be told) .

Raspberry truffle shuffle ko's another blitzer. and Green slush hit a casualty on a line woman. Having a 3 man advantage worked miracles and we advanced further to the end zone with a well caged  quarterback. It must be said @Tribal Terror and his ladies had a lot of heart and tried to steal the ball and hit the ball carier but to no prevail , a few zones went in the ko box and we scored in turn 6.

1-0 for the hipsters. 


Turn 6 for the ladies, they set up very aggresive (4 of the 6 ko's came back) making it 9 against 11.  Monster melons got hit to the ground.

And killberry yogurth was ko'd by the mighty blow blitzer.  Picked up the ball and send the catcher wide in my half un protected.


We stood up based all amazones except for the agi 5 ball carrier. and we blitzed the catcher . 

the zones hit then on their turn some orcs , stunning tropicl typhoon and dodging away with the catcher . they knocked down almost the whole los , and positioned near a few downed orcs who could not blitz 2 d on the ball carrier. 

turn 8 we based all zones, and managed to get a 2die hit on the ball carier , who dropped the ball in 3 tz of the orcs. we had no more guys left to pick it up and the turn ended, 2 more zones were ko at that point. The catcher broke free, went to the end zone and the gfi failed consuming that turns reroll. the agi 5 dodged in the three tackle zones and picked up the ball . they attempted to throw a pass but this failed and it was half time . 0-1 for the hipsters with a bit of luck. 


2nd half . kick off 2 ko's came back vor the ladies , Killberry stayed off the pitch ofcourse. 

Quick snap , instead of running away the zones really moved forward in my half basing my orcs and the ball dropped.

They started downing my orcs and pushing all back , even the troll was smashed to the ground. 

they picked up the ball , the catcher moved in again and the turn ended (as i said they played bravely and with a lot of heart)

orcs stood up , based and positioned themselves and the ladies could not hit a lot any more. I blitzed the catcher stunned and moved 2 blitzer on his half, Raspberry truffle shuffle on the right and sugar lips on the left. 


here was a turning point in the 2nd half. His mighty blow blitzer one die blitzed sugar lips. Since he was ashamed he could not pick up the ball ,his inner dwarf came out and he was a sturdy as granite at this moment; a skull reroll into a skull. Casualty and miss next game for the blitzer lady, and ofcourse turnover. 


we blitzed the ball carrier down and raspberry truffle shuffle catched the ball . 

we hit some zones ko and caged as best as we could.  

ladies turn and they surrounded the ball carrier , and tried to blitz him down but his dodge skill saved him twice. 

In return we hit again on the ladies crowd surfing the catcher.  and Raspberry blitzed himself free with a mng - move on the blitzer basing him . he moved up a bit a,d was protected by his fellow orcs. at this point only 6 zons were on the pitch. we hit and pushed a bit further , not hurting anybody and scored 0-2 in turn 15.

the last two turns were only a  formality , he hit , nothing happens , i had only a blitz , downed a line and nothing. 


All in all happy with the result , ladies had not much luck and Left hande penguin juice leveled up , getting accurate, and Fresh Squeeze has got mighty blow.


This was asiemoagelis in the Green jumping orc broadcast, untill next week . And to my fan club, i need you guys next week as we play the ogres in the next game which will be not easy. 


Asiemoagelis out.

Edited by Asiemoagelis
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Match day 8: Ogreland Raiders from @OccultSlayer against Death hipster gummy bears.


Result was 0-0 and pourring rain the whole game . Boring I hear all of you say. But nothing was boring on this game . In fact some amazting things have happend here . It was a struggle for the ball the whole game. With both teams positioning and trying to get through to score. Not one of the coaches made big mistakes letting the other guy pass.

I'm not going to bother you guys with running over each turn but i will tell you some highlights of what happened in the game in no peticular order but with what i remember from the game. It was played yesterday evening and I was at a lan party visiting and using the pc of a mate over there. During the game 5-6 guys stopped and kept watching the game untill the end. They all know blood bowl but not used in playing preservation and not taking risks (you know those kind of guys, newbies or the ones that only play the ai ). Things must be said as how they were @OccultSlayer was playing a sollid game with no real errors, and so was Asiemoagelis. 


First of all there was only one chance in scoring this game. It was turn 8 of the death hipsters where Sugar lips got the ball in turn 7 and moved into scoring range. All the remaining raider players were based and could not reach the guy except with some very good rolls and risks. First action of the ogre turn , one went bonehead. some players stood up and the 3rd ogre activated blitzed on my troll one die , downing it , and running to Sugar lips  with two going for its and made it (no rerolls were left, he passed the bonehead roll, one die on the troll and 2 gfi 's) ending the turn. Sugar lips only needed a dodge on a 3 to score and again he refused to dodge.  0-0 would be the half time result. But one of the three most memorable things (if not he most memorable in orc history)  happened in turn 8 of the raiders. They hit around downing and pushing a few hipsters and as last action of the turn @OccultSlayer decided to do a vanity pass with his mvp ogre Derrick carr. He needed a 6 to pass and succeeded , you saw the raider fans standing up on their seats cheering to vontaze burfict to catch the ball, the ogre jumped to reach it but saw a big green mass jumping in front of him , intercepting the ball . Killberry yoghurt got the ball and ended the half, who said that Black orcs can't jump? 


The outcome on the first half was , Killberry yoghurt playing his best game (an intercept and a cas on a gnoblar)

A gnobllar ejected for fouling on Killberry yoghurt (the ref was intimidated by the hipster fan club thnx to @El Maldito bringing his axe, waivering it to the ref, @Mongloom waiting at the entrance of referee's locker room) @wolves in exile @Doomy77@Borke and @Kjelstad sealing of the 4 exit points of the satdium , so the ref could not pass unnoticed and unhamred when he made an doubtalbe decision angainst the hipsters. When he made the right decisions Polly pocket waited with her sexiest warg snout mask and in her nice pink lingerie in the shower of the ref to give him his full reward . He would have the time of his life , but not sure he would live to tell after to be fair.  Anyways were lingering off the game , but I wish to thank my fan club to be there for the team.


2nd half started , the orcs were with 11 against 10 but the ogres could hit first. And some memorable things still needed to happen.


@OccultSlayer trash talked Green slush before the game , saying he was the only one allowed to have ST 5 players , and he was going to kill this Black orc. First turn he evened the nr on the field , hitting a cas on Killberry yoghurt , the intercept was to much to bear for Vontaze the ogre and it was lights out for the black orc.  Sugar lips hit a badly hurt on a gnoblar blitzing him in his well known Inner Dwarf stance. Giving him a level up at the end of the game and making up for not scoring (just a bit) . 10 against 10.


Turn 3: Dereck carr killed monster melons with a precise blow , @OccultSlayer boosted it was his 4th kill this season, a newbie follwoing the game yelled you got an apo use it (the noob we all know to save it for the important players) , but since monster mellons was more on the bench ko of injured in the last games than playing , and having no spp we decided to let him go. We had the funds to replace him anyway , and because the Hipsters are becoming a well known Phenomena in the Badlandz , A new black orc was hired after the game straight away. He kept the the name monster mellons but added Cryo after it just to remember what happens when you don't perform on the field and that no one is safe from nuffle's wrath. 


Turn 5 Green slush killed Vontaze , the apo was there to save him (to bad because it would have been justice) 

Bringing him on 11 spp.


when trying to get the ball neither team could pick it up and it bounced a few inches every turn in the direction of the endzone of the ogreland raiders. But it was Always surrounded by players of both  teams giving no chance to take it . The orcs tried every turn but to no prevail. Turn 7 Raspberry Truffle shuffle did a cas on a gnoblar , leveling him up too .

In turn 16 we tried to pick up the ball with our star quarterback , needing two dodges into a tackle zones and then throwing the ball. We succeeded the dodges but failed to pick it up. End result 0-0 and three orcs leveling up. Not a bad result. 


Now the third amazing thing happened.


Green slush who was ST 5 after his first level up , lifted so many weights in the gym he is now ST6

Wolves in Exile got mighty blow as first skill up 

Raspberry Truffle shuffle got mighty blow as 2nd skill up (after @Borke's comment on giving silly skills to orcs) 

this means all 4 blitzers got mighty blow now.


This was this weeks match report from Da green jumping orc (better known as Killberry yoghurt) broadcast 

Untill next week , Asiemoagelis out . 



Edited by Asiemoagelis
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