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Death to hipster gummy bears

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  • 2 weeks later...

Match day 1 of the new season with the Death hipster gummy Bears agains @knockoff and his skavens. 


The rats have 290 k inducements and opt for a wizard and 2 bloodweiser babes.


We can start with bashing , first action off the game Death Hipster the troll hits a lineman badly hurt and gets on 15 spp. 

We put down the other two , pick up the ball form a loose cage (you know wizard) and that is is . 


turn 1 skaven , they run away leaving nothing in reach and blitz with the claw mighty blow storvermin, ko on dip hacks cryo limo the lineman. 


my turn 2 i base and move up , no rats are harmed this turn. 

his turn 2 he blitzes the troll and goes ko. 


turn 3 a linerat goes ko and we move up a bit

his turn 3 ko on a blitzer , 3 hits 3 ko's , this time not with the claw/mb


turn 4 we move up and ko 2 skaven 

his turn 4 nor orcs are harmed


turn 5 we move up , no rats are harmed 

his turn 5 nothing happens 


turn 6 orcs do nothing but move up a bit ,

he gets the ball loose with a blitz picks it up runs away 


turn 7 we blitz the ball carrier , goes down ball close to our thrower , we hit a minus move on a gutter runner (good boy sugar lips) aka @wolves in exile

turn 7 he fails his dodge to get to the ball carrier , no rerolls left. 

turn 8 we pick up the ball , throw with left handed penguin juice to sugar lips , perfect pass , yes @Ethelred this is why we have throwers. 

we score 0-1 in turn 8.

his turn 8 set up for ottd , no rerrolls , lots of dice to be rolled on a lineman with nothing. everything worked , pass worked catch and dodge in tz 's , and 2gfi 's , for the result i hoped it would not work for the nice work i hoped it would @knockoff I wanted you to succeed but i thought you dirty little mofo :p as i told in game. 


end of first half 1-1


half 2


rats get the ball , started running , we started chasing and hitting resulting  a dead linerat , hit by my thrower (yes   @Ethelred throwers can do more than just throw ) he gets on 30 spp for this. 

score in turn 11.


we can start again ,  we ko 2 lines, bh a linerat with my troll he levels finally. 

we get the ball , we cage nothing he could do a failed dodge with the stormvermin resulting in a bh , he kills Drip hacks cryo limo. I hate that claw mb dude. 

we move up , throw a pass with left handed penguin juice to dictators lemonade, he levels. Raspberry truffle shuffle did minus move on another gutter runner, apo into reserves. 


turn 16 , 2 dodges with no rerolls , 2gfi and a 1die blits on the ball carrier without block , all succeeds , and a pure pow, ball carrier down. damn mv 8 thrower got everywhere. 

our turn 16 , we blitz away the thrower . pick up the ball in a tz , pass , 1 reroll 1 failed no 2-2 :( ven had a reroll for the catch; 

ah well not a bad game . But i feel 2-2 should be the right end result. Well played @knockoff. I enjoyed.


stars of my game

Raspberry truffle shuffle 1 cas on a gut runner

Left handed penguin juice , 2 passes and a kill on a linerat (he got tackle , not obvious i know)

Sugar lips , minus move on a gut runner and a TD

Death hipster Gummy bear, 2 cas  (he got guard) 


RIP Drip hacks cryo limo , lineman with mighty blow. 


the fans saw what they wanted , blood as red as the team jerseys. @Mongloom @Gobas @Borke @wolves in exile @Remthar @El Maldito @Kjelstad and i hope @Ethelred joins the fans too :)

I hope you will be at all our matches. 


On another note , the goblin Mystic Solero joined the ranks. 


this was da jumping green gobliin broadcast , Asiemoagelis out. 




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Match day 2 @JJape and his dwarves against death hipster gummy bears . 


You have to excuse me but i'm very tired and have a bit of a fever , so i will make this a brief match report. 

Orcs dominated the first half , and scored 1-0 in turn 8 . 

What happened in the first half?  

Monster melons edition 3 the black orc was knocked out and did not came back for the rest of the game . 

Sugar lips was knocked out and did return on half time. 


for the dwarves , Killberry yoghurt hit a miss next game on a blocker, Death hipster gummy bear hit a niggling on another blocker which was apoed into a reserve. Fresh squeez hot another miss next game on a blocker. One blocker was ko but came back in the 2nd half.

Forbidden fruits the new thrower scored 1-0 and leveled. 


2nd half , dwarves could start  , they hit a cas on the black orc fresh squeeze turn 8 , surfed the lineman who was ko. 

few turns later they surfed Forbidden fruits which was a bh . 

Kilerry yoghurt hit a badly hurt on a blocker

Left handed penguin juise hit a bh on a blitzer 

the dwarves we're forced to score turn 14 and the orcs could start. 

We pick up the ball , got it tried to pass to the gobbo but he failed to catch. 

some pushing and hitting around , nothing happened . except a few orcs that go ko. 

Last turn we blitz the ball free only in one tackle zone. gobbo dodged out and set himself on the end zone. 

We tried to pick up the ball and failed , 1-1 was the end result. 


Again we have hit 5 casualties , now against armor 9 , we stay on a good average , I know this is what the fans want.  @Borke

@Mongloom @wolves in exile @Gobas @El Maldito @Remthar  @Ethelred @Kjelstad

stars of the game :


Left handed penguin juice  hit one cas , but failed 2 passes and a pcik up 

Death hipster gummy bear hit one cas 

Fresh Squeeze hit a miss next game 

Killberry yoghurt , hit a cas and a miss next game 

Forbidden fruits a touchdown , and he leveled and got mighty blow (omg @Ethelred a throxwer with mighty blow and not strong arm :p this is because both throwers stay back and want some hitting power over there without sacking a blitzer on it)


this was  Da green jumping orc , untill next week and happy hunting to you all.


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matchday 3 death hipster gummy bears agains @mbCARMAC and his chaos team. 


We lost 2-0 but god damned it was bloody (8 cas inflicted in one game by our orcs, we wear our jerseys in red just because we spill a lot off blood). , as a true orc team we failed everything for the ball untill the 2nd half .

A strange thing happened , when we were checking how to get our ball carrier to safety i double clicked by accident on a black orc who decided to jump into 3 tz and failed ofcourse , leaving the ball unguarded and gave chaos the chance to get the ball ,screen it, stall and hit for one turn on my poor orcs . Luckily nothing happened, the orcs went on a frenzy spree because off this for the rest off the game. I'm not going to descirbe what happened turn by turn but I will name the stars of my team and things that happened.


Chaos scored turn 7 in the first half giving me a chance to ottd with my troll and goblin. We picked up the ball , gave it to the goblin , he caught it , throw with troll failed (for the 5 th time since we have the goblin, it would be nice to launch him for once ) 

Failing that Dictators lemonade did a going for it to assist another blitzer for a blitz , rolled a 1 and ko'd himself for the rest of the match )


Stars of my game:

tropical typhoon in the first half , a goat hit him , both down , Typhoon had nothing but he got his firs cas and his first two spp (and this only in his 3rd season) 

Hipster gummy bear the troll 1 cas on a goat with mighty blow , badly hurt apoed by the chaos coach. Putting him on 26 spp. 

Left handed penguin juice the thrower : 1 pass failed and one succeeded  earned 1spp , hes on 34 spp now

Raspberry truffle shuffle the blitzer : hit 1 mng on a goat and putting him on 46 spp

Killberry yoghurt Black orc : 2 cas, 1bh on a goat and a miss next game to the st5 tentacle chaos warrior putting him on 39 spp

Fresh Squeeze black orc : killed Max the star player , putting him on 32 spp, he leveled and got guard

Green slush Black orc : 2 cas on 2 goats , putting him on 32 Spp , our st6 black orc got Mighty blow 

Monster mellons edition 3 black orc: scored a touch down and got the mvp putting him 13 spp , he got block . 


all in all not a bad game for the orcs, ball what ball we hit first 


8cas inflicted in a game especially for the fans , I hope the fans approve @Borke @Mongloom @wolves in exile @Gobas

 @Kjelstad @Remthar @Ethelred @El Maldito

We are last in our division , but we have fun 18 cas in 3 games , a draw against the nr 1 spot. We are in course to level up our players for next season . We promise we will try to play the ball once in a while, but we hope to water the grass off the bloodbowl stadia with blood for the coming games. 


this was asiemoagelis with da green jumping orc broadcast, untill next time. 



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Matchday 4 , @Breschdleng with his goblins against the death hipster gummy bears. 


We give away a lot of inducements and the goblins got reinforced with Ripper , Fungus and a wizard and 3 Bribes, he has got 2 well developped trolls and an agi 4 goblin, a chainsaw and a bomber. We were set up for what will be the bloodiest game off all the season.  Was a bit scared and was happy when I could start to hit. The two ball and chain dudes we're benched , chainsaw and bomba were on the pitch. 


Turn one we start to hit.  Death hipster gummy bear hit a cas on a goblin. And so did Killberry yoghurt. 

We took up the ball ,moved up and that was it .

Goblins did not do much in the first turns, but oh man what the orcs did was amazing, we hit a ko on Ripper when he failed a block with both down and skull on Monster mellons the 3rd edition 

Sugar lips killed the bomba in turn 4 or 5 , to get ko'ed the turn after , and ofcourse he did not come back the whole game.

( @wolves in exile get a hold on it man , it is not the first time this happens)

We ko'd another goblin. A goblin dodged himsel in a mng. 

hit some another 5 cas on other goblins, including the chainsaw . 

The wizard on the thrower with the ball failed . 

We scored in our turn 8 with forbidden fuits (the mb thrower) .  The knocked out goblin and ripper came back.

His turn 8 he set up for a ottd , but his Ball dude killed off Mystic solero (our little goblin) and with the words spoken by @Breschdleng A goblin for a goblin , it was that, nothing more nothing less, spoken as in some real and true goblin poetry. 

Fungus tried to hit our blok black orc, failed the roll and got ko'd , turnover and 1-0 for the hipsters end of the first half. 


2nd half starts and we face 11 against 7 . 

Ball was kicked , picked up  and caged . 

Mosha the troll hit a minus st on Forbidden fruits  and the 2nd half was started, 

we moved in and i made 2 times a big error, by placing Raspberry truffle shuffle to give an assist seeing too late that he had no guard :(

This gave the goblins the pocer to hit on our orcs and raspberry was pushed off the field after an nice series of blocks with a lot of positioning and rolling. Luckily nothing happened to our star blitzer. 

The troll Lobba was hit a minus move by Pink  lemonade , and by the end of the 2nd half we have hit a stunning 11 casualties;

Tropical Typhoon hit a cas and scored the 2-0 in turn 16 . Since he earned his first spp last game , he's really stubborn to prove he is the star of the team (but we all know better ofcourse)


I will list here what all my orcs did in this bloody game (at least the ones that earned spp) .


Death hipster gummy bear the troll : 1 cas on a gobbo putting him on 28 spp

Mystic solero died heroicly when facing a looney. 

Sugar lips Killed da Bomba but was ko'd for the rest of the game after that , he is on 21 spp

Pink Lemonade  hit a minus move on a troll, putting him on 28 spp

Raspberry truffle shuffle  hit a cas on a gobbo , and on the chainsaw and he got the mvp which gave him 55 spp , and he got guard  , no more messing around with wrong positioning now. 

Tropical Typhoon hit a cas on a gobbo , and scored a td , which gave him 7 spp , he got block.

Green slush the black orc hit a cas on a gobbo , giving him 34 spp. 

Killberry yoghurt the black orc hit 3 cas on gobbos, giving him 45spp

Fresh squeeze the balck orc  hit a cas on a gobbo giving him 34 spp

Forbidden Fruits the thrower scored the 1-0 but lost a strength the next half; he was on 10 spp. He will be discharged with honors from the team and receives the game ball , to remember his heroism for his clan.


@wolves in exile @Gobas @El Maldito @Kjelstad @Mongloom @Remthar @Ethelred @Borke this was a very bloody game , completely orc style. We even picked up the ball and scored.  These orcs are on fire . Next up are elves , those slippery bastards that will run away and around us, let's hope we van hurt some. 

We are now on only 11 players , so we will buy another lineman , as we all know goblins and throwers are no good in the los , we need some cannon meet for future games. 


This was asiemoagelis for da green jumping orc broadcast , untill next time and happy hunting to all.







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  • 2 weeks later...

Match day 5 for death hipster gummy bears  against @Badger69 and his high elves. 

I can tell now we lost 0-1 because of a last turn touch down , which involved a one die blitz , some dodges and gfi 's. the elvish bullshit against this team ofcourse.  But I must say it was a veru nice match . 


We started very slow the first 3 turns , gues the hipster were still full of Turkey or roast goblin. But once that was digested with some exercise we started to feel our usual orc self again.

This was running after the elves the whole 2 drives , hitting something from time to time. 

Things must be said , the elves and the dodges worked and failed like one time in the game , injuring a catcher and that was on turn9.


But when we could hit , the fans went crazy shouting all the players name , they hate it when those pansies start to run away . 

@Borke was thirsting for blood (he made a sound that sounded like a squeeky  Cartman yelling kill !!!  kill  !!! kill !!!from the first doge untill long after the final whistle, but when the lineman died he yelled as a bariton voiced Opera singer Snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap , Rythym is a danger , you can feel , you can hear it , rhytym is a danger   )  @Mongloom stole the magic sponge from the high elves apothecary , because when it was used on a player losing a movement , it went to mng after (the placebo effect did something but not much)  @Gobas @Kjelstad @Remthar @El Maldito ganged up on the sideline waiting on a sissy to be pushed in the crowd (but this did not happen ofcourse) @Ethelred who came to watch the game ran away in fear seeing all the mayhem that the hipsters and their fans caused against Elves.


We did loose but we hit a smashing 6 casualties again. So we have won anyway , the elves have 4 mng (catcher and 3 line elfs ) and a death wrestle lino 


The stars of this game 


Sugar lips (aka @wolves in exile blitzer) ) , mng a lineman  + 2spp

Raspberry truffle shuffle  (blitzer): killing a lino + 2spp 

Monster melons III  (black orc)  : bh a blitzer  +2spp

Fresh Squeeze (black orc) bh a catcher +2spp

Killberry Yoghurt (black orc) ; mng 2 lineman , and intercepting a pass . he leveled up and got tackle. +6spp

Mystic Berries got the mvp for polishing the bank 

Pink lemonade , got 1spp for a completion in turn 16 to get him to 29 spp, 1 cas away from the next level. 


We lost but we hit things the way we like it. 


This was asiemoagelis with Da green jumping orc broadcast. Untill next match day and happy hunting to all.

@Badger69 well playes as you said , it was very close , and you should have snaked at some point , but tbh , it is normal if we hit cas like hell then the elves dodge in fear giving them agi 6 and ones are erased form the dice :)

Good luck for the rest of the season :)

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@Asiemoagelis good luck to you too!! was a really close game. i made some mistakes... thought i'd thrown the game for a while. only the one snake dodge for me (lucky boy!!)... but that turned into a CAS'd catcher!! (not so lucky boy!). But i defo got away with the a lot of dodges.


I thought scoring was off the cards, you played really well... and trimmed some TV for my next game!

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Match day 6 of the death hipster gummy bears agains @BruceL33t and his orcs on his home turf (astrogranite)


We started the game with bruce telling me he fears my team , that is always a good thing , this is what my orcs would say ofcourse. 

We could start hitting and in turn one we ko'd a line orc, and hit down the three other los guys. 

we secured the ball and we positioned our players. 

His turn one he mng Green slush our block mighty blow guard black orc. I choose not to apo him because you know another 15 turns of hitting.

Bruce his comment was i have hurt one of your players now mine will be hurt very hard.

It seems this orc coach did not have many luck with his team and i can relate to that as i have had this very often too in the past. 


first half was dominated by the hipsters we ko'd several players , hit a mng on a line orc with green slush (our st6) giving him 36 spp

We scored 1-0 in turn 5 and we set up again, ko's came back and we set up for the 2nd drive. He did a bald move getting the ball but failed the pass giving us the opportunity to steal the ball and score 2-0 in our turn 8 , his ko's players came back and he had a turn of hitting , at that time Sugar lips was ko's and refused to come back , same with Mystic berries our newest lineman. 

His turn 8 he could start but his troll got a rock in the face by @Mongloom giving him no chance to hit my troll or st6 black orc. 

he downed two players and tried a pass for spp but failed (orcs are not ment to throw balls) except left handed penguin juice our thrower ofc , who had a nice pass in the first half which lead to the 1-0 (he is our quarterback for a reason)


2nd half


Bruce could start , and our ko's we're still ko (damned @wolves in exile for one time come back on the pitch )

11 against 9) 

Bruce aggresively blocked our players but nothing much happened , he got the ball did some dodges and went to the clear , i had to roll a lot of dice to get to the ball carrier and no fails could be happening in order to get there. 

we started hitting and freed two players whou based the ball carrier and blitzed him down . 

we based and positioned the others .  

Bruce managed to get the ball back and run out of reach of our orcs and we could start over. He decided then to foul my blitzer who was on the ground with a line orc. Blitzer stunned and lineman ejected. 

 We freed our players , based the bal carrier with my tackle thrower and a blitzer  but had not enough move to blitz him.

We started hitting other things and Raspberry Truffle shuffle killed a blitzer .

back 9 vs 9

his turn he dodged sucesfully and scored inhis  turn 13 making it 2-1

A miracle happened Sugar lips came back on the field. 

and the other ko kept resting. 


we picked up he ball and started hitting 

we screened he tried to blitz our ball carrier but rolled a skull reroll skull , ko'ing his blitzer. 

we ko'ed his trhower and we're secure a few squares from the end line. 

our troll death hipster then cas the mercanary black orc.  purring him on 30 spp.

we scored turn 16 and won 3-1 


we have bought a 2 nd thrower again for next game @Ethelred , just because orcs can play a pasing game (sometimes)



the fans we're happy , the saw a bit of blood , and a lot of touchdowns @Borke @Kjelstad @Gobas @Remthar @El Maldito 

we are on 38 cas now in 6 games , we hope to get a few more in the next three games . 


Stars of my game we're 

Hipster gummy bear (troll)  , cas on a black orc  30spp 

Left handed penguin juice (thrower) , pass + a td  38spp

Pink lemonade (blitzer) 1 td 32 spp , he leveled and got tackle

Green slush (st 6 black orc) 1 cas and mvp  41spp

and the biggest star off all , raspberry truffle shuffle (blitzer) 1 dead , 1 td 62 spp


This was da green jumping orc bradcast , untill next match day(s) 

3 times dark elves to come. 



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  • 2 weeks later...

Match day 7 , hipsters against @zulu501 his dark elves. 


What can  I say , we lost .  0-1  , first half no dodges failed except one that was rerolled , rest it was meeeeeh 

Hit one elf every turn . 

2 nd half more of that  , 1-0 in his turn 14 ; dodge true all the tackle zones no matter if we had tackle or not. 

He has spend 4 rerolls on dodges and a failed block , but the result was the same either way , they kept swarming true  and a ko on a blitzer who was at back sealed my fate. 


But on the bright side , we managed to mangle 4 elves. So we are up to 42 cas this season. We are still in the lead for occ. But i doubt i will beat the nurgle team which has 38 cas.  He got claw mighty blow on the whole team. I got mighty blow and need to play another two teams of these dodge and run away pansies. 


stars of my game 

Hipster gummy bear (the troll)  , cas on the av 9 line elf. he levels and got stand firm. 32 spp

Left handed penguin juice (the thrower) threw a pass with very sunny putting him on 39 spp

Raspberry truffle shuffle (blitzer) hit a minus move on the runner , apo into miss next game. 

Pink lemonade killed a witch elf , and miss next game on a lineman. 


@wolves in exile @Mongloom @Borke @Kjelstad @Remthar @El Maldito @Gobas our team could use some cheering word for next game. as we seem to drop on the nr of casualties , and we have no grasp on those pesky elves. 

Let me hear you for the team . @Ethelred we face each other in the last game , I hope we will be on our full ability by then . 


This was Asiemoagelis for da green jumping orc broadcast . 

untill next week and happy hunting to all. 


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  • 1 month later...

Season 15 started today  for the death hipster gummy bears and the extra weeks of training worked really well I think . 

We played  against once upon a team , a scary wood elf team with 2agi 5 war dancers (the horror)  coached by @Ynwe.


Turn one , the elves rolled a blitz and caught the orcs sleeping still. 

They blitzed down a blitzer , went underneath the ball , screened it nicely and scored turn 1 , all dice rolls succeeded , my troll failed his really stupid and had to reroll a block of my st6 black orc. Not a good start.


But nuffle won't be nuffle if that did not change after.

we took the ball , caged ko'd a line elf , a bad positioning of mine gave the elves a chance to blitz the ball carrier on a 2d uphill with strip ball, ball was loose , an brave catcher tried to dodge to pick up the ball but failed , I love my tackle on my orcs . 

Some elves we're in reach and we hit the tree first , and the troll swung at it with the grace only death hipster gummy bear could , he rolled a natural eleven , and rolled a 9 with mighty blow , badly hurting the tree.  We ko'd another catcher and we moved forward. After failing another roll the elves we're exposed. (he rolled 4 double ones in this game, all the luck of the blitz roll , went against him the rest of the game) We mng a war dancer , and ko'd another elf.  We just moved slow to the end zone, scored in our turn 8 , the 3 ko's of the elves did ot come back and the one turner failed because the thrower needed to make a difficult pass roll for an elf (3+) . Left handed penguin juice just smiles at that , because he has thrown a beatifull 2 passes this game on a 4+ and a 3+, but that is normal for him , he is our star quarterback anyway. 


2nd half , he could start , quick snap all elves run , pick up the ball gave the ball to the wardancer , screened on the sideline, orcs based, my thrower with tackle blitzed the catcher(stunned) and tagged the war dancer , all other elves we're surrounded to force him to score quickly so i had time to play for the tie. The leap failed miserably , we took the ball and moved up. Trying to hit a bit was not the brightest idea i had this game, but it went all so well i did not think about it. Troll went really stupid (4 ones in this game) and our st6 black orc rolled dub skulls and went down. The guard catcher positioned himself , and the elves tried to blitz our ball carrier , but forgot one the black orcs close had guard , 1die , and a push , nothing to worry about.  We blitzed the catcher and killed it (raspberry truffle shuffle deserved the mvp and got it to get him to 76 spp)? the apo had run away so he stayed dead. 


at that point the elves gave up , we passed the ball to our st 6 black orc in turn 12 , he caught it without a prob and scored in turn 16


2-1 win against a team i thought that would run rounds around me. 

But nuffle won't be nuffle if he had something else in mind. 

The elves played well , but the dice did not favour them.

They will give a hard game to many opponents in this division , that is for sure. 


My stars of the game are:


Death Hipster gummy bear (troll) Bh on the tree

Killberry Yoghurt (black orc) badly hurt on a line-elf and mng on a war dancer

Left handed penguin juice (thrower) throwing two passes and made some very nice blitzes.

Green slush (st6 black orc) scoring a td

Raspberry truffle shuffle : scoring a touch down and killing a guard/blodge catcher , he got the well deserved mvp , levelled up and got catch . He is now a blodge mighty blow guard tackle catch blitzer. Was doubting to give him jump up , but have chosen catch , just to be able to play ball a bit when needed . 


This was asiemoagelis for da green jumping orc broadcast , untill next week .

happy hunting to all . 


PS: I hope the fans are still with us @Borke @Mongloom @Gobas @Remthar @Kjelstad @El Maldito


next game against pro elves from @GaryW

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Match day 2 of season 15 , death hipster gummy bears face off @GaryW and his pro elfs . 

The result was a 4-1 loss , but it was a very interesting game .  Some real crazy stuff was pulled.


pro elves could start , they run through as they should making me hunting them down to base them. 

in turn 2 he tries to pass the ball to a catcher who was in some tackle zones , but Mystic berries the lineman decided to intercept the ball.

tunrover for the elves , we got the ball . but are srurrounded by elves , green slush the black orc st6 blocker decided to bh a lineman . 

we ko a few elves , and still got the ball , we are based by elves but we have guard so not much to worry about. 

we position ourselves to try and go for the td but we need to free the lineorc with the ball as he is based by several elves . 

in our turn 4 things are looking pretty good, we can free our lineorc if all goes well, well nuffle is a bastard and we all know it. 

we ko a catcher next to the lineorc and need only a push on the next roll to free him and give the ball to our blitzer standing a bit further , we block and roll dub skulls, reroll and dub skulls again. Ball carrier gets hit , falls down after resisting the first block , elves picked up the ball and scored  in their turn 5.

we can start , blitz ,  elves are under the ball even before i can do anything and they stunned the blitzer closest to the ball , we try to counter it , but that mv9 nerves off steel dump off and pass  shit is hard to counter .But we knock down the ball carrier freeing the ball , we pick up the ball try and pass to our blitzer, intercept by the pro elves,and 2-0 in turn 6.

in our turn 6 we pick up the ball throw it to the goblin. he catches it; we cage and we hit some ko's. 

turn 7 we fail the throw team mate the goblin is launched but can't land (tiny typhoon hits the grass face down) 

elves pick up the ball and make 3-0 in turn 8 (god i hate those catchers)

turn 8 we try again for a throw teammate , but the troll eats the goblin, even with a succesfull reroll which was a one again.

we can start the 2nd half. 

again thos pesky elves can swarm our half , the wizard hits down my cage they pick up the ball , i can blitz it free , pick it up pass and intercept again by the elves (that is 3 in one game)


by then we started fouling elves as they just would not get off the pitch , ko and coming back the whole game , we wanted to down a blitzer to foul , bh by raspberry truffle shuffle so we fouled a lineman, nothing happened

we got the ball passed it to our raspberry truffle shuffle ; caged , hit and fouled , excpet for a few ko's nothing happened, 

turn 15 the elves blitzed our thrower , he got a mng , but the apo took care off that . 

we handed the ball to sugar lips and he scored the 4-1 in turn 16.


stars of my game 


Mystic berries for intercepting a ball (i'm sure this made all orcs think to play ball instead of causing mayhem (bad berry)) he has 12 spp now

 Green slush St6 black orc : bh on a line elf , he is on 46 spp now 

Raspberry truffle  shuffle :bh on a blitzer  78 spp now 

Left handed penguin juice : 3 beatifull passes in the game (including 3 long passes) het is on 48 spp now 

mvp went tot the troll for eating the goblin  he is on 39spp now


we bought a new goblin called : Da Green Bicky Burger


For our fans i'm sorry we did not cause so many cas (technically we did 3) but those elves were so fast and leaping and dodging away , and they were suprisingly willing to stay on the field. 

@Borke @Mongloom @Gobas @Kjelstad @Remthar @El Maldito we need you guys in the stands again to yell to our orcs what to do , because they want to play ball . I'm ashamed . 


This was asiemoagelis with da green jumping orc broadcast. 

untill next week against the pro elves of @james cook


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  • 2 weeks later...

good day my beloved supporters , I know I have failed you by not posting the two lats match reports , but things have become a bit crazy here because of the lockdown in belgium and me having to go to work with long hours, because the transport of goods never stops.

I have to plan 150 drivers for delivering goods that can be used for manufacturing gloves, soap , disinfection alcohol and other things to beat the Corana shit that is going on.So excuse me for not blogging as most of the time i'm completely beaten by the time i get home from work. We normally plan with 7 people but now we do with 3 because of people working from home, but head planners like me can't stay home ever.

I still try to play my games and will try to put the blogs on, but for the last two games I will just post the highlights my orcs did. 

I hope you guys understand . 


Match day 3 against @james cook we we're determined to hit some elves , but they just did not want to die , only 2 cas that game as they kept running away, we lost 2-3 but we made a bit of progress on the ball game .  We ko'ed 5 elves but they kept coming back . 


First achievement my troll death hipster gummy bear and da green bicky burger are becoming friends and we have managed to throw a goblin and score for the first time ever. I hope this trend will continue .  

Da green bicky burger scoring a td in his first game , not got eaten and has 3 spp

Our thrower Left handed penguin juice threw 2 passes and got the mvp getting him on 55 spp leveling and he got safe throw . 

Dictators lemonade the blitzer scored a touchdown  bringing him on 25 spp

Monster melons 3rd edition the black orc hit 2 cas bringing him on 22spp

He has hit a miss next game on Prince Moranion , so not to bad for him. 

2-3 with a close game ,  But in the end the elves kept swarming the pitch , not much we could do . 


Match day 4 against the lizards of @LaserBrum ended on a 1-1 but was an interesting game (for me at least ) 

we hit 3 ko and 4 cas 

Sugar lips the blitzer hit a minus st on a blodge skink  putting him on 30 spp

Left handed penguin juice throws 3 passes putting him on 58 spp

Monster melons 3rd edition the black orc  hit a mng on the journeyman skink  putting him on 24 spp

Fresh squeeze the black orc kills a mighty blow saurus , apo into dead again putting him on 41 spp

Green slush the st6 black orc , hits a minus move on the krow and scores the touchdown to tie the game , he gets on 51 spp and he has got block . He is also nominated to be voted for player of the week of 3c and by seeing the votes I think he will win it . 


So fans our next game is against the lizards of @FlyingTurtle and i hope to write a decent blog about this game . It will be played this monday . 

We hope our beloved fans stay with us @Mongloom @Kjelstad @Gobas @Remthar @El Maldito and @Borke


this was asiemoagelis for da green jumping orc broadcast . 

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match day 5 agains the lizards of @FlyingTurtle  , we lost 3-1 , it was a red day , a bloody day. 


the lizards scored first in their turn 7 , but all was looking good still , raspberry truffle shuffe had a bh on a skink , the saurus went down , one went ko and our team was still looking good, we scored a one turn touchdown with throwing the Da green Bicky burger , did not even needed a reroll and he leveled (the goblin rolled a double and got dirty player btw) 


the lizards also scored a ottd in their turn 8 so 2-1 was the result at half time. 


But then the torture began , Lizrds were hitting ridiculously on my orcs , ko'ing 4 of them , surfed one of the field ,into nothing but reserve , but they hit on Dictators lemonade our blitzer , he lost an armour after apo'ing him into dead . He was hit so hard he was not thinking anymore and he forgot a piece of his armor , giving him armor 8. Really considering of giving him the boot for it. A warrior not taking care of his gear should not be allowed on the battle field ,  a lot of eager young orcs are wanting to be a blitzer (he is on 26 spp with mb and guard, so I think he could be replaced) But i 'm asking the fans what they think?

@Borke @Remthar @Gobas @Mongloom @Kjelstad @El Maldito


and in the same turn , some saurus did a very dirty move , hitting a cheap shot on the ankle of Monster melons the black orc, giving him a minus move. He would still be workable , but he will loose his apo rights. Block Mighty blow black orc. Maybe replace him in the future but on mv 3 he is still fit for los duty I suppose. 


This game was brutal for my orcs , we had 3 left on the end :) they fought like warriors , but they got swarmed to fast :)


We hope the next game will be better


This was Asiemoagelis for da green jumping orc broadcast . 


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