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Even before season 13 has started, in fact even before season 12 had ended, The OCC Crew has been put in an awkward position. Apparantly @Mongloom was supposed to be one of the linemens in the team, but he didnt get hired.

Mongloom doesnt want to give any comments on the subject but you can clearly see the frustration and dissapointment on his face.


In the meantime The OCC Crew has trained as normal. Coach brocCooLi hesitates before commenting.

"There are lots of things going on before a new season starts. Eh, like.... like... getting jerseys that fits! And... and... and.... training? And lots of other stuff. Very busy!"


A snotling walks up to brocCooLi with a piece of paper.

"I just found this, it says 'Dont forget to hire Mongloom'. Shall I save it somewhere?"

brocCooLi looks in panic from the reporter to the snotling back at the reporter.

"Oh, thats little Gnarl, a true comedian." they laugh nervously.

"My name is Grotl, not Gnarl." the snotling says.*


*Grotl hasnt been seen since this incedent.

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@Remthar yes, but in a way @wismerhill has been 100% effective. did one block, didnt cause a turn over. thats pretty good statistics for an ogre. 100% successes.


@Keith carr thanks! yeah, you need to set down the foot early so the opponent knows whats coming. and with all my early removals, like 5 or 6 turn 3? you didnt really had anything to foul with.


@Rymdkejsaren one more td and you are the star of the team!

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Second game for the season and this time it was against @Rama Set with a chaos team called Green Moon Fanatics. Another easy win predicted!


The OCC Crew start to recieve the ball. Everything looks good. One player secures the ball. Suido makes the first block and makes a stunned. Pidpad picks up the ball. Everything under control.

"FOOOOOOOOOOUUUL!!!!!" the scream destroys the calm as Gobas rush forward and put his boot down, but nothing happens.


In turn two Pidpad advances and passes the ball to Rymdkejsaren that makes the catch. The team look sharp and are in good positioning.

"BANANA FOUL!!!!" scream Gobas and starts to jump on a beastmen. The ref has already seen enough and Gobas is sent off. Confusion starts to spread among the team. What happened?


Chaos manage to push a chaos warrior next to Rymdkejsaren who falls down on the blitz and suddenly the chaos team has control over the ball. What the? With Rymdkejsaren on the ground, not moving and just looking up at the sky thinking loudly "But if i cant carry the ball, than who can? What is even the meaning of this game?", the other team members hesitates and doesnt know what to do.


Bantha starts to run down to defend but falls over after going for it. Other team members step up their game but its to late. Chaos makes the first touchdown and The OCC Crew looks unhappy. But with two turns left there is still time.


The ball lands close to midfield and Pidpad runs up, afraid of making any go for its he stops short. The other try to position themselfs and Rymdkejsaren and Bantha runs up in scoring position. After some brief hesitation Breschdlung moves in to pick up the ball, well aware of the open way through the defence and starts to embrace himself for the blitz. But chaos decide to blitz Rymdkejsaren and puts some players to mark Bantha. After a blitz Bantha can run free but needs two dodges, the first through a beastmens tackle zone. No worries! Bantha makes it to the endzone.


Breschdlung looks worried but moves forward to attempt the pass, hesitates, and it ends up in a fumble. The half ends with 0-1.


In second half chaos starts to push forward but a new confidence can be seen among The OCC Crew. Bantha makes a KO in the start of the half. A little bit later Rymdkejsaren give the loner beastmen a niggling and in the turn after he removes a chaos warrior who got badly hurt after the hit.

Things are looking good and Rymdkejsaren runs to get a better position but fails the go for it.


The ball carrier runs away and everything looks dark. But Bantha refuse to give up! He runs forward and blitzes the warrior without any help and the warrior is KO! Suido that was standing on the opponents half runs into position to be able to score next turn.

Unfortunately a beastmen gets free and manages to pick up the ball and score in turn 16.


The game ends with 0-2 to the Green Moon Fanatics. Yet another loss and its clear that The OCC Crew need to change something. Maybe a boss over the bosses would be good?


Stars in the game:

Rymdkejsaren - 2 cas - 4 spp, levels up! Got sidestep.

Pidpad - 1 pass - 1 spp

Gobas - two fouls and MVP - 5 spp, levels up!

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