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World Cup numbers


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58 minutes ago, Smiling Tom said:

Afraid I am not, expecting our third child this autumn so can't really move too far from home. 


Congrats Smiling !!!. Muy atrevido tener 3 hijos... yo me he quedado en 2 (niñas).


I'm not going, but I would perfectly understand having a week off.


Un saludo.

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Right, now that I'm actually at home with a proper keyboard, rather than on a phone I can give a short(ish) recap.


The organizers had decided that everyone should use the same type of skill markers that they provided. They looked nice and while the magnets worked properly (about a day) they played nice, after that they were more of a hassle than benefit.

The way these were handed out was a disaster. Instead of doing something sensible, like seating all players during the Thursday meeting and handing them out there, they had the captains queue for them and that took forever. My captain was one of the ones who got the stuff earliest and it took him 1h. The queues were so long that they had to close things down and have people continue on Friday morning before game 1.


That ended with a predictable delay of 2 hours or so. That was anything but swiftly followed up by the tournament software throwing several wobblies which delayed things yet another 6 hours or so. So we only managed to get 2 games in during Friday.


Saturday had 4 games and to everyones surprise the entire day only had 15 or so minutes of delay.


Sunday saw three games without any major screwups from the organisers, there was some delay before the last round (can't recall the reason).


In the end Amicale de Push Push from France won the tournament and I'd say it was well deserved after going 8-1-0.


Now, on to my team (which includes Skuld and Melisqus who also currently play in OCC and inforthepain who has in the past plus Kaju and Lard)


The coaches will be listed in order for each round with the top one playing at table 1 etc


The lineup for round 1 


Les DuCs de BretagNe (France)


Skuld - Wood Elves vs kaazor - Necromantic 4-0 absolutely unfair in every way

Pidpad - Humans vs Acryosis - Chaos 1-1 (I'll do a brief below for my games each round)

Melisqus - Necromantic vs Silsei - Dark Elf 1-1

Lard - Lizards vs Giom - Wood Elf 1-1

Kaju - Dark Elves vs chicagork - Undead 2-2

inforthepain - Amazons vs PLT44 Ogre 2-0


I got a lucky draw against chaos (it included a 6+ dodge and a two die uphill block to surf his ball carrier). I also made one foul during the game (we got a bribe on the first kick-off), I got sent off without breaking armor. Excellent stuff. I made two casualities with the two armor breaks I made all game.


Round 2 


Cathîms (France)


Skuld vs Dadayou - High Elf 1-1

inforthepain vs Sblurks - Goblins 2-1 (yes, that's two stunty teams to start with)

Lard vs Feerikon - Halflings 2-1

melisqus vs Gudj - Underworld 1-1

Pidpad vs Atlant - Dark Elf 0-2

Kaju vs kaoragh - Humans 2-0


In my game I was down to 7 players before the start of my third turn. Not much I could do from that point on. If memory serves (usually does when it comes to bad stuff happening) I managed 2/9 ko rolls.

Also, I've so far faced the two worst matchups possible for my team.


Round 3 


The Templars (Spain)


inforthepain vs CT_Konrad - Humans 0-1

Skuld - drako - Underworld 4-1

kaju vs fol82 - Necromantic 2-1

Lard vs joantrooper - Norse 1-0

Melisqus vs Pandiani - Pro elf 0-1

Pidpad vs Dr_Funesto - Chaos 0-3


If I had players removed in the previous game, it had nothing on this.  By turn 5 I had 5 prone players on the pitch and decided against standing them up. I did manage to get all ko's back so I actually had 10 players for my one turn attempt. It ended on the first block as I knocked the player over on all dice, even after using a re-roll. In the second half we remembered it was actually raining, so my team then promptly proceeded to not pick up the ball while getting murdered. Oh, and yes worst possible matchup again. Three out of three for day 1.


Round 4  


Copenhagen Blodgers (Denmark)


Skuld vs Pjut - Necromantic 1-1

kaju vs Gorbit - Chaos Dwarf 0-0

Lard vs AntonLunau - Humans 1-0 (Anton's only loss all tournament, he ended up being the best human coach)

inforthepain vs MrNuffle - Wood Elf 1-2

Melisqus vs Waterboy - Dark Elf 1-0

Pidpad vs Rockstar - Amazons 1-1


Despite having a blitzer with tackle and mighty blow I managed a grand total of zero casualities in this game (his dice wasn't any better to be fair). This was as much of a draw as a game can get. Actually a great matchup for me. Rockstar did a good job of protecting Roxanna Darknail which meant he was always dangerous.


Round 5 


Mighty Melons (France)


Lard vs Samdulac - Necromantic 0-2 (if memory serves Samdulac was the best necro coach at the tournament)

Skuld vs Nathaniêl - Dark elf 2-1

kaju vs Clement0 - Wood Elf 0-1

inforthepain vs Moute - Chaos Dwarf 0-0

Melisqus vs olivierdulac - Human 1-0

Pidpad vs Simon_ACP - Lizardmen 2-1


Yet another unfavourable matchup but I might have scored the spawniest win in the entire tournament here.

First I 3d blitz his only skink in range of scoring then I proceed to do the following, in the rain. Move catcher 8 squares, gfi, pickup in two tackle zones, gfi out, dodge, long pass, catch and two gfi's to score and steal the game.

This team is really really strong and probably the 2nd best we faced all tournament.


Round 6


Predatori Hells Kittens MC (Italy)


Skuld vs LioN - Humans 1-1

Lard vs kerans - Amazon 2-0

Kaju vs buriana - Pro Elf 2-1

melisqus vs Steel - Goblins 2-1

inforthepain vs cereal_killer - khorne daemons 2-0 (utter dicing)

Pidpad vs Mirpax - Necromantic 1-0


What can I say about this? I absolutely out rolled my opponent, injuring a flesh golem turn 3 and just generally having everything work.


Round 7


We start day 3 on the top table, being in 3rd place after two days.


Amicale du Push Push (France and eventualy world champions)


Lard vs Matt_le_Fou - Amazons 1-2

Skuld vs Elyoukey - Undead 3-1

Kaju vs BiBi - Wood Elf 1-1 (they apparently played last world cup as well and BiBi won that game)

Melisqus vs grosnain - Lizards 0-1

inforthepain vs Karaak - Humans 1-1

Pidpad vs Justicium - Necromantic 0-2


I couldn't stop him from scoring, but I did manage to foul one Flesh Golem off the pitch in the first half.

In the second half I lost a lot of players (late) and suffered several stuns (early) so my offense went a bit wonky and I had to resort to potatoing. Almost worked, on his T15 he had no re-rolls and could just reach my catcher, who had the ball, with a werewolf. He doesn't knock me over on the first hit, makes his gfi and then knocks me over (causing a cas to boot) and the ball scatters into the crowd, gets thrown towards my half and lands on the one remaining Flesh Golem who catches it. I manage to get there doing some crazy dodges but I can't 2d uphill him and roll a skull. He then hands off to a ghoul and scores.

My catcher had support in the form of a Thrower, but alas. This was probably the game I enjoyed the most (my team enjoyed me scoring that stupid TD in round 5). 


Round 8


The Linemen (Spain)


Skuld vs Duke_Luthor_Von_Hawkfire - Slann 1-2 (Best Slann Coach)

Lard vs Gilles_Cacciari - Lizardmen 1-1

Kaju vs BlapyMetal - Skaven 1-1

inforthepain vs exojo - Necromantic 2-0

Melisqus vs Nebur_El_Sanguinario - Chaos 2-0

Pidpad vs hachablanca - Undead 1-2


In this game I had to make a choice on turn 14. Score and go for the win or stall and take the absolutely secure draw. The team made noises about not doing well (this was about 1h before 4 of the other games finished, Skuld was on his way to a loss already) so I made the decision to play for the win. We had 10 players each, I had re-rolls he didn't and there was Sweltering heat. (Plus, I thought he played fairly poorly to be honest). Sweltering heat took out a Mummy for him and a blitzer for me, which is about fair I guess. What then happened was him not rolling below 5 for the rest of the half, which to his dismay included catching the ball with a wight on the line of scrimmage next to my ogre. He did plenty of actions before actually blitzing said ogre with a mummy. This is the one game that's going to annoy me the most as I think my opponent didn't play well enough to win. I might be wrong, but that's my honest opinion of it.


Round 9


Team Hellhound (Switzerland/Germany)


Skuld vs Budspencer - Lizardman 0-1

inforthepain vs Jokaero - Underworld 1-1

Melisqus vs Kithor - Necromantic 1-1 (Kithor was the first non-Swedish player I ever faced, Undead mirror draw)

Lard vs strider 84 - Wood Elf 0-1

Kaju vs Oventa - Chaos 1-2

Pidpad vs fluffy_bunny - Amazons 0-1


My opponent was really nice and after I cas-ed Roxanna round 5 or so everything looked great. I then forced him to make some risky plays to score on T7 which he did. Great, two turns to score. Blitz. So much for scoring. Ok, let's play for the draw then.

In the second half I fail so many pickups it's silly. I must have failed at least 10 in the half alone. I did manage to get the ball to about 4 squares away from his end zone before he knocked it loose and after that I couldn't pick it up despite spending three turns and two re-rolls on it. A clear case of shit happens. Probably the most enjoyable opponent out of all of them to be honest.


The final standings have yet to be posted (should be tomorrow evening) and I guess we end up somewhere around 20th-25th place which if you'd asked me before the tournament I would consider a great result, but after the way we ended up there (being 3rd after two days and then just crumbling horribly) it's not going to feel too awesome for a while.


The team ends with a record of 5-2-2 where one of the losses was to the eventual champions and 2nd best Swedish team.

The team absolutely carried me, I did most certainly not pull my weight here.







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This was my first table top experience ever with BB and it was a real blast!


I also managed somehow to win best halfling and stunty team while actually playing wood elves so that was an interesting achievment:P (I replaced a halfling coach, but the organizers didn't seem to understand that even though my Captain Pedda told them twice)

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