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World Cup numbers

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1 hour ago, Ynwe said:

This was my first table top experience ever with BB and it was a real blast!


I also managed somehow to win best halfling and stunty team while actually playing wood elves so that was an interesting achievment:P (I replaced a halfling coach, but the organizers didn't seem to understand that even though my Captain Pedda told them twice)


I knew it! Wood elves are three flings in a coat.

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1 hour ago, Rymdkejsaren said:


I knew it! Wood elves are three flings in a coat.


When you stack three Flings on top of each other, you get two flat Flings, and one confused looking but cushioned third Fling. You do not, however, get a graceful, nimble, ball stealing asshole that is a Wood Elf.


We'll have to come up with another theory!

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