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Well... there was a certain distinct smell missing from the legends section :P

First things first, died quite a while ago... but still he was a terror to many till he got killed early into our first Championship Run.

6 Monkey D Luffy Pestigor 6 3 3 8 200.000 238 Horns.pngNurglesRot.pngRegeneration.pngBlock.pngMightyBlow.pngClaw.pngPilingOn.pngTackle.pngFrenzy.png Dead.png


Fastforwarding in our current team, his replacement: 





I'm not one to wax lyrical about what he's done/been through. He is the meatgrinder and he revels in all your naughty vocabulary :P

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Here we go again, although I think I put it wrong last time... Robato wasn't the meatgrinder, this team is. Probably as we are the most odious team to play with 3 clawed piley on things and all the other nasties one wouldn't wanna see on on their opposing team.

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2 hours ago, RTSD said:

New Legend Wooo!!

Aaaaaaaaaaand he's dead in his first game since making legend.

Oh dear, what a pity, nevemind, carry on.

I guess I'll just make another...

I don't mean to rub salt in your wound RTSD, but if someone is interested of a video of the event you may watch it here:


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