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The Ancient Ways of Ball Handling


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MD3 MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass :khemri: VS :delf: Forvisk - Shot Throught the Heart

His team (100k in bank) :



My team (40k in bank) :



Since he has two level-up to settle before the game, this should bring us this TV :

  • :khemri: 10 players (970 TV) + 1 Journeyman (40 TV) = 1010 TV
  • :delf: 9 Players (870 TV) + 2 Journeymen (140 TV) + 2 skills (40 TV) = 1050 TV

Which means no inducement for me (40k, can't buy anything with that). That's not taking into account any double or stat-up in his level-up. He could also considere buying an Apo with his cash, which would grant me a Babe.


Regarding those two level-ups, Dodge seems like the way to go for the Blitzer, Guard or Mighty Blow on doubles. I have absolutely no idea about the runner, but i guess Dodge would be nice give the state of our group (no Dwarves of any sort, so no tackle out of the box).


Either way it's terrible news for me i have nothing to handle a Blodge MA 7 AG 4 Blitzer carrying the ball.


The two journeymen he'll have won't have too much impact in my opinion. With 2 rerolls and few skills you're going to be busy rerolling dices on your actual player so Loner won't be a factor. The absence of a Wich is pretty good for me, it's an MA 8 AG 4 Frenzy Dodge player that i won't have to worry about.


The key to win :

  • Be in the way. I'm stronger, he can't puch me around on defense, same goes for offense.
  • Still need to not give up on the skeletons, i need them around.

To be honest i'm more or less looking at a draw right there.


See you for the post game review !

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8 minutes ago, MrStarck said:

Which means no inducement for me (40k, can't buy anything with that). That's not taking into account any double or stat-up in his level-up. He could also considere buying an Apo with his cash, which would grant me a Babe.


You can use your own money and go for a babe with 10K from your own pockets. Not that it is too good for a team with thick skulled linemen and ST5 wonders that should rarely go down, as you need to save up for 2nd blitz-ra as well. But if he goes for that apo and you end up with 90K inducement money, paying that 10K for a bribe starts sounding like a deal. It pays itself back even, if you draw or win because of it, as winning or drawing a match is +10K earnings I think.


And elves are hard to beat by just beating them, and that is the only thing Khemri has at this point. Luck to you.

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Someone in the crowd gave the dices. The one that roll.


Finally a win, can't say i'm particularly proud of it, but it's a win regardless !





We reverted to good defense on that game. Offense won't get much attention given the dices. Now, the running of the game.


            1. I win the toss, choose to receive. Quick Snap for the darkies.


His drive is fairly straight forward. The Dark Elves stay in a tight formation, which allow me to present a solid Tomb Guardian front, each turn. I slowly trap elves in my formation, forcing dodges and draining the rerolls. On Turn 5 Forvisk commits to a flank. The lack of elves force him to present a shallow protection. Allowing me to slam the door in front of the Runner. Me misplacing a Thro-Ra one square too far (there's room for improvment !) allow him to chain a couple of clever block to dodge through the wall (3+/2+ with dodge).

I had some safety skeletons and they chased the Runner. The last two turn are a little painful for the elves. The Runner throw the ball towards the line in response to the blitz, i don't put him down but i was ready to trap him between two players. 3+/2+/2+ with dodge he can mark the ball but don't  go for the pick-up. I blitz again and this time get a POW. The ball is marked by 2 players. An elf lineman gets a punch to the face and leave the game with a badly hurt, then the Runner mess-up a series of dangerous dodges to score (4+/4+/3+/4+ with dodge) and badly hurt himslef.


          2. Changing weather : Nice.


Nothing to say about the offense, dices were on my side. 2 Badly hurt and 1 KO on turn 9. Props to Bouffon for the Bribe, it came in handy and gave me another CAS.

Vastly outnumbered, the darkies can only watch me move forward and score.





First half i'm ok with my defense, still need some tuning. Right now i position properly, but don't take into account enemy movement and i should put myself in his seat more often.

Second half the darkies broke left right and center. Nothing to say about that.

Thanks @Forvisk for the game, despite the atrocious dices and the last turn server problem he stayed civil and we had a nice chat. I recommend the coach !


What i'm happy with :

  1. Good defense, keep that up.
  2. Good skeleton protection.
  3. Kept track of the turns.
  4. I wasn't fancy. During the last 3 turns i wanted to hand-off the ball to a TG so bad, good job me. 


What i should look to improve :

  1. Tried the "L" a little. It's OK-ish against elves. I should learn to respect the fact that they can get away on a 3+/2+. Maybe keep some Blitz-Ra in the back at all time ?
  2. Still need to count squares more often for enemy movement
  3. Having a bribe showed me that i'm not that good at including a foul in my series of block (with a decent amount of assists)






Has to be Block for the Thro-Ra right ?


Tomb Guardian i'd go Guard on both, the rest of my games are going to be a brawly mess (Bretonnians, Necro, Necro, Necro, Necro, Bretonnian). Should I get a Mighty Blow to have some more punch ?


I also have 90k in the bank, this looks like another Blitz-Ra to me.

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I'd consider mighty blows for tomb guards, depending on what you're facing for the next few matches. Four st5 guys already give a very good bash game, so guards might not be needed. What is needed is more levels to roll those doubles for block, and gaining 10 spp on a ag1 guy is kind of slow, unless mighty blow helps a little. Movement would be good, but not as a first level.

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There are pages of discussions on whether you should go guard or MB first on TG.  Personally when faced with two die blockless blocks I roll the skull/DB so often I prefer to make sure I can get 3 die blocks as often as possible.  You'll also knock over your opponent more often with 3 die blocks, which makes up for the MB somewhat with additional knock downs.


I'm not a Khemri expert by any means, but I played them in CCL last season and read everything I could trying to make that decision.  I ended up going 3 guard then a MB.

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Very early in a persistent league like OCC, things are more in favor of picking MB. It's a bit boring and gambley, but is the biggest investment towards future gains. Not that Guard is ever wrong, because that is what you want out of them the most (and like Javelin says, leads to more 3d blocks anyway). Later on, I'd pick Guard as first skill to get some use out of them before they get ClawPOMBed into oblivion (and it helps keep the other TGs safer from blitzes).


Also, it's faster to get to 16 SPP without MB, than it is to get to 31 SPP with MB... Which is relevant if you want your TGs with another skill besides Guard (Standfirm or Break Tackle, really).

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On 12/13/2019 at 10:17 PM, Javelin said:

PS The "Learning Khremri OCC" thread in this subforum has pages of good Khemri coaches debating this subject and there isn't even really consensus between them :D


Haha yeah i read that. I thought might aswell ask again in case someone has some new insight on the question !


I wasn't considering what Juriel said. While Guard is appealing, surely Stand Firm added to it makes for a nightmarish offense for the opposing coach. So yeah i kinda want to push towards a second skill.


In the end since i never play with Mighty Blow first on Tomb Guardian, i should try it, just to see how it plays out for me. Therefore one Mighty Blow, one Guard. Third Tomb Guardian to level-up will get Guard too. I don't want 2 Mighty Blow because i doubt i can setup 2x 3 dices block for both of them often enough to justify this choice (maybe a better coach can, i can't and i'm trying to not be too fancy :D).


Thanks all for the inputs !

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MD4 MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass :khemri: VS :bret:  Kia Sidhe - Couronne Croissants

His team (70k in the bank) :



My team (0k in the bank) :



I see a 13 men team, i should be wary of fouls and attrition since they have a Guard and a decent amount of blocking skills. So sure, i have more strengh, but with Dauntless and Block they can easily knock some Tomb Guardians down (and give them the boot).


The Block / Dodge player worries me too since i have no real threat to knock him down besides a POW.


No inducement (20k difference between us).


The key to win :

  • Keep my distances, an all-out brawl is not what i'm looking for
  • Protect the Tomb Guardians
  • Hit those peasants, one is bound to break at some point
  • Isolate the Guard Blocker


I'm don't know what to expect from this game. I have played very few Brettonians teams, but this looks like a "let's brawl and foul a little while our Knights run away with the ball" to me. Therefore no prediction on the result for this one.


See you for the post-game review !

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Here again, hi.


Bretonnians are a funny team, they lack any real weakness, but their strong points are not that strong or come with some strange drawbacks. I wouldn't fear getting up close and personal that much, considering this is still a pretty fresh bret team without multiple dodges, if peasants leave the pitch or.just lie there stunned, they have hard time against you. Just mind that speed of theirs, because brets, at least when I play them, try to lure the other team to over commit to that bash.

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Few things from me (as Both I played a lot Khemrii including vs Brets and was playing Brets)


Things to keep in mind:

- Remember that peasants have Fend. This is annoying when after block your TG is not near anyone to tie and later block.

- If possible avoid leaving TG near Blitzers as with Dauntless its much easier to knock you. Let them come and force them to use Blitz for that Dauntless blocks.

- They got lots of skills but only ST3 everywhere. That means both easier 3 Dice blocks for you and harder block for him. If you got all out big mass players brawl you should be quite ok, without assists and only one Guard its not that easy for Brets to outbash you. Brets are good at bashing other Hybrid or agile teams. They struggle vs really ST heavy teams as long as you remember where their Blitzers are.

- Ideal plan is to tie in Blitzers with skelletons and Blockers+Peasants with TG.

- Remember that only half of their team is able to handle ball.


Last two points:

- Remember that you also can foul.

- Buy second Blitz-Ra ASAP.


About Mighty Blow vs Guard dilemma.

If you plan to have Guard+Stand Firm TG then Guard is good choice as even with MB it will take quite a lot to Get to 3 skills. (MB>Guard>Stand Firm).

If you do not big fan of Stand Firm (as me) there is nothing wrong with MB as first skill. One - it makes your TG much scarier. Two - speed up your SPP gain. Three- Mighty Blow+Guard TG is all fine.

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I didn't want to go to specifics, but Gobas had go and do it anyway. Now I have to just add, that you should have a TG basing that guard in a brawl situation; if they can use that guard to 2d block players basing that guard, then they can move that guard somewhere else. And I know from experience that using the same guard in two different places in one turn is super amazing. With st5 basing it, that should be harder.

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  • 3 weeks later...

Damn the New Year break was needed. It was a rought time to get some free time...


Let's start with the review of MD4 against Kia Sidhe. Mordrek's Goblin Spy lin to the game.




So winning!! (Yay)


But undeserved winning. (ooh)


Looking back at the game i think the Bretonnians were ready to win this one... except Nuffle stomped on the glory of the knighthood. 


         1. I win the toss, chose to receive. High Kick.


He set-ups the smiley face defence, i go for the line of "let's have some 3dices block". The Thro-Ra with Block goes back and catches the kick off to the surprise of everybody. The plan was simple : stay central and push, using strengh...


And then i discovered Fend.


At first, before the game, i disregarded it a little. Whatever, looked like something decent, but nothing more to it. But the single skill delayed me so much that by turn 5 i was still on the middle of the pitch with the ball. Having a block ? Can't follow that up sire, you're going to have to spend your next turn walking one square. Having a blitz ? I'm sorry sir you can keep going but let me substract one square from your movement.

And it struck me how reliant i was on Tomb Guardians gaining one or two squares each turn to put the Thro-Ra in range of a potential score.


Daddy Nuffle came to the rescue with a series of stun and KO's (one Knight, one peaseant, lost a Skeleton myself so 10 vs 9). The Bretonnians come back at me with some 1D block that knocks all the bones on the floor, leave almost only Tomb Guardians standing. One bad positionning decision into another, i have to scrape a hand-off play to steal a score on turn 8.


         2Second hal... Ah no. Riot, both team gained a turn.


I won't lie i panicked a little. But hey, i was ready just in case, the defence was properly set-up, what could go wrong ?

One Knight went into a flank, pushing a Tomb Guardian with ease. I spend my last turn slowly walking towards that specific flank. The Blitz is a 1/9, it should have been 1-1. The Brets just have to clear the forward Knight of one Thro-Ra and make a pass. But the double skull hits.


Phew, close one.


         3. Second half, for real this time. Riot again, clearly the crowd was troubled by the poor plays displayed.


One Knight, one peasant and one skeleton refuse to come back from KO's. It's 11vs11.


Using Guard and the superior number of blocking skills, the Bretonnians push through and batter some Khemri players. On turn 11 i see an opportunity for a blitz on the ball. Tomb Guardians open the way and the Blitz-Ra goes through for a 2D on the ball.

This turn - and the ball being loose - may look like nothing since the Bretonnians recover it right after, but it forced a blitz back and gave me two turn to recover after suffering two removals (9vs11).


On turn 14 Kia Sidhe finally bring the ball to a flank and wall it properly. I'm outnumbered and outpositionned. I GFI 5 or 6 times to get some pressure on the ball, forcing Kia Sidhe to score on turn 15.


It was just a dodge and two GFI for the Knight in - now muddy - armor because he messed up his first GFI even when trying twice.


Using the excellent tactic of "Going for It irresponsibly" i drag two players to mark the ball. The Knight tries his best and dodges out again but fail another GFI.





Ooof, i wasn't too impressed with myself on that one.


I did not know how to advance with all those fends, dauntless, block and wrestle. It was all strange but powerful. We played this game while being on discord and chatting while playing (or making bread). Thanks a lot @Kia Sidhe for that, i surely played way worse than usually but it was a much more enjoyable experience.


I think i was lackluster on offence and didn't know what to do on defence while being outnumbered. Should work on that. Kia Sidhe played really well and was a pain with the placement of Guard. Props to him, he should've won if dices were a little bit more fair.


What i'm happy with :

  1. Much better at counting square
  2. Kept track of the turns.
  3. I wasn't fancy.
  4. Made some push plays, good job on staying aware of those possibilities.


What i should look to improve :

  1. Offense against Fend (i have another Bretonnian game to play this season)
  2. Defence while outnumbered
  3. Planning the ball carrier position
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MD4 MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass :khemri: VS :necro:  Zorgar - Tugas – OCC


(Due to not taking the screenshot before the game, i don't have his team stated before it. Apologies for that)

  • 2 Flesh Golem
  • 2 Wights, one will Mighty Blow
  • 2 Werewolves
  • 1 Ghoul
  • 6 Zombies

My team (50k in the bank) :



Not too afraid of his team. Only one Ghoul makes him not that fast, so it's either a wolf runaway or he has to wait for golems and zombies. If we are the same speed i'm confident i can win a bashing trade (one Guard and some block now).


The key to win :

  • Force the brawl, but keep skeletons away from his Mighty Blow
  • Make sure that wolves can't get a two dice on a Tomb Guardian


The rest should fall into place, i should one this one.

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I must say our game was one of the better online experiences I´ve had, ok I´m not very experienced. But it was very pleasant talking to you no matter what. I´ve had more trouble understanding English peeps talking English than French & Brazilian. lol

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What is this, winning again ?!


I've been blessed with another one ! Mordrek's Goblin Spy link



Overall a decent game from me, propped up by good dices. I'm happy the things i've become aware of in that game, also a good sign that i'm still holding onto older lessons (some even became habits).




      1. I win the toss, chose to receive. Both team gets a reroll.


Classic smiley face defence from him, i set-up my 3 dices.


One zombie gets a red cross to the face from Unstable Roadblock the Mighty Blow Tomb Guardian but regeneration occur. Still a very good start. And i was about to position my players to protect the pick-up when i see this pattern :



Basically i can pick-up the ball and run up to the cage. Good. But if i fail, i still have four players around to fight for it. And it felt... so powerful ! This one was a happy coincidence, but if i think and plan my turns properly i should make that happen as often as i can.


Right after that i went into a brawl with the Flesh Golems, and i suddenly had flashbacks from the Bretonnian game, struggling to advance againt Fend, except this time it was against Stand Firm. So i just went around them, leaving some strengh to hold them in place and it was cool realisation : i don't have to punch my way through. I can pin the annoying part and slowly roll around it like a shambling tomb king fresh out of the sarcophagus.


On turn 4 Pain Killer Dealer found a way to kill another zombie, and on turn 5 he inflict a KO. At this point the Necromantic team is just watching me cross the line. Even Zorgar - the werewolf - himself couldn't push far enough to tie-up the ball carrier.


We score on turn 8 and their turn 8 doesn't add much.


      2. Second half, Tugas OCC gets a reroll


I setup in a very tight formation, leaving the flanks open. I don't think he can handle a pass play with AG 3 and no skill to back it up to run a wolf deep in my half. And even if he does, it's going to be a very lonely player that will be forced to score on turn 10 or 11, leaving me enough time to score back.


Some blocking happens then a wolf does actually run deep into my half but without the ball. The ghoul fumbles the pick-up. I decide to ignore the wolf behind me and crush the middle man (or wolf) that could hand him the ball off. Seeing no opening as my line start to push back, the Ghoul runs along the left line to perform 2 GFI into a into a long pass for the score. He will never get to the long pass part as he slips on something.

This play was a cold reminder that i should still be aware of those possibilities. Samba told me afterwards that is was a 36% play with a team reroll. Pretty good for something i thought was very complicated. This almost made the game rough for me.


After scrambling the ball for a couple of turns (because i messed up a pick up, then picked it up and defended the Thro-Ra poorly) i finally managed to snatch the ball and run away with it.


The game end for the Necromantic on a 1 dice turnover that kills the Golem. Harsh ending.






I liked this game more than the previous one. At least i was a little bit more organised - even if i'm clearly not "there" yet - and i found a solution instead of stupidly applying the only thing i know (pushing forward).


Yet my positionning is still sketchy, i'm absoloutely oblivious to plays that my team couldn't do themselves (such as a long pass). I've had two warnings so far, some day one of those 35% play will cost me a game for sure.


I won this one because i was average but backed up by good dices at the right time.


What i'm happy with :

  1. Made a habit out of counting square and looking at turn timer
  2. Nowhere near close to being fancy
  3. Now i always have a plan (Generic for the half, and a more detailed one for few turns ahead)
  4. Some... creativity ?


What i should look to improve :

  1. Learning odds of certain rolls to be aware of my opponents possibilities(what is turnover on 2 dices against with block for example)
  2. Planning my blitz, for now it looks like an afterthought and it's bad
  3. Protecting the ball carrier. I've said i'm bad at it for the entire season, time to fix that




And now... Pre-match and level-ups all in one !!!

To catch-up with me behing late in my reports...


MD6 MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass :khemri: VS :necro:  Nibenon - Herlechin's Hunt


Herlechins Hunt - 1270 TV (170k in the bank, 3 Rerolls, 3 Fan Factor) :



Ball Handling Masterclass - 1190 TV (110k in the bank, 3 Rerolls, 4 Fan Factor) :



Level-ups :


Massively Decayed Elf : I kinda want Block, and i kinda want Leader, but i kinda want Block first to stay on my feet and wait another roll to see if one of the Thro-Ra rolls something good (thus becoming ball carrier) as opposed to the other and less exciting one that would be a safety ? Therefore Bblock would leave my options open, yes ...?



Pain Killer Dealer : This looks like Mighty Blow to me. Just to Mighty Blow people. Actually the Blitz-Ra just kick people in the knee, so this would be mighty kicks in the knee. Just to stop some people adventure.



Slow Feets, Slow Head : I know, Guard VS Mighty Blow. But just Guard here. I'm not good enough to manage reliably 3 Mighty Blow hits every turn. Let me have this one, i want the easy way out with two Mighty Blows for now (one setup, one blitz). Please. And yes, sadly i won't be considering having a bloatie, slow saurus instead of my glorious Tomb Guardian.





Yeah. Block. Thanks game.



Onwards to pondering about the future game :


I assume he would drop some cash to lower his TV, so it would be :

 1280 TV  :khemri: VS :necro:1250 TV


I want another Skeleton in the roster to get up to 13 - very skinny and dead - men, but i don't think i should do it on that specific game.


Currently it's a 12 vs 12, one extra skeleton would allow some cash and the bribe wouldn't that expensive to buy for him (especially with a Dirty player in the roster already).


The ST 4 Zombie doesn't bother me too much, the AG 4 Werewolf does. That thing is going the run circles around me unless i stop him. The Werewolf with Block is a little bit worrisome too. This thing could be perfectly fine taking 1D on Tomb Guardian and i don't like that. Those two wolves need to be fouled to death.


I have the Guard and Mighty Blow advantage, so i should be fine in a brawl. I want to stay in a tight unit though, otherwise those wolves could pick my stuff apart.


The key to win :

  • Force the brawl, don't present isolated players
  • Target the wolves
  • Go around the Flesh Golems


I'll see you next week for the results !

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@Varrus Hey there !


Yeah looks like we'll see each other on the last day. I had a look at year team and it looks like a good one too, it should be a fun match to witness. I had troubles handling @Kia Sidhe's well coached Brettonians, so you should have a good shot at it.


On that specific match the first half went according to plan, on the second half dices helped me a bunch. So yeah, won.


See you in a couple of weeks ! lol

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10 000 years of training are finally paying off !


Mordrek's Goblin Spy link




Looking at the dices at the end i was definitely propped up by them in the second half. Surprisingly the other team rolled decently too - having a positive average - but the fact that it was on injuries on my side broke the match open for me.


      1. I win the toss, chose to receive. Changing Weather : Nice.


Nibenon has a compact defensive setup, using the Flesh Golems to defend his positionnals. I setup for some blocks on the LoS and the blitz (wich i planned, this time), keeping some Skeletons on the sides and both Thro-Ra at the back. The kick is on my left flank.



THe beginning of the game revealed that i became too eager to roll blocks, thus missing on a 3dice by not following as i should have, i also misplaced a Skeleton for the blitz, having then to expose The R.I.P. er to ensure the 2D blocs for my other - and more threatening - Blitz-Ra.

I still achieve what i wanted, form a solid frontline in the middle, threaten the left side by engulfing it to pull more ressources than it was actually needed.


Nibenon do not bite, and keeps his Golem spread out. He punishes me appropriately by isolated The R.I.P. er. Fortunately he survives one claw hit and a gang foul. Altough due to his proximity to the line, he'll stay down for almost the entire half, being watched by a Wight or a Wolf. Shows you how far a one square mistake can go (could've been worse).


By turn 2 i've made my way to the middle, each team scored a casualty on a lineman, it's 10 vs 10 (both regenerated).


On turn 4, the multiple Mighty Blows pay off with another zombie crawling to the infirmary, not being able to regenerate a case of being badly hurt too much. I also miscalculated the amount of assist, leaving Massively Decayed Elf near a prone Flesh Golem near him with a 1D opportunity (got a push, phew)


The moving of Khemri player proceed, by turn 7 i'm in scoring range with both of my Thro-Ra, leaving a 4+ into a 1D (with and against Block) for the Undead horde to take. I foul the AG 4 wolf to make sure that he doesn't get involved and get a stun in exchange of an expelled Skeleton.




The blitz only yield a push but after a series of dodges and a GFI, Massively Decayed Elf is boxed in. I tried to find clever push play to get him out of this but i couldn't find one. Still having a reroll in hand, i decided to setup a 3 dices block to blitz my way out of this.




Displeased with the situation (not being covered properly, again) M block his way out of it, injuring the poor Wight that promptly regenerate the wound. It's still a score.


For his last turn, Nibenon prepare a One Turn Touchdown (which i was earger to see, given it would be the very first). Through some clever pushing the wolf is in position, although the pass is fumbled and he can't run for the score. Shame.


      2. Rock Throw, Pain Killer Dealer is stunned.

The Ghould decide to stay out, it's still 11 vs 11.




Not willing to expose my Tomb Guardian, i pair them. The Undead team answer with a blitz on Massively Decayed Elf, with no effect. Some zombies base the Tomb Guardian, espacially on the right to draw a path for the ball carrier.

Given the three stuns (1 Blitz-Ra, 2 Skeletons), i play a rather defensive game, pushing back on all those Undeads that just based me, occasionnaly placing a Guard here and there. My only real focus was to cut the only threat that could score next turn (a.k.a. the other wolf), which i get down and cage.


Trying to secure the flank, the second Wight sees the other dodge away to prepare a screen, but can't manage to do the same. Turnover. I'm ready to to close the "L" defence on this flank, so i target the wolf that's in contact. After 2 pushes, he gets into the hands of Unstable Roadblock and suffer a Mighty Blow hit. This is a -AV that isn't regenerated. From here the game starts to get rough around the edges for the not-so-alive folks.


With the "L" closed on two Wights and a zombie, some desperate mesures have to be taken. After punching away Slow Feets, Slow Head with a Golem, a zombie tries to open up the field with a 1D blitz. While it yield a KO with the Both Down result, it's also a turnover. This open a succesful blitz on the ball carrier. Even with the best effort of the remaining Wolf, the frenzy that was supposed to surf the Blitz-Ra ends-up with a 1D Skull bouncing the ball into the hands of said Blitz-Ra while KO'ing himself in the process.


There's no opposition, Pain Killer Dealer runs for a "quick" score.


      3. Changing Weather : Nice.


Everybody comes back for the second half, making it 11vs11.


With zero rerolls in hands for the Undead team, i just have to press my advantage.  On my turn 14 Pain Killer Dealer shows to a Wight the real death, regeneration is a no and Fionn mac Cumhaill leaves the Blood Bowl pitch forever.


Glueing Zombies and Golems with my Skeletons and Tomb Guardians, i just move up and threaten the ball that has been fumbled.




With a GFI Decay and Death gets in range, allowing for a blitz on the wolf.




Two more GFI from The R.I.P. er and we have two players on the ball.


The last wolf tries his best but can't save the day. We get another touchdown for the 3-0.




So it went well right ?


Right ?


Well, the result is good, but i still see problematic mistakes. @Nibenon played well on defence. It was just dices crumbling around him. He stayed civil nonetheless, i wish him the best for the rest of the season.


What i'm happy with :

  1. Turn timer and squares, still solid
  2. Got around Stand Firm easily
  3. Good planning overarll
  4. Did not present easy opportunities for the wolves


What i should look to improve :

  1. Still bad at protecting the ball, i should really plan my turns more. Let's say for 45 seconds i'm not allowed to touch a piece.
  2. I wish i could incorporate more fouls into my game, i should look into that
  3. Don't rush into the blocks. It's bad. 


And now... Pre-match and level-ups all in one !!!

Because i'm lazy...


MD7 MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass :khemri: VS :underworld:  Warzog Conquest - What Lurks Below


What Lurks Below - 760 TV (70k in the bank, 4 Rerolls, 1 Fan Factor) :



Ball Handling Masterclass - 1330 TV (140k in the bank, 3 Rerolls, 5 Fan Factor) :



Level-ups :


Unstable Roadblock : DOUBLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES. So Block. Hell yeah.


Please Not the Face I : I think i should take this double and make it Guard. I came to agree that Guard is such a massive game changer. Block, Wrestle or Dirty Player wouldn't have the same impact, especially since i'm not the proficient at fouling people (i really should learn).


Onwards to pondering about the future game :


If i take 2 doubles on the skill-up and with his mercenaries, the TV should be like this :

 1390 TV  :khemri: VS :underworld:960 TV


I have no idea on how Underworld is supposed to be played. There's all this weird... stuff. You get goblins, but also some rats and a troll, and mutations... but rats hate gobbos, but still you can throw gobbos with the troll... so... yeah.


I'm guessing it's some sort of running / passing team with some potential to do unbelievable stuff.


He should have 430k to spend before the game. I had to create an Underworld team to get familiar with what he could buy lol.


I think it's clearly a Wizard (-150k), since i'm struggling so much to pick-up the ball.

Past that i don't know.


Here is what i see :

  • Invest 20k from his own money, get a Halfling Chef (-300k) and pray that he steals 3 rerolls, then watch me struggle.


  • Get either Fez (Ball & Chain, MA 4 Strengh 7 player, -100k) or Nobbla (Chainsaw, Block, Dodge, MA 6, 130k)
  • Get 1-2 Bribes (-100k | -200k)


  • Get Glart Smashing Jr (MA7 ST 4, Block, Claw, Jugg, -210k) and setup some blitz whild hoping that he goes to town on Tomb Guardians.
  • Get 1 Babe (-50k)


To summarize, i have no idea what going to happen. :wacko:


See you next week !

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The game went as expected, the TV difference hit Warzog Conquest and his men/rat/gobbos hard.


Mordrek's Goblin Spy link to the game




Warzog took Wizard (150k) + Bribe (100k) + Nobbla (Chainsaw Blodge gobbo)(130k) + Babe (50k).


I had no illusions on my abilities to down Nobbla without tackle, the plan was to score (or let him do so) in order to have some help from the referee. Having a loose cage was necessary to not get destroyed by a fireball AND having one Thro-Ra lagging behind it to pick-up the pieces if need be.


      1. I win the toss, chose to receive. Perfect Defence.


Not much is change with the perfect defence, just line of scrimmage stuff. It ends up like this.



During my turn 3 one gobbo has been KO'ed  and another one Badly Hurt, we cage up with a "fast" movement towards the endzone. Since he fielded Nobbla, the idea was to score quickly to make him use Bribe and be done with him for the second half. The fact that he used the Bribe on his turn 3 made me push even faster to get rid of the anoying Blodge Chainsaw carrier of Death (who got only 3 stuns).




His turn 3 has also seen a fireball falling from the sky, only downing one Skeleton. Without any real opposition since the troll and a thrower are way behind the action, we score on turn 5.


      2. Quick Snap.


With Nobbla out and two gobbos badly hurt it's a 9vs11.


Not much to say for the rest of the half. It was mainly the Underworld team getting boxed-in and an heavily tagged troll trying to throw a Goblin without success. We had The R.I.P. er as a scroring threat but Massively Decayed Elf got a little bit nervous and failed the pick-up.


To the second half we go.


      3. Changing Weather : Nice.




Now that there's some Goblins missing i don't mind that much opening the flanks to have a stronger position in the middle. I keep one Thro-Ra and a Blitz-Ra in the back just in case i have to chase a flying goblin.

The Troll is promptly marked by two Tomb Guardians and once the Underworld team is boxed in again, the ball gets loose eventually. On turn 12 The R.I.P. er gets to run away with it and score. In the brawling mess in the middle, one Goblin is KO'ed, The Glory of 2 Left Hands follows the same path and, one Skeleton and one more Goblin are Badly Hurt.


      4. Throw a Rock : Stunned a Goblin.


With the dwindling amount of players for the Underworld team, there's not much match to be played. They try to run away on a flank but i can just give them the "L" defence and it goes nowhere.



On the last turn, The R.I.P. er is in position to score but Massively Decayed Elf does what he does best and fumble the pick-up.






I think @Warzog Conquest did what he could given the state of both team and some "1's" here and there that destroyed his plans. A very pleasant coach to play with, we had a chat throughout the game and it remained fun (hopefully for both of us).


I don't think there's much lesson to be learned on this one. I managed what i wanted to do, i stayed solid on the improvments i made on previous matches. So not much to say !



And now... Pre-match and level-ups all in one !!!

Because i'm getting accustomed to it...


MD8 MrStarck - Ball Handling Masterclass :khemri: VS :necro:  Fweddy - Happy Kitty Bunny Pony


Happy Kitty Bunny Pony - 1270 TV (120k in the bank, 3 Rerolls, 5 Fan Factor) :



Ball Handling Masterclass - 1400 TV (110k in the bank, 3 Rerolls, 6 Fan Factor) :




Level-ups :


Massively Decayed Elf : I don't think there's too much of a debate on this one. Given my schedule i'm going to play a Necromantic team with a Blodge wolf. MD9 is against Brettonians with already 4 Blodge Knights. I need Tackle and one of the Thro-Ra needs to be a safety anyway.


The normal roll ease the decision.



Onwards to pondering about the future game :


With my level-up, the TV should be like this :

 1420 TV  :khemri: VS :necro:1270 TV


It's a 150 TV difference, it's safe to say that i'm going to face a Wizard.


Looking at the opposing team i think i'm safe brawling all day long in a tight formation. This wolf with Claw / Mighty Blow is worrying me a little. I really need to protect Tombe Guardians and to murder him has soon as i can. There's no Ghouls on this roster so wolves set aside, it's a fairly slow team.


Spread the cage a little against the Wizard, go around the Flesh Golem and target the wolves.


We'll see how it goes, see you next week !

Edited by MrStarck
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