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"The only journey is the one within.”
 Rainer Maria Rilke


Well...Here we are. Hell has finally froze over and CalciumCas has finally decided to step foot onto the hallowed turn of the OCC following a surprisingly successful 2 seasons in another league. To say that I never thought I would play leagues would be an understatement, literally for years I thought it wouldn't be a good idea for me to enter a team with my rather bashy playstyle. I already have friends here (HARGRIM made me join!) and chances are I have a few enemies too, that's fine, it all adds to the fluff when we inevitably meet on the pitch! 


I regard this league as a marathon, not a sprint, and with that in mind my race choice is notoriously rubbish at rookie/low TV so the iron price must be paid before I get to the juicy tasty 'KILL ALL MENS' bits. I love the fluff behind teams, and wins/losses matter less than a legacy, having coaches know who you are, and who know your teams (for whatever reason!) so I will regularly post game reports and general fluff related pieces. 


I also intend to stream most if not all my games on Twitch, and then upload them onto YouTube in a specific folder. Expect a bit of swearing and plenty of 'Singing when I'm winning' and 'Salt when I'm losing' but I try to moderate my language when in leagues, as I do elsewhere. 


Thank you for allowing me to be a part of this league and I look forward to building a team, a legacy, and friendships built on the bloodied corpses of BB players! 


I will leave you with another quote...


"When I say 'GLHF' I really mean I hope your team dies horribly and spectacularly."

- CalciumCas



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24 minutes ago, Calcium said:

Brettonians. I don't hate them nearly as much as many others, I think fluff wise they are fine (They're not space frogs right?)


Hey, I take offense on that! Kislev are not space frogs, and as this game lacks graphics customisation it most likely works better than frogs would've anyhow (tabletop and hand painted figures favours colourful frogs of course).


Grats for the win!

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Season 16 - Div 3A - Game one - Calcium vs @Grufff (Welcome to Scarrytown)


Game link


This is not the kind of 1st game of the season either coach was looking for! Arguably one of the most dangerous teams in Div 3A (as well as mine of course) this game is the kind of bash vs bash affair that every lycra wearing handbagging elfballer in our division was loving...Hoping we would tear each others team apart! 


Sadly for the rest of the division's coaches it didn't play out that way. 


The game itself was a crazy affair, and Nuffle wanted to have a big say from T1 where a kickoff saw Gruff's ST5 Golem crushed by a giant rock...Luckily for him it was only a BH but the regen didn't fire so advantage Calcium! 


The next few turns saw Gruff unable to roll a single POW and this gave Calcium's POMB squad the advantage. T5 saw Gruff switch into 1D and -2D desperation mode, and Nuffle smiled on this strategy, which quickly levelled the players on the pitch and gave Gruff some hope in scoring on his drive. Calcium recognised this and kept his shape to deny the score, but was faced with playing KO roulette at half time with no less than 5 KO's against Gruff's 2...


Babes. Babes are great right? They almost guarantee your KO'd players to return right? HA. Gruff had a babe and he got 1/2 KO's back. Calcium had 0 babes and got 4/5 KO's back, all key players (a rookie beastman stayed asleep) - The scales of luck had heavily shifted towards Calcium! 


The 2nd half saw Calcium receiving the ball, and he was planning on an 8 turn grind while smashing the Necro's into the turf. There's an issue with bash teams...When plan A doesn't work plan B (actually play ball) sucks. Although I got a number of blocks in I was unable to hurt the resilient Necro's, and their defence was solid which was causing me some problems...


TURN 12/13 -  As usual I decided to run down a wing because I'm a massive sh***er and this allowed the Necro's to box me in somewhat, and a surf attempt presented itself to Gruff...Which Nuffle denied. To get the surf meant Gruff committing both werewolves to it, and this gave me an opportunity to switch play from left to right, and for once I made 2 x GFI's in a row, hand off and run to safety for the T15 score. Thanks Nuffle! 


I managed to stop the late counter score against Gruff, and it was that one turn that was the difference between us. Gruff played a really solid game of BB, he had an awful start, did lots of KO's (which I lucked my way out of) but didn't do any attrition otherwise, so I feel that I was the luckier coach in this game. Gruff kept his shape other than in T12 (which is perfectly understandable, if Nuffle hadn't denied the surf I would have had a much harder time switching) and I consider myself fortunate to have walked away with not only a victory, but an intact team (Gruff's team is fine also...No one cares about a dead zombie lol) 


I still think Gruff will be a contender for top honours in this division, it's a long season and we all know that no matter how good you think you are, Nuffle often has different plans. One of my aims this season is to get the highest CAS/KILL stats in my division as well as winning it, and I think Gruff will give me a run for my money on both counts. 


An extra shout out to Gruff for being cool here in the forum and in discord...Good luck to you for the rest of the season mate! 

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Game stream


The 1st week of the new season saw the divisions two most dangerous teams step onto the sacred turf to cement their status as the pinnacle of bash evolution...And the rest of the division happily sat back, hoping that they would tear each other to shreds! 


My opponent @Rinjarni took a wizard and an extra apothecary, and was gifted a bribe thanks to my stadium enhancement. I won the toss which is normally vital in a murder squad bash mirror...sadly Nuffle had different ideas! 


I won't lie, I was getting frustrated with my less than stellar dice which saw me being as dangerous as a pillowcase full of kittens, and while I was doing my usual 'saltier than the dead sea' commentary on my opponents play I failed to remember his wizard and around T5 he opened me up with a nice shot from Gandalf and I had to scramble to recover the ball...And boy was I lucky! There's always a lesson in Blood Bowl, and I'm honest enough to admit when I lucked out, and from the 1D ball POW to the ball throw in which couldn't have been luckier followed up with a couple of no RR GFI's as well as a dodge...Lucky git me! What I lacked in my normal deadly firepower I made up with my elfballing skills! 


The 2nd half saw the Apex Predators really go to work on me, and up until T13 I was STILL rolling the square root of FA in return...And yes, I was salty AF! Rinjarni's T11 was insane, while trying to protect key players he properly bollocksed up his cage and rolled all the GFI's IN THE FRIGGING SNOW to recover lol...I did finally manage to bag a beastman though, and having burned an apo earlier, Rinjarni burned his final apo which saw the beastman escape death but with a significant strength decrease


Rinjarni immediately returned fire with a killshot on one of my chaos warriors, who escaped death at the expense of his armour...Then T13 happened...


ONE TURN. That's all it takes in Blood Bowl. ONE TURN. And what a turn it was with me sending a beastman and The Predators star Warrior to oblivion city! 


Despite this, I lacked the men to mount a decent defense and The Predators scored late in the 2nd half to equalise. 


What a crazy game! Without my one turn of utter devastation, this would have felt like a loss...But that one turn alone meant that I walk...Well limp away from this encounter in better shape then I expected to be! 


Well played @Rinjarni - there's nothing like saying someone isn't playing well in stream, then getting caught short by the wiz and recovery! I often run my mouth in my streams, but it's never personal and often when I watch it back I realise that actually I need to judge myself more than my opponent! I wish you luck for the rest of the season, and I hope you rack up many more skulls for the skull throne! 

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