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Drunk N' Disorderly - Est. 2019


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Drunk N' Disorderly OCC Season 14 - MD 1



01 - Danny DaTroll - Troll

02 - Sneaky Git - Goblin

03 - Grishnash - Blitzer

04 - Mega Grog - Black Orc

05 - Elf Breaker - Black Orc

06 - Mark Castillo - Thrower

07 - Chase 'Rage' Hermanson - Blitzer

08 - Matt 'Karnage' Karn - Blitzer

09 - Jesse 'Bear' Dugas - Black Orc

10 - Anthony 'Baron' Jackson - Black Orc

11 - Rat Smasher - Blitzer


Starting Staff:

Rerolls: 1

Apothecary: 1

Fan Factor: 1

Coach Assistant: 1

Cheerleaders: 1


Game 1: Sons of Green (Wood Elves) - Result: Defeat 0-4


End of Game Report:
Rat Smasher +5 SPP (MVP)
10 Armor Breaks, 1 Explusion


Phew boy. That was a rough one folks. The first four turns came out as best as I could have hoped. One of the enemy linemen were dead, another knocked out, and I pushed out his wardancer off the pitch. The ball got fumbled inbetween three of my blitzers fairly well protected, and now it was all up to me.


This is where the white man's greed comes in. To add insult to injury I decide to foul with one of my black orcs, and after that moment I realized I was losing control of the pitch. Turnovers started happening left and right, and with ease my opponent broke into the ball and threw it around however they wanted. In the end this was my fault, as I had plenty of good luck and good rolls, just poor positioning and not staying focused on getting myself in as good of a spot again. A few misclicks and poor choices compounded the issue in the second half and allowed my opponent to farm plenty of skill points. 


Toward the end of the game, my Troll almost got killed, saved by a last minute Apoc roll. At that point I knew I just needed to get my players out alive for next week. I learned a lesson this round, and I look forward to applying some new tricks next week to keep the odds stacked in my favor.


I regret nothing about the fouls, more fouls for the foul God.

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OCC Season 14 - MD 2


Game 2: Sons of the Underground (Skaven) - Result: Defeat 2-1


End of Game Report:
Injury - Mark Castillo - Thrower - Niggling Injury

MVP - Anthony 'Baron' Jackson - Black Orc (+7 SP)

Chase 'Rage' Hermanson - Blitzer (+3 SP)

Rat Smasher - Blitzer (+2 SP)

Matt 'Karnage' Karn - Blitzer (+2 SP)


Let me just start with a simple statement: To hell with Pitch Invasion. 5 of my players stun and none of my opponent, 3 of which were my back field and the other two being my troll and black orc front line! A 1-1 draw situation very easily turned into a loss, but C'est la vie.


That being said I consider this season a building year, and we did get some decent experience and skill points for the team today. The fragile agility teams I feel conflicted on whether or not I should consider them the ones I should go for more scoring or more injuries, but either way I was able to put myself on the board this time around.


I'm undecided on whether or not a Troll on the team is giving me the dynamic I want, there's a lot to be said for a large hard to hit and hard to kill but more reliable pieces might give me more flexibility. 


Skill choices are going to start coming into play, next game we should have some real choices to make. Do I make my orcs unquestioned Gods of death or do we go for some basic ball handling improvements? Mighty blow is a no brainer but I'd like to get some lock down as well. Perhaps some Tackle and Guard in there to help me against the agility based teams. Well, catch you guys next week. Same Orc time, same Orc channel.

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OCC Season 14 - MD 3


Game 3: Fancy Feasters (High Elf) - Result: Draw 1-1


End of Game Report:
MVP - Rat Smasher - Blitzer (+5 SPP)

Mark Castillo - Thrower (+3 SPP)

Matt 'Karnage' Karn - Blitzer (+3 SPP)

Danny DaTroll - Troll (+2 SPP)


Well, well well. We fought our way to a draw and walked away with no permanent injuries. Things are looking up for this rag tag team of drunken orcs making their way through the season.


Let's talk about what went well for starters. Protecting the ball was a big weakness in previous games, so shifting some placement was a big focus in this game. Fortunately in the first half I scored some early removals and got to the point by the end of the half that fouling became another attention area to compound success. Good thing we bought some extra bribes- er. incentives for the referee staff. We managed a score early in the game which set us up, if only those knock outs were injuries this would have been a bloodbath.


What still needs to be improved upon? I'm not happy with the team composition to be honest, right now I've mostly fought high agility teams and little bashing, and though I've managed to avoid injuries I could use more Orc lineman and less extra fluff. The troll and the goblin are proving to be a bit of an X factor, maybe they have impact or maybe they just cause a large gap in my line. Another area we have to work on is our strategy for defense. Too often my Orcs are getting caught up going after elves that aren't necessary and a better formation would have made this a win!


Drunk N' Disorderly is becoming a bit more orderly, we just need the beer to keep flowing and we might see our first win soon enough. The next game however might be a bit rough. Tune in soon for the MD4 recap!

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Well we're back in it boyz. Season 21 has started and I'm behind in the writings, so I'll do a both end game reports now and give an updated roster. For those who have followed this long, Grishnash has died twice, therefore this is Grishnash the third.

Current Roster:

01 - Danny DaTroll - Troll - Lv 2 - Guard

02 - Sneaky Git - Goblin - Lv 1

03 - Grishnash III - Blitzer - Lv 1

04 - Mega Grog - Black Orc - Lv 3 - Guard, +ST

05 - Elf Breaker - Black Orc - Lv 2 - Guard, -AV

06 - Mark Castillo - Thrower - Lv 2 - Accurate, Niggling

07 - Chase 'Rage' Hermanson - Blitzer - Lv 2 - +MA

08 - Buttercream - Blitzer - Lv 1

09 - Jesse 'Bear' Dugas - Black Orc - Lv 2 - Block

10 - Anthony 'Baron' Jackson - Black Orc - Lv 2 - Dodge

11 - Rat Smasher - Blitzer - Lv 2 - Mighty Blow

12 - Ueghag - Lineman - Lv 2 - Mighty Blow


Season 21 - MD 1
We Are All Sick (Dwarfs) - TV 1660

Result: 0-2 (Loss)


Okay so I have to admit a straight up loss  for the first match of the season definitely has a sobering affect on me. I think everyone has that dream of success that can run wild before the first match, and in this case it was brought to the crushing realization that this is going to be the roughest season yet. Drunk N' Disorderly was the lowest TV team going into Division 5B, and the first match was against one of the highest so at least we had over 500K in petty cash.

I debated with myself on what to buy with this literal fortune, ended up recruiting Varag Ghoul-chewer since I was already down two players from injuries last season. I also got the wizard, but this more just to try it out than any other reason. I knew it was going to be hard enough causing damage with the high amount of block, armor value and thick skull on top of it so Varag seemed a good choice at least. I seriously wonder how often Dwarf coaches ever have to replace their players.


First dice roll of the game, my opponent injures a black orc and he loses a point of armor. This friends was the moment I knew neither destiny nor nuffle was going to be of any help today. The match played out as one would expect, I tried my best to cover and get decent blocks in and at times I could push down the line but the advantage was clear. Varag ended up getting injured towards the middle of the first half as well, which sealed the deal on some of the high risk plays I might attempt later.


My opponent played well, and despite my wizard blasting his runner with lightning and I actually did pick up the ball from him once it was a learning experience for me. We didn't get any levels off this match, but Anthony 'Baron' Jackson (Black Orc Blocker) got MVP and is now two points from level 3. Take what we can get, give nothing back.



Season 21 - MD 2
skaven all my love for u (Skaven) - TV 

Result: 2-1 (Win)


This was the first win of Drunk N' Disorderly league history, and let me tell you. That's one helluva high to come down from. 

Like the game before we had tons of cash thrown at us, but this time I went with the halfling chefs which I hedged about last week. This paid dividends on a team I knew needed good dodges, throws, and catches to succeed. The few times he messes up I need it to go my way. I was rewarded with two extra rerolls plus the extra training I also bought, making 5 total. My opponent was reduced to a single one, so that went extraordinarily well. 


That was quickly brought down with a turn 2 touch down since the Skaven got the ball first, and again I wondered if I could avoid another loss. I knew if I could start smashing and stomping rats I eventually could likely tie the game up, but this Skaven team definitely had a high powered scoring offense in mind. I also quickly noticed some of the more experienced rats had some great skills.. but I also noticed several had reduced armor value from previous injuries. I immediately began targeting the low armored rats first. This was largely successful, though my Troll stood around really stupidly for most of the match. I even ended up taking the ball down the field, only losing it once and able to hold it to the last turn, scoring on a Blitzer who picked up the ball once my thrower had been knocked down. By the end of the half, I caused 4 injuries, three knock outs, and in revenge for a foul I had done earlier a rat got sent off the field for attempting a foul of his own. Brutal. His rat ogre did recover during half time, so that's a plus for him.


The second half we had the numbers advantage, have tied up the game, and I'm starting with the ball. This is exactly how I had to be. The halfling chefs only took away one reroll this time, but I was feeling pretty good. This is where the foul off began, since the goal for him changed from trying to stop the ball to attempting as much injury on me as possible. I truly respect this part of the game, and after all why not. Why shouldn't I join in? I have to give him credit for making smart moves to give himself the best chances of successful blocks, but by the end with only a few players standing the game ended with my black orc "Mega Grog" carrying the ball and getting himself a level. We had won, and sustaining no injuries to field a healthy team next week. What a game.


I have a lot to think about for the next several games, but with a few extra guard and block players on the field I can start setting up more effective lines. Until next time my friends, have a drink and get disorderly!

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Management of the team blog rarely posts updates, however one particular game from Season 21 requires address.
The vicious aggression of my opponent and some unholy one dice blocks won them 3 inflicted deaths to my team.
I suffered two of them on turn 12, and a third on turn 13. The speed at which my orcs were being sent 6 feet under was nothing short of extraordinary.

03 - Grishnash III - Blitzer

06 - Mark Castillo - Thrower

08 - Buttercream - Blitzer (Also won MVP, because of course he did)


I hand it to my opponent, and his team "Ronnie Soaks Milkmen OCC" for his skillful slaughter. I did manage to execute quite the first half and until that point suffered 1 KO and 1 Injury, and Mark Castillo to be fair has two niggling injuries making him a dead man walking.


I'll write up a recap of my Season 22 development, but this moment deserved memorial, and Rest in Peace to my fallen drunks.

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I completely skipped this blog for Season 22. Feel free to file complaints with management if you like.

Team Record: 1 W - 5 D - 23 L
Current Division: 4A
Season 23 Roster:


01 - Danny DaTroll - Troll - Lv 3 - Guard, Piling On

02 - Bubbles - Thrower - Lv 2 - Strong Arm

03 - Tuknail - Lineman - Lv 3 - +MA, Kick

04 - Mega Grog - Black Orc - Lv 3 - Guard, +ST

05 - Elf Breaker - Black Orc - Lv 3 - Guard, Dodge, -AV

06 - Muffin - Blitzer - Lv 1

07 - Chase 'Rage' Hermanson - Blitzer - Lv 3 - +MA, Tackle

08 - Grumple Stilts - Goblin - Lv 1

09 - Jesse 'Bear' Dugas - Black Orc - Lv 2 - Block

10 - Anthony 'Baron' Jackson - Black Orc - Lv 4 - Dodge, Juggernaut, Tackle

11 - Rat Smasher - Blitzer - Lv 4 - Mighty Blow, Dodge, Tackle

12 - Ueghag - Lineman - Lv 4 - Mighty Blow, Wrestle, Block

13 - Snuggles - Blitzer - Lv 1


At one point this was a double Goblin and double Thrower team. As you can see, attrition was high but we've successfully leveled up a number of players over the last two seasons and managed to take no new stat losses. As a note, all replaced players are named by my wife, with the exception of recruited Journeymen that are randomly generated for replacement players. Both Tuknail and Ueghag are such lineman and have made a name for themselves. 

As a fun fact, Grumple Stilts is currently my favorite player, having successfully been thrown at the end of a game and pushing an opponent off the pitch to prevent a TD. If there were traits to improve being thrown I'd do so, perhaps we'll give the Troll a Strong Arm next though I hope to give him block as soon as possible.

Stay tuned for a Season 23 update, Division 4A didn't get any Skaven teams and lots of punchy teams, it's going to be a bloody one!

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