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At least I'll have a reason to play more Blood Bowl


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Just seen this, sounds like a great idea considering the number of races I've played is quite limited.

Will attempt to play 50 games with each race in CCL, COL or one of the several leagues I'm in. Might take a while and I'll likely update with screenshots of the final roster once 50 games have been played.


Completed - Undead, Lizardman,

Currently in Progress - Nurgle, Wood Elf, Halfling, Orc, Human, Norse, Dark Elves, Pro Elves, Dwarf, Ogre

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Finally completed 50 games with Undead, the first team that I chose to complete as I had never played with them before. I did the first 25 games in CCL and the last 25 in COL. This wasn't by design, I'd just started late in CCL 30 and so ran out of time. Got really worried when I first went in to COL and had a run of 10 losses, with 7 of them being against Chaos/Nurgle murder teams. It was crazy the amount I ran into and I thought I was going to end this with a terrible record. Thankfully, it seems the nerds got bored and I managed to pull it back to something that was somewhat respectable.


The final roster looks like this:



You'll probably first notice all of the unskilled Ghouls. At first I did find them hard to keep alive, but I adjusted and ended up with 4 really well skilled ones. Chris Benoit was my scorer, with Blodgestep, Fend, Nerves of Steel. He was 3 SPP away from level 6 until I ran into an 1800 Dwarf team. Eddie Guerrero was my sacker with +mv, strip ball and wrestle. Can't remember who he died too. Owen Hart was going to be my replacement for Roddy Piper but he died to a Chaos murder team. Funny that Roddy Piper made it though with that -AV.


I will say before I started this challenge I was under the impression that Undead where quite bashy. However I found them to be extremely fragile. I eventually tried to stop being so confrontational against other bashy teams but they still ended up getting splatted all over the pitch. Mummy's are quite possibly the best big men I've ever used. It was so great having 2 big guys without a neg trait to use as road blocks and be a general nuisance. I found Wights to be extremely crap early on, but once they got MB and Piling On I changed my mind.


My record after the 50 games was this: 



Positive at least, especially considering I'd never played them before AND the horrific run I had when I went into COL. Really glad I managed to pull it back in the end.

The star player on the roster was easily The Ultimate Warrior. He played 49/50 games and all of his SPP came from casualties and MVPs as I kept the scoring to the Ghouls. Like I said, once he got the killer skills he became an absolute monster, removing people left and right. 




Wouldn't say Undead are my favourite team and I'll probably not play them again for some time I think, but they aren't bad and I'm quite confident I know enough of their weaknesses now that I should do well if I come up against Undead coaches in the future. 
As for the next 50, I have a few races on the go who are mostly in other leagues so they will take a while to hit the 50 games... However, I'm toying with Dark Elves and Norse to enter CCL. I have both rosters ready to go, I'm just not sure which one to do first.


Anyway, this was fun. Looking forward to doing more.

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I have now completed my second team in this challenge and I decided to go with Lizardmen, which is another team I have never played before. I played 49 games in CCL and the final game today in COL, as I didn't know when CCL reset. If I'd have known it was today I'd have played the last game yesterday lol. I have to say I was very disappointed with Lizards because, on paper, they looked like a team I might really enjoy but in practice that just wasn't the case. Sure, they can have 7 ST4+ pieces but when your dice are terrible you burn through re-rolls and that advantage disappears quickly. The major gripe I have with this team is how high and how quickly the TV was rising, while it felt I didn't have enough skills to compete. Saurus' felt so slow to level up and all my skills where on my Skinks. Once I bought a Krox I ALWAYS had the higher TV, I never once got inducements from that point on. Wizards honestly became the bane of my life. The final roster looks like this -




I decided to put roman numerals next to each player to denote how many times I'd replaced that player and I'll probably do that with most teams going forward. You can see my Saurus didn't have much fun during this 50 game run. Note, I only replaced with certain injuries or death. -MV, -AV or niggles I was fine with so long as it was only 1. If a Saurus got -ST I fired him and the same for the Skinks with -ST and -AG. Anyway, I'll come back to that in a minute because firstly I want to talk about what was probably my biggest mistake. 

For about 39/40 games I ran with 13 players and I wish I'd stayed with 11 the whole time. Like I'd said earlier, I was always the higher TV and when you have 6 skinks with multiple skills and Saurus with only block and, in most cases, not even a single skill then that TV advantage isn't really an advantage at all. I wish I'd realised this earlier as once I dropped down to 11 players I won alot more games. Infact I think in my final 10 games I only lost 2 of them.


I guess that is the reason for doing this challenge in the first place, learning from mistakes. I think if I redid this team, knowing what I know now, I'd do much better. The final record was as follows -




It literally doesn't get anymore average than that. Until I cut my TV down I was really struggling with them but it shows how much of an improvement I made considering I had 4/5 less wins going into the final 10 games. I also felt like I was really unlucky in alot of games and that is in part to my mistakes but also matchmaking, I think. I've never felt diced with a team more than I did with these guys. I ran into some bad players who got wins or draws because my dice refused to play ball and his didn't seem to mess up at all. The constant wizards played a major factor too, with my best player taking lightning bolts every game. Without a wizard I feel alot of draws would have been wins and alot of losses would have been draws at the very least... but meh, you live and learn...


I don't have a star player to show you. Sheepstealer played 49 games but I wouldn't consider any of the Saurus' as stars. The fact they took so long to level meant they felt outgunned much of the time. I had to rely on random MVPs to get them levels. The best player I had was the original Sunfyre. He lasted until game 43... lol I even remember the exact game. He was MV 9, Blodgestep with sprint and surefeet. An absolutely unreal player who survived so many bolts of lightning to the face... Then I came up against a Chaos team with a Claw POMB tackle beastman... That was all it had. The rest of the team was level 1 and 2, he'd just built the team around this 1 beastman. Anyway, my Krox already had a -AV and so when this beastman gave him another -AV I used my apo to try and save him. Apo rolled dead... Great, Krox is getting replaced regardless then... He then decided to specifically target Sunfyre and eventually got him. Piling on, dead... Just like that. Sigh...


So yeah, that's it for Lizards with me and I'm not even sure what I learned for playing against them. In the past I always thought take out the skinks and they're screwed but while I played them my Saurus seemed to be the weak links. I had to replace them too many times for an Armour 9 piece in my opinion and the fact I had to start their progression all over again made it a real pain.


I think for CCL 32 I'm going to play Dwarfs, just to get them out of the way. Let's see how that one goes.

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