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nurgle tourney advice


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I know the first advice is usually "don't play nurgle", but I like my minis and plan on playing every team at at once.


6 rounds, 40 players max 

1100, 6 skills no doubles, need to have 11 players before buying a star, max 1 skill per player. Bonus points for td differential (up to 5) or casualty differential (up to 5), no negative bonus points awarded 


Really not favorable to Nurgle. So obvious thoughts are 4 bloaters with block. At least 2 rerolls.  Thinking of going Bulla over the beast so I at least have someone useful every turn (if nothing else a safe stab).


Lands me at 12 players, bulla  (star with block, fa, 2 heads, extra arms, and stab), 4 boaters with block, and 7 rotters.


So 2 skills to put on rotters, no doubles so mutations or general.  Standouts look like block, wrestle or extra arms (for some emergency ball tactics, as I won't have many rerolls).  Or double down on foul appearance or disturbing presence.  


What to put in those 2 players has me really baffled.  There's pros and cons to any of them, but any thought's are welcome


Or I can just go skaven

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